Block Producer Candidate Report #2 - March 14, 2018

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MARCH 14th 2018

The following is a randomized list of current Block Producer Candidates (BPCs) and public contact URLs. The order will be re-randomized every week. The information presented here was submitted directly by BPCs and has been minimally checked by EOS Go volunteers but not verified for completeness or accuracy.


  • Six new block producer candidates.
  • Candidate home country listed next to name.
  • Two separate randomized lists - top list for those with valid candidacy URL, bottom list for all others.
  • Location graphs showing BP candidates by country and continent (scroll down).

    Starting with this report, BPCs whose contact URLs do not show some clear evidence of Block Producer candidacy are sorted into a second randomized group below the main group. These BPCs will be dropped from the list entirely starting with Report #4 on March 28th.

Block Producer Candidates: Please provide us with a single URL that is a clearinghouse for all important public information about your candidacy. The interested public should be able to visit one web page or site with easy-to-find links to your Twitter handles, Steem posts, pages, Telegram chats, Facebook pages, websites, and more. To update your listing please send an email request to:

As a reminder, BPC Report #4 (Wednesday March 28) will mark the start of the per-BPC Checkbox Criteria reporting. Click here for the six check mark criteria and scroll down for a preview.

**New candidates - to be included in this report, please fill out this form or email

Report Summary Stats

Report period #2
Report timestamp2018-03-14, 18:10:43 UTC
New BPCs added this period6
Grand total of all BP Candidates to-date54

Randomized List of Block Producer Candidates with URLs meeting basic minimum standards

BP Candidate OrganizationURL
OracleChain - China
EOSYS - South Korea
EOS Nation - Canada
Blockgenic - USA
Eos Oklahoma - USA
EOS Amsterdam - Netherlands
eosDAC - Decentralized - England
EOS New York - USA
Advanta Productions Limited - England - England
SaltBlock - USA
EOS Detroit - USA
EOS Gravity - China
Crypto Lions - Ukraine
Coinone Inc - South Korea
EOS Green - EU + Ukraine
EOS Shenzhen - China
BlockPro.One - India
EosLaoMao - China
Colorado Blockchain Capital - USA
INBlockchain - China
BP Node - Canada - Sweden
Tokenika - Poland
EOSphere - Australia
roelandp - Netherlands
PayGate - South Korea

Randomized List of Block Producer Candidates with URLs not meeting basic minimum standards:

BP Candidate OrganizationURL
Momentum Assured LTD -Monthly networking events in London
Matthew Lamon P.E. -no URL provided
Travel writer -
Marcin Chilik -Under production
Ravikanth Andhavarapu -none provided
OFI - Mexico
Kimdohan -no URL provided
Devia Productions Co Ltd - Hong Kong
An Byung Chan - South Korea
Alpha Block Capital -@whalebearman
Bohdan Kossak -
EOS Dublin - Ireland
tae-sik -URL given but doesn't work
wooks06 -
EOS Berlin - Germanyno URL provided
bitup -no URL provided
M. Yakubovich -Under development
VORA VR/Sue joo - South Korea
EOSBrazil - Brazil
Won youngji -no URL provided
EOS Crow - USA

Summary Charts

Checkmark Criteria Summary
This chart summarizes how many BPCs out of the current total group size meet each of EOS Go's six community-reviewed "Checkmark Criteria" for basic transparency and informativeness:

SHA256 checksum: 21de2244fe1c2e0c2a500c4a4c35d0a0a4ea200f395b56b17fae6e1416061f2e

BPCs By Country
SHA256 checksum: 1fc4aae6dcff96134736b2c5116dc14fc970d649db60815d9f3ded5fd252c4d3

BPCs By Region
SHA256 checksum: 41c79787b5f890cea873dd8f459120b355169186cbd5a8a34848286dd66dad10

The Six Check Mark Criteria

PUBLIC PRESENCE: A public website URL and at least one social media account.

ID ON STEEMIT: Links to the following ID information, all posted to the Steem blockchain (either in one post or multiple):

  • Official block producer candidate name.
  • Location of company headquarters.
  • Expected location of servers.
  • Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc).
  • Current employee list and pictures of at least 67% of staff.
  • Relevant background qualifications for at least 67% of staff.

TECH SPECS: Estimate of technical specifications and total expenditure for resources by June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain. Check mark given for any estimate, modesty encouraged by permanent Steem record. Quality and accuracy of effort will be judged by the EOS community.

SCALING PLAN: Estimated scaling plan for hardware after June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain. Rough outlines receive a check mark, open review gauges the effort.

COMMUNITY BENEFIT: Community benefit project outline, only for projects expected to be public by June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain.

CONTACT INFO: Listing of Telegram and node names for community testnet participation.

Preview of Future BP Candidate Reports

Here's the format EOS Go plans to use for upcoming BP Candidate Reports starting with Weekly Report #4 on 2018-03-28 (March 28th.) Note that ordering of BPCs remains random and will be re-shuffled every week:


Process Notes

  • BPC information is accepted on a rolling basis. The current on-line form for submitting data is this GoogleForm. (NOTE, this link may change over time, be sure you are looking at the most-recent version of this Weekly BPC Report to get the correct link.)

  • BPC list randomization is performed with the Shuffle tool in the AbleBits Power Tools plugin for GoogleSheets.

  • Why Steem? In the interest of fairness and transparency we request all BPCs to post information on a blockchain-backed platform where content cannot be silently altered or removed. This provides short- and long-term assurance to all parties -- other block producer candidates, EOS token holders, and the interested general public.

  • EOS Go includes SHA256 checksums for important data-containing image attachments in our SteemIt posts to ensure long-term content integrity and verifiability. (As of this writing SteemIt does not include a native mechanism for ensuring image integrity, read more here if interested.)

  • Additionally, EOS Go archives a local snapshot of the raw BPC form submission data (a .CSV-format spreadsheet) at the close of each weekly period. The .CSV snapshot will be archived for at least 2 years and its SHA256 checksum is posted in the report. In the event of a serious discrepancy or conflict relating to the BPC registration process a trusted 3rd party (such as an arbitrator) could examine one or more weekly data snapshots to verify their chronological integrity.

Raw form data .CSV snapshot as of the closing timestamp of Reporting Period #1:
File name: 2018-03-14_18_10_43_UTC_Snapshot_Block_Producer_Candidate_Form_Raw_Responses.csv
SHA256 checksum: cbc68154cd4bac0097b361797036e09d31760f11ba86d82d5a0ea4a618cfb8e9

" * due to administrative error we had to update the SHA256 checksums for summary charts after this report was posted."

Contact Information

If you have questions or comments about EOS Go's Weekly Block Producer Candidate Report please reach out to us at: - Forums - Live Chat - Email

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Outstanding work here. You're providing a huge value to the larger community -- every community requires "information clearing mechanisms" and EOS Go is a huge one for us.


Thank you Thomas, your support has always meant a lot to EOS Go. We agree with what you've said in the past about being proud to work alongside everyone in this community. Go EOS!

It's great to see that you depend on the blockchain based STEEM to share information!

Could we provide basic bio and contact information for all block producer candidates on next report?


Thank you, many additions are coming to this report. We're looking to answer demand from the community and we are reliant on feedback like this. Is there anything else you'd like to see or we should consider?

I wish I can understand this in a Layman's term please.

We invite all BP candidates to join community testnet to showcase their capabilities as we will be publishing stats:
Many BP candidates already signed up. We have about 10 spots left.