Official candidature for the EOS witness node from TOKENIKA

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  • Official block producer candidate name: Tokenika
  • Location of company headquarters: Warsaw, Poland
  • Expected location of servers: three datacenters located in Warsaw, Cracow and Katowice
  • Type of servers: mainly bare metal but also cloud for quick scaling
  • Current employee list and pictures of at least 67% of staff:
  • Relevant background qualifications for at least 67% of staff:


  • Our block production infrastructure has been setup and fine-tuned by @GTG - one of the best performing Steem witness nodes, consistently scoring in the top 3 for the least amount of dropped blocks.
  • We are using tier 3+ datacenters across Poland in 3 different cities with plenty of room for growth (20-40 rack units in each). Available now, more if needed. Tier datacenter standards are described here.
  • We'll have 3 main servers: Nike, Wawel & Hanys (Dual Xeon E5-2687W with 512GB RAM ECC DDR4). Plus a bunch of other boxes powering our base infrastructure.
  • That gives 24 cores (48 threads) per machine for a total of 72 cores or 144 threads, which powered by up to 3.5GHz gives excellent single-core performance.
  • At least two of them will be available from day one to deal with our basic needs.
  • They served us well for months, we are switching from SSDs to NVMes, as their base storage and adding some RAM.
  • Total resource expenditures by June 3rd should come in around $20k.


  • Actually it's not the hardware specs that make us feel ready for EOS launch. It's the ability to scale rapidly. We are expecting the unexpected.
  • We are partners with external infrastructure providers ready to boost our processing power within minutes. Thus, in the event of very heavy loads, we are able to expand our datacenter capacity by orders of magnitude in near real-time.
  • Additionally, we plan to use cloud solutions, including SDDC (software-defined datacenter).
  • Initially, when nobody knows what the actual demand for processing power is going to be, we'll be to some degree dependent on our partners (i.e. external providers). However when the dust settles (most probably by September), we'll be operating our own machines and relying less on external partners, while still keeping a close relationship with them to be able to scale quickly.


As a software house and an EOS dedicated incubator, we are currently involved in development of several projects for the EOS blockchain. These are:

  • EOSPROJECTS.ORG - a comprehensive listing of all tools and initiatives making up the EOS ecosystem. GitHub repository can be found here.
  • EOSFACTORY.IO (formerly known as TEOS, not launched yet) - a framework for compiling, testing and deploying EOS smart-contracts, similar to Ethereum's Truffle Framework. GitHub repository can be found here.
  • EOSPROBE.IO (not launched yet) - a block explorer on steroids: lots of tools & data aggregations for monitoring witnesses' performance, similar to Steem's SteemDB.
  • SYGNET.EU (not launched yet) - an EOS-based digital identity system utilizing the opportunities created by the European PSD2 legislation.

We have a proven track record in supporting the EOS community since its beginnings that can be verified here, on our Steem profile and our Github profile. We have spoken at conferences and meetups promoting EOS, been a heavy supporter of Dan Larimer's (@dantheman) projects since early days of Bitshares (around 2013) and have regularly contributed to promotion of EOS since its inception. All this separates us from numerous witness candidates with no previous community contribution, track record or expertise.

We are also aware of the utilitarian role of a witness node, and in the event of a high surplus of income from the witness voting, we are planning to set up a transparent, blockchain auditable software incubator that redistributes a certain percentage of the witness income towards finding and development of most interesting EOS startups. The precise formula of this will be worked out when the economics of an EOS witness node become more clear.


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I had a pleasure to meet those guys on a Warsaw Steem Meetup in July 2017, they were asking A LOT of questions about my role as a witness on Steem, my duties, ways of contributing to platform and so on.
First thing they asked was: "what to do to be a good witness?".
That was a very good sign. I wish it to be a first question that people ask when joining #witness channel on a ;-)
Look at them now :-)
Congratulations and good luck!


We also asked how @gtg had managed to become a Steem witness.

His answer was quite surprising. He said he actually did not know. It just happened, he said.

He said he just started doing useful things for Steem and, as a result, he got elected. Just like this. No marketing, no attempts to please anyone. Just hard work and being consistent for a long period of time.

Needless to say, this was most encouraging & inspiring for us.

@gtg is a tangible proof that DPOS actually works.


@gtg has our trust, and as many of us worked with him, sought his help, he proved to be trustworthy and a hard worker. That's is why many people voted for him.


Thank you for all good words!


ah, yeah, that's a good question to ask!

very cool ^^ can i reach to you guys?