EOS Detroit Block Producer Candidacy Announcement

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EOS Detroit, Inc. is an infrastructure company based in Detroit, MI that is focused on providing resources to the EOS network, a shared, public database-as-a-service. Our team seeks to join a coordinated launch of the EOS network in June 2018 by joining forces with other block producer candidates around the globe. This movement represents the dawn of a new internet, an internet that is highly available, trustworthy, censorship resistant, and decentralized. Our team endeavors to earn the support of EOS token holders, who will collectively decide if we are suited to be hired by the network as a block producer. If we receive their support, our revenue will be earned directly via the EOS network as block rewards, and in turn will be used to bootstrap the EOS network by scaling our infrastructure and team. Our vision beyond serving as a cornerstone of the network’s infrastructure is to fund EOS.IO distributed application development, as well as to grow the EOS community through education, advocacy, and outreach.

Our goal is to create mutual value for the EOS network and the common good.

For more information about EOS Detroit, be sure to check out our website at https://eosdetroit.com. We will update it to provide more information about our mission, team, and operation over the coming months.

You can also find us on:


Our Team

Robert Konsdorf, CEO / Interim COO.


Rob Konsdorf (a.k.a @robrigo) hails from the Bitshares and Steem communities. Having studied and worked toward the proliferation of blockchain networks since 2014, Rob is a natural fit for rallying a cross-disciplinary team together to accelerate the adoption of EOS and its applications. As an avid proponent of the transformative force of decentralized networks, he decided to focus on his passion of evangelizing and participating in the decentralist movement full time last year. Since then, he has managed a fleet of witness infrastructure for DPOS blockchain networks with the Agoric Systems distributed collective. With a degree in Computer Science and background in Software Engineering, Rob has worn many hats over the years working on full stack product development and DevOps.

Dylan Tull, Creative Director.


Dylan Tull (a.k.a. @timothy-archer) has spent the last 10 years exploring various mediums and has worked on everything from feature film sets and 3D commercial animations to UX/UI for AR + VR to retail space design and furniture design. His passion and multidisciplinary approach has lead him to exploring many avenues of design theory and what it really takes for brands to thrive and grow through organic means in a post-natural, post-digital, post-modern ecosystem. In recent years he has turned his focus toward technology and the potential it has to revolutionize the world and fundamentally change our roles within it. In turn, ideally giving us the freedom to explore and grow as a collective whole.

Adam Zientarski, Director of Business Operations.


Adam Zientarski (a.k.a @loyalnine) is the Founder of CRM Cookbook. Prior to starting CRM Cookbook, Adam was the Director of Business Development at Benzinga, a Detroit based financial tech and media firm. During his time there, he worked in many facets of the business including leading the sales team, organizing events, development, and salesforce administration.

Over his career, Adam has worked with some of the largest brands in finance to craft imaginative content and data solutions, with a particular specialty in alternative data. After leaving Benzinga, Adam became interested in the blossoming crypto and blockchain space, and has helped grow Detroit Blockchainers, Metro-Detroit’s largest blockchain meetup group through hosting live streamed educational events. Adam has also assisted companies such as BitBox with their marketing and sales process.

Adam graduated from the University of Michigan, with a Bachelors of Business Administration and a focus in entrepreneurial studies. He’s passionate about the Detroit renaissance as well as an avid fan of hockey, college football, bourbon, and adventuring with his Lab mix puppy Luna.

We're seeking talented individuals to join us in the following capacities:

Chief Technical Officer - To oversee development of distributed applications on EOS as we scale our product development team.

Chief Operations Officer - To oversee our mission critical block producer infrastructure team, and meet the demands of the EOS network as it scales.

Director of Community Engagement - To serve as liaison between the EOS Community <=> EOS Detroit <=> Detroit Residents.

Tentative Infrastructure Plan

We will pursue a hybrid cloud / bare-metal model. Our plan depends on procurement of the capital required to bootstrap our operation from ethically-aligned angel investors that we will be engaging over the coming weeks. Our infrastructure plan is continually being refined and we are meeting with local data centers to scope out the budget required to co-locate our primary and secondary block producer clusters in the Midwest United States. The goal is to deliver a minimum of 1 TB RAM on 10 Gbit/s network, per cluster. Storage provided for EOS.IO Storage will be determined as that functionality is closer to launch. Initial block rewards earned will be reinvested into future-proofing our operation by adding additional RAM and storage capacity, as well co-locating additional backup clusters around the Midwest.

Our production operation will also host health monitoring applications in the cloud so we can quickly failover to backup co-located clusters in the event that our primary node is offline / missing blocks.

We are currently running block producer nodes on the superhero community testnet (BP: "hellboy") and eosnet.io testnet (BP: "nerva") using VPS providers. This has been a great experience meeting some other block producer candidates and working with them to learn and practice our coordination together!

Community Benefit

Our focus has been to teach our local community about the EOS network and its capabilities by hosting monthly Meetup events based on specific topics. Here's the lineup:

March 8 - Overview of the EOS Ecosystem with @robrigo (Past event)
April TBD - Chadrick from @sfeos (Not locked down yet)
May 17 - EOS Governance 101 with @thomasbcox

As for EOS product development, we are not committed to any specific products until we have the proper team in place. This is only to avoid splitting our focus too much while our team is small. We fully intend to build useful services on EOS and make those services available to the community in the future.

EOS Detroit has committed our support to Chintai, the token leasing market under development by @eos42, if we are voted in as a block producer.

Thank you for your support! We are so excited to serve the EOS community!


Great initiative @eos.detroit @robrigo @timothy-archer @loyalnine!
I recently started to join the EOS network and everything I've learned about EOS.io so far totally amazes me.

I'm glad you're informing the Steem community about your doings. I think a lot of us may become EOS community members in the future for the reason that the EOS.io blockchain going to address many problems Steem hasn't been able to solve so far.

That's one of the reasons why I published an article about EOS.io today which may be interesting to read for you. I hope you don't mind that I copy the link to the blog post here: The EOS Euphoria

Following your account now
Best, Marly -

Thanks for your kind words Marly, it's going to be a wild ride!

Wild sounds like a plan :-)

Detroit has no idea what's about to hit 'em.

Congrats! You have a great team and plan in place to execute. We fully support you guys, let us know if there is any way we can help.

Dear EOS Detroit, I have added your team to this list.
Have a great day! Thierry

Woohoo! Wishing you guys the best. Lots of work ahead but I think you all will be able to handle it!

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What a great publication I loved, very good information

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