Fireflies - Chapter 17

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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Ohhhh, so thats where Bryd has been... oh nooooo... omg soo many thoughts going through my head right now. So we know who hes trying to get to, and when they had that "explosion" between them a few chapters ago, and last weeks chapter... was that him trying to find Talia after he felt that??? Hmmmm Another awesome freaking chapter Dreemie!!! I can not wait till wednesday!!!!

Do I have your mind racing???? Lololol

If so...

I LOVE IT!!! 🤗

O.M.Gosh yes!!!! More chapters!!!!!! Hahahaha

hahahahaha in just 2 more days, my pretty! hehehehe

A correction, for your original:

They can be jails where criminals have been sentenced to hard time. They can be dark basements, medieval-looking cells or cobwebbed chambers in dusty, dank tombs. They could also be the financial limitations that subject people to indentured servitude.

You go from 'can' to 'could' and it jars abit. I think the last should also have been 'can'

You're right - that could be better suited there. Darn. It's after the 7 day editing time frame hehehehe but as you say - for the original ;)

Thank you @arthur.grafo!!!

Nooo. Poor Bryd- i was wondering if someone else was contolling him. Watch out Talia!!

This was a sad one for me to write!!!
The last sentence... Ughhh killed me!!

I knew it!! Aria was really a monster in disguise!! SO OBVIOUS!

hahahaha.... well I guess that's one interpretation.... LOLOL

I never would have guessed that's what was happening to Bryd! Now my next wondering - is this the same protagonist from the last chapter, or do we have two? I'll have to wait and see.

I love writing in surprises that catch my readers off guard!!!!! :) Next chapter.... Wednesday!!! :)

(i can't wait to meet you someday @kiwideb) hehehehehe

The plot thickens!! 😊 wishing you blessings @dreemsteem 😊

Hi @happysmileyman!!!! :) Blessings received and returned my friend! :)


ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL....... one of the greatest movies hehehe

All caught up. Covered 9 chapters today and glad I ended with this one, can't wait until Wednesday the new guy is really nice I hope is not stupid though. Battle Royal.

Byrd does not stand a chance on his own though. I am not sure if I missed something but how did he reprogram the parents. He is quite strong/skilled having the glow world affect the real world then.

the glow world!!!!!!! LOLOLOL

the light that affected both worlds.... that was through Talia and Bryd together :) not the new man.

You didn't miss how he reprogrammed the parents. It wasn't explained in this chapter ;)
pen..... i LOVE that you did 9 chapters at once! hahahahahahaa and i also can't wait for Wednesday! :)

I mean that he is able to use that power to reprogram the parents, since I think he has been there once before, drained his "connection" found that he is able to take that from others, but he needs someone truly strong to cross over completely ... Just how I explain it to myself :)

Hehehe... You're on the right path!!!! I won't tell you how though.... Lololol

I'm trying not read any comments! Haha Hope you had a great day!

Hahahhaha yes don't!!!!! Lolol there are too many clues 😂😂😂😂
Such a crazy busy day... We have to catch up!!!!

Now I feel bad for being angry with him lol, poor thing...

Petra!!!! do you know.... THAT is what I was thinking!!!

I was like - oh no - when Petra finds out that he couldnt help it.......


but don't feel bad! you were just protecting Talia ;)

Oh the mind games.

"The Devil is a gentleman" ~ William Shakespeare

well that was a perfect line!!!! :) indeed my dear!

Energy Vampires? I've been waiting ALL day for and it was worth it.

Energy Vampires? I just posted this yesterday and according to my personal accounts from my Facebook questionings in the closed group of the Manchester Vampires Guild, they could exist.

I thought i had replied to this?!?!?!? LOLOL but i must have only done so in my head.

oh wait - no - i think i did reply! just on your page! hehehehe

you're so knowledgeable about these things hehehe

Reading chapter 19 at this time.

hehehehehe!!!!! i wish you could see the smile on my face right now!!!! sorry to make you wait so long! This morning I had a few appointments - but got this out as soon as I could! :) I should have scheduled it last night! :)

so glad that I made your day!! :)