Fireflies - Chapter 7

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Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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I love it and I'm soooo excited for the next chapters! I love 12-year-old Talia, but I'm dying to read 17-year-old Talia again!!
BTW congrats on the curie! Keep it up :D

Oh thank you friend!!!! I'm so glad that you're excited for more!!!! I hope it gets more and more interesting as we get deeper into Talia's world :)

Thats beautiful ... imagin that as a child ... away from the reality of conscious life ...and the sadness it can bring .... we learn almost without fail and reason that nothing perfect last forever ... i I believe your touch upon this at the beginning of the story. Wonderful story

I'm so glad that you're enjoying this and I can see you "imprinting" your own feelings and thoughts onto my framework.
Isn't that what makes a story so personal? When we can take what the writer has written and then apply it to our lives in a more meaningful way.

I love peeking into the minds of my readers...
With each all reveal more of yourselves to me too :)

Just like Talia and Bryd 😊

Talia put her hand to the ground and Bryd watched as a perfectly formed yellow flower wound its way up through the ground and in between her fingers

This is so magical...took my breath away. You've got such a gift here- your writing is addictive!

You just gave me the biggest chill! Hehehehehee

Thank you!!!!!
I thought this was a really neat image too... I wonder what it would have looked like... Seeing that.. or seeing it reconnect too!

Hehehehe ♥️

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Thank you fetherhd! :) I'll treasure your comments and hope that you enjoy this story a bit! Enjoy ...!

Ah young innocent 12 year old minds -- full of joy and peace. Can't wait until alcohol and drugs are introduced to their lives. These dreems will become intense!!!

You're a brat!!! Lololol they are high on life!

I agree! At that age? Besides sugar, life is all they can get high on. Ooh, but when late teenage years comes around...drugs, drugs, and MORE drugs!!! YES! I like where this story is going!! MORE DRUGS!

NO drugs. lololol

wooohoooo party over here, party over there :D :D And everyone is invited!! :D

i'll bring the cupcakes! LOLOLOL

@enginewitty..... remember i told you this part was coming??? hehehehe just like your dandelions ;)

my dad used to do this to me too - only with buttercups! hehehee i was dying when i saw your post the other day!!!

Awww...totally. Surely brings back some happy memories reading this. Especially since imaginationland is one of my favorite places to visit😇

hehehehehe not imaginationland.... its a dayDREEM ;) but more will keep being revealed as the story unfolds hehehe

So long text,but l have read this,thank for sharing

hehehe thank you for reading even though it was long :)

I'm so behind! I'll try to catch up!!

This was such a beautiful scene! It is slowing down and a break from the story, but I didn't mind that. It was great to experience such bliss :3

Because of your comment..I went back to read this chapter again...and youre right (of course hehehe)
It was bliss ♥️
Thank you @poetrybyjeremy