Block Producer Candidate Report #7 - April 18, 2018

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April 18 2018


Report #7 includes sixteen new block producer candidates. As announced previously, BPCs without at least one URL showing clear evidence of candidacy are no longer listed or included.

Notes for this week:

- Due to popular demand - we are going to skip next week's report to implement changes and improvements. Expect to see next report on May 2 - with two new criteria, to be announced soon. Thank you!

**- NEW! Website to track BP candidates 24/7, with information updated by the BP candidates themselves! See

  • 16 new block producer candidates.

Check-Mark Criteria Charts

The list is ordered by check-mark totals, highest to lowest, with each sub-section randomized within the high-low overall sort. (E.g., all BPCs with total of say, 5 checkmarks, will be randomly-listed within their peer grouping.)

Please contact [email protected] to discuss / amend your listing no more than (72) hours after the publication timestamp of this report; we will offer one edit to this image for missed information.

(List with links to all candidates is below this chart, including new Steem post additions)

SHA256 checksum: 8e39d05686f7c69cc19c34ad44ea971e17ae28298f61f7aaa9b18bb6065cf29e

Summary Charts

Checkmark Criteria Summary
This chart summarizes how many BPCs out of the current total group size meet each of EOS Go's six community-reviewed "Checkmark Criteria" for basic transparency and informativeness:


BPCs By Country

BPCs By Region

The Six Check Mark Criteria

1) PUBLIC PRESENCE: A public website URL and at least one social media account.

2) ID ON STEEMIT: Links to the following ID information, all posted to the Steem blockchain (either in one post or multiple):

  • Official block producer candidate name.
  • Location of company headquarters.
  • Expected location of servers.
  • Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc).
  • Current employee list and pictures of at least 67% of staff.
  • Relevant background qualifications for at least 67% of staff.

3) TECH SPECS: Estimate of technical specifications and total expenditure for resources by June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain. Check mark given for any estimate, modesty encouraged by permanent Steem record. Quality and accuracy of effort will be judged by the EOS community.

4) SCALING PLAN: Estimated scaling plan for hardware after June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain. Rough outlines receive a check mark, open review gauges the effort.

5) COMMUNITY BENEFIT: Community benefit project outline, only for projects expected to be public by June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain.

6) TELEGRAM+TESTNET: Listing of Telegram and Test-net node names for community testnet participation.

Below is a list of all candidates with their website and Steem verification posts.

Report Summary Stats

Report period #7
Report timestamp2018-04-18, 23:19:02 UTC
New BPCs added this period16
Total active BPCs71
Unlisted BPCs (not included in reports)45

The following list of current Block Producer Candidates (BPCs) is sorted by the same methods as the graphical list above. Information presented here was submitted directly by BPCs and has been minimally checked by EOS Go volunteers but not verified for completeness or accuracy.

Randomized List of Block Producer Candidates with URLs meeting basic minimum standards

BP Candidate OrganizationURLs
eosDAC - AnguillaWEB - STEEMIT
EOS Green - PolandWEB - STEEMIT
OracleChain - ChinaWEB - STEEMIT
EOS Cannon - ChinaWEB - STEEMIT
EOS UK (formerly EOS Nottingham) - EnglandWEB - STEEMIT
EOSREAL - Singapore200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB - STEEMIT
EOSphere - AustraliaWEB - STEEMIT
EOS BlockSmith - USA200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB - STEEMIT
EOS Nation - CanadaWEB - STEEMIT
JEDA - Japan200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB - STEEMIT
EOS Asia - Hong Kong200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB - STEEMIT
Blockgenic - USAWEB - STEEMIT
TOP.ONE - British Virgin Islands200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB - STEEMIT
Crypto Lions - UkraineWEB - STEEMIT
EOS Dublin - IrelandWEB - STEEMIT
Whateos - ChinaWEB - STEEMIT
EOS.Hedging - Hong Kong200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB - STEEMIT
EOSeoul - South KoreaWEB - STEEMIT - SwedenWEB - STEEMIT
EOS Singapore - SingaporeWEB - STEEMIT
EOS Gravity - ChinaWEB - STEEMIT
EOS Singapore - Singapore200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB - STEEMIT
EOZNz - New ZealandWEB - STEEMIT
HelloEOS - ChinaSTEEMIT - EnglandWEB - STEEMIT
EosLaoMao - JapanWEB - STEEMIT
EOSBIXIN - China200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB - STEEMIT
EOS New York - USAWEB - STEEMIT - Dominican RepublicWEB - STEEMIT
EOS Shenzhen - ChinaWEB - STEEMIT
ChainPool - ChinaWEB - STEEMIT
EOS WTZ - China200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB - STEEMIT
MeetOne - SingaporeWEB - STEEMIT
EOS India (Indian Eagle) - IndiaWEB - STEEMIT
EOS Canada - Canada200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB - STEEMIT
BlockPro.One - IndiaWEB - STEEMIT
EOSWenzhou - ChinaWEB - STEEMIT
ViaBTC - China200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB - STEEMIT
BP Node - CanadaWEB - STEEMIT
EOS Amsterdam - NetherlandsWEB - STEEMIT
SuperOne - China200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB - STEEMIT
EOS JRR - Switzerland200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB - STEEMIT
EOS Bepal - ChinaWEB - STEEMIT
roelandp - NetherlandsWEB - STEEMIT
Tokenika - PolandWEB -
Advanced Engineering Solutions LLC - RussiaWEB - STEEMIT
eostea - ChinaWEB -
EosAntpool - China200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB -
INBlockchain - ChinaWEB -
Colorado Blockchain Capital - USAWEB -
BlockCC - Hong Kong200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB - STEEMIT
Fire Cloud Blockchain Inc - ChinaWEB -
Eos Oklahoma - USAWEB -
Wancloud - China200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.pngWEB -


Please provide us with two URLs containing important public information about your candidacy: 1) Your main public web site, 2) your current SteemIt verification posting. To update your URL listing please send an email request to: [email protected]

BPCs without at least 1 URL showing clear evidence of Block Producer candidacy are no longer listed. To have your BP Candidacy re-listed please submit a valid URL or Steemit post with information about your candidacy to: [email protected] OR through the original BP Candidate form.

