Fireflies - Chapter 32

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Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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Wow, that was heartbreaking. Certainly didn't see this coming. But it makes perfect sense . In terms of a resolution you hit it out of the park.

I can see myself sitting there sobbing long after the credits roll...

Never truly gone.

I know this isn't it, but it's what I got.

Never truly gone

What happened to Talia's Dad?

I've got it! The last three words that Talia says in Fireflies are:

"Hashtag. Team. Derek."
Ding, ding, ding, what's my prize?

It's time! Go on Talia- say it. I love you.

It's the perfect final chapter @dreemsteem... I can't wait for more :)

Lol, I just wanted to suggest the simple pure, logical ending of "I love you" when I saw that @eveningart beat me to it. I'll go for something similar but different then. How about "Love never dies!" It's got to do with love, how can it be any other way? But then, @dreemsteem can be full of surprises, haha...

I think it's "maybe she can" truly love :)


@scuzzy you are a genius!!!!!! ROFL

his humor is why i must keep him in my life. no matter how hard he struggles to get away. @scuzzy remains.

The final 3 words "It is possible"
= Fireflies book 2 😃

If I can only pick once, I'll go with:

Love is inside.

If I can have more, my runners up are:

Three together forever
Anything is possible


I kick arse!

Three simple words...

Derek Isn't Dead.

#teamDerek to the bitter end!

hear, hear

"Live another day" maybe?

Hmm ... for #teamderek, I'd have to guess either, "Let it go," or, "Get over it."


LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.... and what would your guess be for #teamtalia??? ;)

Hmm ...

"Thank you, mom."

Going to sail, "into the sunset" but went with the cliché ending...Whispered,"I love you."

At first I thought, "If I were Talia, I would find a way to move permanently to the 'other' world - hmm, how come she never gave it a name?"

Then I thought, "Nope, that would be like giving in to an addiction."

To a large extent, this world is worth living in because of those we love - and to a lesser extent, because of those who love us. If we have neither, it may seem as if there is little point to it. However, that feeling is only because we are not capable of spreading our consciousness over time to feel the love waiting in the future.

I liked your ending - it was one that I had not considered. Does it mean that if she had managed to trip Derek into the pool, as originally planned, Bryd was to be sacrificed? Had Talia not foreseen the effect of doing this and just thought Bryd would destroy Derek without his own essence being affected?

I guess she had to learn the important lesson: When you cause harm, even if for a good cause, you end up harming yourself.

As a writer, you are growing. I hope to still be around to see your writing in a year or two...

@arthur.grafo.... Give me 2 days to respond <3

but know that I absolutely loved your comment


so yes... i knew it would be trilogy a little while ago - so... we will see more :)

Talia and Bryd really didn't know what they were doing. they were kids - trying to defeat the monster in their story. but - without Derek doing what he did (training her, and then taking her mother) Talia likely would have never been able to do any of this. (ironic)

she was always capable - but would have never been pushed to see her abilities.

we already saw that she was much stronger than Bryd - after the first explosion - she went home and he was fractured in two.

we just weren't sure if she could take Derek down. but - love, revenge, justice... all powerful motivators to get the job done.

the first explosion was just between two relatively powerful beings.

the second - three significantly more powerful - plus Talia, amplified by her mother's entire energy.

Honestly, Talia just wanted it to be over. she didn't think she would survive. Didn't really care at that point. Her family was gone, and she was tired.

Thanks. Now I'll wait...

hehehehe of course... the teasing begins ;)

"Maybe she doesn't"

so close! :)

but.... nope! hehehehe the drawing will be random now - i'll do it soon!

So her mom and Bryd are gone now too? I thought maybe when she killed him she could put their energy back where it belonged but I suppose she needed it to put the nails down. Ooof. Tough one to read.

The Perfect Place?
Better to KNow?
Stay Strong Lia?
Not this time?
The Future Awaits?
fuck Screw you derek?
For the best?
To New Horizons?
Maybe she doesn't?

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL first of all, pirate mouth.... crossing it out doesn't count!
second of all. hmmmmm want to say but can't say. LOL

i will SO miss your comments and visits on my page, my liege. ;)

nice guesses (except for that one up there. hehehe) will announce the winner shortly! will your luck carry you through??? i dont know! @kiwideb is another lucky one! hehehehe

holy crap he almost got it.
so close.
yet... so so far...

I have a baaaaaaaaaad feeling about this, something is not right, something is most definitely not right. Is she going to start acting like Derek now? Uuuu, if you make her into a new Derek that is just devious of you lol and @enginewitty will never stop gloating :D

I have to say, my intuition is taking me there, last 3 words would imply in some way that she is becoming like Derek, maybe she will use something that Derek used to say or quote him or just make a remark that will lead us there.

this is also another entry that we thought was soooooooo clever!!!! my daughter and I were like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that would hve been gooooood! :)

but... the ending was already finished ;) nice job!

I am gonna go with:
Deep Breath
Fantastic job and really a treat!!

My daughter and I thought this was a brilliant final three words!!!! really great guess - and an idea for the end of the trilogy??? hahahaha

Go for it! Thanks for the chance!!