Fireflies - Chapter 8

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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So first off, I don't think they just happened to meet... i think they found each other for a reason and i think the reason may be something maybe..... um.... someone... who's maybe the opposite of them???? Am I close????

Hahaha i loved this chapter Dreemie!!! So excited for the next!!! ❤❤❤

hehehehehee...... i can't say. but i want to say. but i can't LOLOLOLOL but you're very perceptive ;)

This is the best chapter yet!😀

yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! you have no idea how big my smile is :)

Ok, I am tempted to read this now but I just upvoted it and will read from the beginning. How did I not see this before? :D

hehehehehe oh i hope you do go back and see if you like it! hehehehe it's easiest if you just open tabs from the chapters listed on the bottom of this post

oh I should tell both you and @yidneth this....
The first chapter was from 1 year ago - before I left steemit for a while... it's the only chapter that is that long! hahahaha Everyone told me to make smaller installments so that the reader wouldn't be too overwhelmed. So the chapters 2-8 are smaller - easier to read ;)

also.... on the bottom of chapter 2 - 7.... you can just click on the "Continue to the next chapter" link so that you move smoothly. This link is ONLY not on chapter 1 (because I couldn't edit it - since it was from last year)

i really hope you both enjoy it!!!! :) thank you for your support of friendship always :)

I love fantasy I must catch up with previous episodes

hi @yidneth!!! :) I hope that you'll like it!!! (i think you will because our tastes are so similar!!!)

I love the way you explain the phenomenons in your book- it's like, it's not supposed to make sense, but the way you describe it, it somehow does! Every time Aria's like, "I don't understand it!" I'm like, "COME ON, Aria, get your crap together! It's not rocket science!!"
...Okay, totally kidding, I'm not that severe- but I do get really hyped up sometimes ;D

you know... moms just don't understand!!!!

Most... most... but not all..

So interesting !! I had the same questions ... where was he before ? What dimension and how did he come to find her .... more important .... why ? Alerts please lol

Chapter 9 will be released in just a few hours and you will now see your name in the list of Sweet Subscribers 😊

Previously, you mentioned they were high on life. But Talia, seems to be talking like the traditional hippie. Are you sure no LSD or marijuana are involved with these 13-14 year old kids!??

@scuzzy!!!!! i'm going to start putting a disclaimer on my story!!
NO drugs were used in the making of this book. also. no brain cells were damaged in the characters of this book. hahahah

Sounds like someone's in denial!
Sorry, I'm trying not to eavesdrop on all the comments, but I couldn't help myself- this was gold!

Poor @scuzzy wants there to be drugs in this so badly. but i tell him. drugs are bad. we say no to drugs. lolol

Oh no, I second that @scuzzy, shake it up a bit!

Jokes, jokes, I swear!

tsk tsk. where is Nancy Reagan when you need her.

You know, one time I saw a pencil that said, "Don't do drugs, kids," but as you sharpened it... it just said... Well. I think you get the idea.

what a poorly designed concept.

........or was it?

Hey, I'm just saying if Talia goes to school and needs a pencil... you could just- just slide that right in there and yeah. Everyone's happy.

Aren't you the one who teaches the little kids art? lol Going to take a closer look at those crayons - and i'm going to be hiding the glue!

This is sooo good!!! Can’t wait for the next!!!!

yahhhhhhhhhh!!! that gets me so excited!!!! oh by the way - i did my workout - and i need to comment on our challenge post hahahahaha i just forgot to post ;)

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I love the infusion of thoughts and creating together! It's intriguing.

"It would kinda feel like having a crush on my reflection in the mirror."

What's wrong with that Talia, huh?! Are you judging me???

hahahahahahahahhahahaha! Jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOL