Block Producer Candidate Report #8 - May 2, 2018

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EOS BLOCK PRODUCER CANDIDATE REPORT #8, May 2 2018 - (updated May 4th)

Due to the increasing volume of BP candidacy announcements we are now helping everyone transition towards the new EOS Go Block Producer Research Site, where the candidates are listed on a large map and can update their own page of information any time. See this section of the site to learn more.

EOS Go will offer two more BPC Reports before launch, every two weeks: #9, posted Wednesday May 16th, and #10, posted Wednesday May 30th.


Report #9 will be the first to include the final 2 new Checkmark Criteria EOS Go will review before main-net launch:

"Block Producer Roadmap" and "Stance on Dividends."

Please follow this link for full details about the additional checkmark criteria.

Submissions for the (2) additional criteria are due by Tuesday, May 15th 2018 at 23:59 UTC.


- Report #8 includes 32 new block producer candidates.

- This report we have added links for each BP Candidate which go directly to their Block Producer Portal web page at at: Please visit the Portal regularly for continually-updated info on BPCs.

** Important ** - Reports 9 & 10 will only contain links to the BP Research Portal. Block Producer Candidates - please create a listing or update information for the community to see in the next two reports.

Check-Mark Criteria Charts

The list is ordered by check-mark totals, highest to lowest, with each sub-section randomized within the high-low overall sort. (E.g., all BPCs with total of say, 5 checkmarks, will be randomly-listed within their peer grouping.)

Please contact [email protected] to discuss / amend your listing no more than (72) hours after the publication timestamp of this report; we will offer one edit to this image for missed information.

(List with links to all candidates is below this chart, including new Steem post additions)

Update May 8 5:30pm EST / 2130 UTC: though it is too late to update the check mark image, it should be noted ViaBTC actually has 6 check marks, our own mistake at EOS Go. All 6 check marks will be properly shown in the next report, releasing May 16.

Summary Charts

Checkmark Criteria Summary
This chart summarizes how many BPCs out of the current total group size meet each of EOS Go's six community-reviewed "Checkmark Criteria" for basic transparency and informativeness:

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 9.59.07 PM.png

BPCs By Country
Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 9.59.20 PM.png

BPCs By Region
Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 9.59.34 PM.png

The Six Check Mark Criteria

1) PUBLIC PRESENCE: A public website URL and at least one social media account.

2) ID ON STEEMIT: Links to the following ID information, all posted to the Steem blockchain (either in one post or multiple):

  • Official block producer candidate name.
  • Location of company headquarters.
  • Expected location of servers.
  • Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc).
  • Current employee list and pictures of at least 67% of staff.
  • Relevant background qualifications for at least 67% of staff.

3) TECH SPECS: Estimate of technical specifications and total expenditure for resources by June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain. Check mark given for any estimate, modesty encouraged by permanent Steem record. Quality and accuracy of effort will be judged by the EOS community.

4) SCALING PLAN: Estimated scaling plan for hardware after June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain. Rough outlines receive a check mark, open review gauges the effort.

5) COMMUNITY BENEFIT: Community benefit project outline, only for projects expected to be public by June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain.

6) TELEGRAM+TESTNET: Listing of Telegram and Test-net node names for community testnet participation.

Below is a list of all candidates with their website and Steem verification posts.

Report Summary Stats

Report period #8
Report timestamp2018-05-02, 18:34:24 UTC
New BPCs added this period34 (updated 05-04, added 2)
Total active BPCs106 (updated 05-04, added 2)
Unlisted BPCs (not included in reports)6

The following list of current Block Producer Candidates (BPCs) is sorted by the same methods as the graphical list above. Information presented here was submitted directly by BPCs and has been minimally checked by EOS Go volunteers but not verified for completeness or accuracy.

Randomized List of Block Producer Candidates with URLs meeting basic minimum standards

BP Candidate OrganizationURLs
TOKENIKA - Eastern Europe200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
HelloEOS - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS - NL - Western Europe200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
huobi global - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB-STEEM
Eosio.SG - South Pacific200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB-STEEM
EOS Green - Eastern EuropeWEB-STEEM
Free Space - North America200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS NodeOne - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB-STEEM
EOS Detroit - North AmericaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
Whateos - Northern AsiaWEB-STEEM
EOS Asia - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS Singapore - Northern AsiaWEB-STEEM - CaribbeanWEB-STEEM
EOS Tribe - North AmericaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
Bitfinex - Caribbean200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
Blockgenic - North AmericaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS Cannon - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOSeco - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
Crypto Lions - Eastern EuropePORTAL-WEB-STEEM - Western EuropePORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOSeoul - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
ChainPool - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
MeetOne - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOSAntPool - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB-STEEM
EosLaoMao - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOSphere - South PacificPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS BlockSmith - North AmericaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOSSw Eden - Western EuropePORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS.Hedging - Northern AsiaWEB-STEEM
Attic Lab - Eastern Europe200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOSMetal - Western Europe200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS Shenzhen - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS Land - North America200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS Dublin - Western EuropePORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS.MediShares - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS Beijing - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS Argentina - South America200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOSCUBE - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB-STEEM
EOS the World LLC - Caribbean200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS New York - North AmericaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
ONEROOT - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB-STEEM
eosONO - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS Emerge - Eastern Europe200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
OracleChain - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM - North AmericaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS Nation - North AmericaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS Gravity - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOZNz - South PacificWEB-STEEM
EOS India (Indian Eagle) - Southern AsiaWEB-STEEM
EOSRaychain - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
BitSpace - Western Europe200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
eosbidu - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS UK (formerly EOS Nottingham) - Western EuropePORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS Canada - North AmericaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
webvr - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOSHCC - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
SaltBlock - North AmericaWEB-STEEM
BlockPro.One - IndiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
Eos.Store - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
Cypherglass - North America200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB-STEEM
TChain EOS - North America200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB-STEEM
ViaBTC - Northern AsiaWEB-STEEM
Distributed Fund - EOS BP - Eastern Europe200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB-STEEM
EOSWenzhou - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
BitcoinGod - North America200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
UnlimitedEOS - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
SuperONE - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOSVibes - Western Europe200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS Amsterdam - Western EuropePORTAL-WEB-STEEM
BP Node - North AmericaWEB-STEEM
RoelandP - Western EuropePORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS Bepal - Northern AsiaWEB-STEEM
EOS JRR - Western EuropeWEB-STEEM
Advanced Engineering Solutions LLC - Northern AsiaWEB-STEEM
BlockCC - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
Eos Oklahoma - North AmericaWEB-
Colorado Blockchain Capital - North AmericaWEB-
eospace - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-
Fire Cloud Blockchain Inc - Northern AsiaWEB-
INBlockchain - Northern AsiaWEB- - Northern Asia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB-STEEM
Wancloud - Northern AsiaPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOS College - North America200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB-STEEM
EOS Silicon Valley - North America200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM
EOSLove - North America200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngPORTAL-WEB-STEEM


Please provide us with two URLs containing important public information about your candidacy: 1) Your main public web site, 2) your current SteemIt verification posting. To update your URL listing please send an email request to: [email protected]

BPCs without at least 1 URL showing clear evidence of Block Producer candidacy are no longer listed. To have your BP Candidacy re-listed please submit a valid URL or Steemit post with information about your candidacy to: [email protected] OR through the original BP Candidate form.

**New candidates - to be included in this report, please fill out this form or email [email protected]

Process Notes

  • BPC information is accepted on a rolling basis. The current on-line form for submitting data is this GoogleForm. (NOTE, this link may change over time, be sure you are looking at the most-recent version of this Weekly BPC Report to get the correct link.)

  • BPC list randomization is performed with the Shuffle tool in the AbleBits Power Tools plugin for GoogleSheets.

  • Why Steem? In the interest of fairness and transparency we request all BPCs to post information on a blockchain-backed platform where content cannot be silently altered or removed. This provides short- and long-term assurance to all parties -- other block producer candidates, EOS token holders, and the interested general public.

  • EOS Go includes SHA256 checksums for important data-containing image attachments in our SteemIt posts to ensure long-term content integrity and verifiability. (As of this writing SteemIt does not include a native mechanism for ensuring image integrity, read more here if interested.) We add SHA256's shortly after the initial post goes up to avoid process-related mismatches due to images being re-encoded server-side during the posting process.

  • Additionally, EOS Go archives a local snapshot of the raw BPC form submission data (a .CSV-format spreadsheet) at the close of each weekly period. The .CSV snapshot will be archived for at least 2 years and its SHA256 checksum is posted in the report. In the event of a serious discrepancy or conflict relating to the BPC registration process a trusted 3rd party (such as an arbitrator) could examine one or more weekly data snapshots to verify their chronological integrity.

Raw form data .CSV snapshot as of the closing timestamp of Reporting Period #8:
File name: 2018-05-02_18_34_24UTC_Snapshot_Block_Producer_Candidate_Form_Raw_Responses.csv
SHA256 checksum: c97e5929f0366fda852dd5a66392cc31ce3aa37822b0f238461b32626f093ea0

Raw form data .CSV snapshot as of the UPDATE on 2018-05-04 23:21:40 UTC
File name: 2018-05-04_23_21_40UTC_Snapshot_Block_Producer_Candidate_Form_Raw_Responses.csv
SHA256 checksum: 5e1909465e561c82fa5d4412b44fa9b01a41b9c799f6547b94128f1b857b96fe

Links to Previous BPC Reports

Block Producer Candidacy Report #7
Block Producer Candidacy Report #6
Block Producer Candidacy Report #5
Block Producer Candidacy Report #4
Block Producer Candidacy Report #3
Block Producer Candidacy Report #2
Block Producer Candidacy Report #1

Addenda & Corrections

Any changes after initial publication of this report will be logged here.
2018-05-04: Updated Checkbox List graphic and 3 Summary Chart graphics to reflect 2 new BPCs, additional checkmark updates, and re-classification of some countries and regions. Added additional data snapshot & SHA256 hash to record changes & additions.

2018-05-04: removed SHA256 checksum hash from “Checkmark Box List” graphic (tallest chart) because it is not a reliable indicator of image-file integrity.

Contact Information

If you have questions or comments about EOS Go's Weekly Block Producer Candidate Report please reach out to us at: - Forums - Live Chat
[email protected] - Email



Thanks for composing this list! Putting all this together with 100+ BPC is no simple task.
Glad to see more and more candidates are joining and really looking forward to the launch.

Indeed and just received your email! We have you in the edit group, doing the edit in 72 hours with new check mark list and info - EOS SV will be in it.

Awesome looking forward to it - thanks so much!

Thank you for adding us to the list. Proud to be a member of this fantastic community. Go Eos!

Great to have you @eosemerge and congratulations on your candidacy. Go EOS indeed!

Thanks for keeping the list up to date (and all your other efforts!).
Just a small remark, it appears the url to our website isn't correct.

It should be

Could you change this please? Thanks!

Thank you @eos-nl - fixed in this report.

Also please note the next report is coming out May 16 and will have 8 check mark criteria - please review the new post describing how to get a perfect score -


Thanks for sharing update proving crypto currency news. I appreciate your valuable Post.

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