Fireflies - Chapter 9

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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And another great chapter in the books!! Ok, so my thoughts are all over the place. I won't even speculate right now... I will wait for Chapter 10!!

📢📣Chapter 10!!!!📢📣Chapter 10!!!!📢📣

How did I miss your comment!!!!!! Hehehhehe welllllll...... Since you and @kiwideb and @zen-art and @notconvinced and @happysmileyman and @saffisara made me feel SOOOOOO amazing this week with your encouragement...... I am thinking about releasing three chapters this week instead of two! Hehehe

Because honestly... As I go back and re-read the story that I've written this far... And prepare it for Steemit formatting... I get REALLY excited about what comes next too!!! Hahhaa

But now I REALLY have to get focused on writing ahead! Hahahahahaa

Reesteemed and upvoted this chapter here as well as on my blog @dreemsteem and the whole story more than qualifies as a submission to "what's in your library challenge"

I must say what a great read its been so far @dreemsteem i started at chapter 1 like @saffisara and read all 9 through as it grabbed me straight away and just wouldn't let me go!.
The way you have built up this wonderful tapestry of a fantasy world is so disciptive and so wonderful, i love the mystique and the magic and i'm firmly hooked on your story.
Well done You. I agree with @zen-art i want chapter 10 too 😊

Don't forget to include my name when you put out further chapters, and just like @monchhichi23 i shall have to wait patiently until the next chapters are released

Wishing you a happysmiley day 😊

What an exciting comment to read on this beautiful Sunday!!!!! I usually release a new chapter on Wednesday and Saturday.... But I'm thinking about sending chapter 10 early this week because so many people have made me excited to see THEIR excitement!!!! 😊
I will ABSOLUTELY be honored to add your name to the "sweet subscribers" and thank you for that privilege!!!!!! 😊

Brilliant, a true author you are! Introducing new elements and just enough mystery to keep us hooked. Do they access another dimension? Is it simply imagination or another sense that cannot fully show itself until they mature?

Time will tell and with my luck, it's none of those. You got to love the power of imagination. Ok, now we wait 'til Wednesday...

I'm practically jumping up and down with excitement , reading your questions!!!!!! hehehehehe oh my gosh - it's making me just want to release chapter 10 right now!!! LOLOLOL

Imagination really is something special isn't it??? Worlds are created with imagination!!! that's the life of a writer/storyteller hehehhe

dreemsteem is constantly creating new worlds for others to visit with her ;)

I am glad to help invoke a bit of happiness within you.

But, please save your precious votes to endorse someone's post that deserves it.

I have come to the conclusion that a vote on a comment is a wasted vote. Votes have sooo much more power when used to promote a quality blog.😀😜✌

my friend!!! 😊
my vote is precious!!! you're so right! we are limited in how we can spend them and so we need to be careful!

for me...I spend my votes on how a post or comment moves me.

Since I know your personality... I know how hmm ...difficult (not sure if that's the right word hahaha) it is to delight you to the point that you would make a special comment like that!

but I can tell you.... if the smile that stretched across my face was any indication of how much the vote would be would be OVER 100%

there are days when I simply can't give 100% ... because I've voted a lot in that 24 hour time period.

today I'll be enjoying the outdoors! so my votes will be fewer... and I was able to indulge on you!!! 😊

if you would write posts... I could upvote them! hehehe

since you haven't.. I'll be happy to send some financial appreciation your way via your comments. hehhehe

(but to show you that I do have some self-control... I only upvoted your last comment with 20% which WILL pass the "dust threshold") 😂😂😂😂

post or comment... it would be the same amount :) and I appreciate you!

I know that without the vote.😜

Comments don't make it to the trending section though. Can we compromise and you pay it forward to the Steemian of your choice, courtesy of me.😎

awwwww i like that compromise :) ok!
i'll send it to a new Steemian :)

TOTALLY please put me on the notification for the next chapter!

Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Yes mam I WILL!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited that you're enjoying it!!!!
I am like a kid opening presents every time.i read another happy comment from a reader!!!!!

I'm so sorry I haven't read this before 😜
I just read here and couldn't stop really... So I will go back and do this right. I start from the beginning chapter 1 can't wait to read the whole thing 😉 have a wonderful weekend. Cheers 🤗
Ya that's me I'm a hug lover.... Lol

I AM ALSO a hug lover!!!! So much can be expressed by a good hug!!! Hehehehe
It was so wonderful to meet you today and I'm almost finished with our initiative write-up!!! I even came up with a cool name! Hahahhaa I'll send soon!!!!

