Fireflies - Chapter 13 (early release)

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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Another facet sparkles at us @dreemsteem
Wishing you warm wizard smiles 😊

Your kindness is always such a lovely start to my day!!!! 😊

Another great one in the books @dreemsteem... hmmmm, does Talia's reaction to subject of love mean that she might be feeling a little something for her friend?? I think maybe!! Lol

Lololol well you know... THIS is the fun from writing with an active audience!!! I wasn't going to put any focus on love at all... But I decided to show JUST a bit because all of you seemed to feel it early on!!!! ♥️ I'm not sure how she feels yet.... This is a new emotion for her!!! I'm just watching her like you all are... Hehhehe
Let's keep studying her and see what she tells us!!! (I'll be watching and studying too!!!! Lol)

This is all news to me also! 😂😂😂😂

This is too obvious. Talia is in looovveee.

Thank you for this early release, it was a perfect Sunday read indeed 💚

you are so fast!!!! heheheh I was just about to leave a comment for you saying "I hope you enjoy your Sunday read!" LOLOLOL and now... I'm off to read about a quantum world ;)

Oooh, touchy touchy!
I feel the same way about a certain band as well! Not gonna name names coughcoughCivilWars but I totally understand Aria's point of view! Why is Talia denying it? ;)

Just in case Busy isn't working... @notconvinced :)

Ah, a nice touch of reality and a hint of what some of us were thinking early on.😜😀😎

yes!!! :) I actually incorporated some of this in because of my readers' comments!!!! It was a fun addition to incorporate while still keeping true to my storyline! A bit of a challenge - but as I thought about it - thinking ahead...
i thought hmmmm there might be something there after all ;)
at least from one side. hehehe

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