And I am so appreciative of you reading this story!!!! I love writing it and I'm having So much fun interacting with my readers!!! I hope you do enjoy!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗

Yeay! Another 🤗 Lover.... Much hugs around then.. Lol so true about a hug it can heal a heart and soul. One gesture that can do wonders.
Same here it was so great to meet you today and get to know you a bit and I never realized that captain was such a sweet hearted person...😜
Really feel lucky to have met you, and you have a big ❤️ for others. Love that!
I will look out for the post and what cool name did you choose 🤔 I wonder 😂😂 lol
About your writing you really have a gift and I'm glad you share it with us. I'm excited about reading your whole story. Just be aware.. I have a habit of commenting on all I read so if I read all chapters... There will be as many comments 😜 lol love comments and answering, that's always been my thing here. Engaging and really get to know people. That's my nr one.. Lol
OK I shut up now!!!
Have a wonderful evening and stay Awesome.


Meeeeee toooooooo!!!!! Lolololol

I always tell people.... The comment section is where the magic happens!!!!

I would rather a comment instead of an upvote ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!

when you read....and see the comments..
.you'll notice that I answer every one!!! Hehehehe I just love it!

And the's pretty cute!!! I was asking my family for help and we were brainstorming... And poof! This name came up! We really all liked it cuz it seemed exactly what we were talking about today!!!

Looking forward to your comments! Hehehehhee

Oh.. and it's a little bit of a mystery in the beginning... So you can try to figure out what's happening :)

And make sure you pay attention to Talia's age at the beginning of each chapter... So you can keep the timeline straight in your head :)

Ok that's all! :)

SAME HERE!!!!! 😁 Lol
When I first got here I knew nothing so I just read posts and commented, and then I answered everyone and got more comments and got to know people and I learned this was my thing and like you. I rather have a comment than upvote 😊 I'm like a kid there.
I se a new comment and I'm all like Yeay! That's why I struggled so long with auto voter cause I love doing it myself and se what I vote on and comment to show what I voted on 😜 Gina bot is Awsome that way she told me when I upvoted a post and I rushed to read and commented 😂😂lol
Like you I also have answered every single comment and still do but just not all at once like I did before but as soon as I can... Lol
If they take the time to read my posts than I can do the same for them 🤗
I love your name and says so much.. Awsome that we have the same interests there with comments and such. One called me the 😇 of comments and how sweet is that.. Lol
I will make sure I keep Talias age in mind as I read your story 😉
Can't wait! 🤗

I think we are going to have an amazing team!!!!!! Lololol

(My comment is short this time because I'm outside lololo)

I belive so to and I'm honored to be included with you guys 🤗
Have a wonderful day outside and I will se you later!
Team Awsome! 😂 Lol

Oh my gosh!!! Your pink hair is so cute!!!!

A step in the right direction! I'm imagining him in a coma IRL, but maybe not quite as deep a one now. Time will tell...

Hehehhehehe you're just making me giggle... Just because I love your interaction!!!!


time will tell all 😆

Back for my second batch of chapters for the day... and I keep forgetting to comment as I'm so keen to get to the next one :) Really beautiful writing, and I'm so scared for them both right now!!

Hehehehee you don't have to comment on them all!!!! I'm enjoying the comments that you do leave!!! ♥️

I want chapter 10 and I want it now! :D

hehehehehe oh petra!!!!! you know how much you make me smile!?!?!?! you are HILARIOUS that you read first today before coming into the chat!!!! lololol and I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I just want to be clear and avoid all confusion... I am not a slow reader, it took me some time because I went and read the entire thing from the beginning :D After reading it all in one breath, I will repeat it once again, I WANT CHAPTER 10 AND I WANT IT NOW! :D :D :D

I do not even know what to say to you, this is absolutely amazing, your writing is perfect and very easy to read and follow and the theme itself is freaky similar to some stuff in my dreams. This was a magical experience, absolutely magical 💚

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

I feel like I get Curied when people make comments like that!!!!!! Hehehhe

THANK YOU!!!!! 😍😍😍

I hope I can keep you entertained the whole way through!!!!

I think I really know what happened to Bryd! :(((

I want to say I know whats going on but I will wait to see if I'm right lol - I'm heading to chapter 10 now :)

Andy hehehehhee I just found four unanswered replies here from 2 months ago.
Shame on me!!!! Lolololol

I love this
I know you have earlier parts(that I'm definately gonna read!) and a more recent part, but I wanted to start with this one, because this is the one @saffisara highlighted. I wanted to see what she saw, and that's how I fell in love <3

I want to subscribe to it ;)

I'm not sure how I missed this comment.... But someone else.just commented on this post today and I saw yours!!!! Lololol

Sorry @hazem91!!! 😂😂😂😂