**New candidates - to be included in this report, please fill out this form or email [email protected]

Process Notes

  • BPC information is accepted on a rolling basis. The current on-line form for submitting data is this GoogleForm. (NOTE, this link may change over time, be sure you are looking at the most-recent version of this Weekly BPC Report to get the correct link.)

  • BPC list randomization is performed with the Shuffle tool in the AbleBits Power Tools plugin for GoogleSheets.

  • Why Steem? In the interest of fairness and transparency we request all BPCs to post information on a blockchain-backed platform where content cannot be silently altered or removed. This provides short- and long-term assurance to all parties -- other block producer candidates, EOS token holders, and the interested general public.

  • EOS Go includes SHA256 checksums for important data-containing image attachments in our SteemIt posts to ensure long-term content integrity and verifiability. (As of this writing SteemIt does not include a native mechanism for ensuring image integrity, read more here if interested.) We add SHA256's shortly after the initial post goes up to avoid process-related mismatches due to images being re-encoded server-side during the posting process.

  • Additionally, EOS Go archives a local snapshot of the raw BPC form submission data (a .CSV-format spreadsheet) at the close of each weekly period. The .CSV snapshot will be archived for at least 2 years and its SHA256 checksum is posted in the report. In the event of a serious discrepancy or conflict relating to the BPC registration process a trusted 3rd party (such as an arbitrator) could examine one or more weekly data snapshots to verify their chronological integrity.

Raw form data .CSV snapshot as of the closing timestamp of Reporting Period #4:
File name: 2018-04-18_23_19_02UTC_Snapshot_Block_Producer_Candidate_Form_Raw_Responses.csv
SHA256 checksum: 3aff5ac9371659f00da3a1b0ef3d2acf73079892827803d6161b5716641906a4

Links to Previous BPC Reports

Block Producer Candidacy Report #6
Block Producer Candidacy Report #5
Block Producer Candidacy Report #4
Block Producer Candidacy Report #3
Block Producer Candidacy Report #2
Block Producer Candidacy Report #1

Addenda & Corrections

Any changes after initial publication of this report will be logged here.

Contact Information

If you have questions or comments about EOS Go's Weekly Block Producer Candidate Report please reach out to us at: - Forums - Live Chat
[email protected] - Email



Thanks for the great report. Being Swiss I was immediately interested in EOS JRR. However, looking at their web site and Steemit profile it looks more like a Chinese project trying to look Swiss. Can someone explain?

Agree, thought the same thing but their block producer introduction on Steem says they're headquartered in Switzerland -

I believe this has to be factored into the BP candidate overview somehow. BP candidates in China certainly realize that there will be (too) many candidates out of China and that voters might be looking at achieving a balance here. Capitalizing on the virtues and public image of one country while operating in another is false advertising and should be down-voted in my opinion.

Hi guys,
A few of the new BP Candidates are missing from this report.
Thought the form was part of the old method for submitting BP Candidacies? Maybe others thought that too?
Hope this report will get updated to show the new BPs who used the new method of registering.

Hi... is this list accurate?
I did not found one of my favorite team, EOSVibes! It's a pity, cause Kyle helped a lot of people to understand EOS.

Great report, I think you missed EOS Argentina tho, here is our steemit post:

And our website:

I hope to see us on the next report, we shall be publishing our infrastructure and scaling plan next week, so we comply with other checkmarks.


Hi, eosgo team.

Thanks for your awesome report! Yet we should correct three things.

  1. The ID of us is SuperONE, not SuperOne. We are the earliest enthusiasts of blockchain technology and we are the technical flow and aesthetic flow in the blockchain field, focusing on the management of blockchain assets and smart contracts.

  2. We have ID on Steemit.

  3. We have Testnet and Telegram. EOSIO DAWN 3.0 released on April 5, 2018. SuperONE( has deployed EOSIO DAWN 3.0 Testnet node, and keep producing block steadily on April 10, 2018. EOS Green Testnet Block Producer ID is ursula, and EOS Jungle Testnet Block Producer ID is unicorn.

Related link:

Please update the picture and some related info of this report, thanks.


Hi EOSgo and EOS fans,

Thanks for your great work! We are EOSeco and working to be one of the Block Producer.

Here is our candidate report:

Welcome to join our community and work together for EOS prosperity!

EOSeco team


Thank you for your efforts for this :)

Thanks for sharing blockchain
I appreciate your cryptocurrency news

Just found out about Ono. Looking at the site, I do not see a way to participate unless I use a smart phone or pad.

Is Ono available for Mac & Windows users?

Right now it's only the mobile dApp, but @onosocial is working on a desktop version as well

Total BP reaches 70! Amazing work

Hi Kevin and team. I hope you can revisit my checkmarks. I've setup a dedicated account for EOS now on @roelandp.eos

I have re-posted my introduction, community efforts, tech plans and scaling plans in my cross-posted introductionary post (which I already hosted for 3 months on

You guys have tremendous power by maintaining the 'Checkmarks' list and the recent introduction of the group forming, practicing coordination for launch.

I cannot help but feel left out seeing i'm still missing (according to you) 3 checkmarks and I hope you can dedicate a little bit of time verifying my checkmarks, community efforts up to now, tech plans and scaling plans and add me to one of the Telegram groups in regards to practicing coordination of the launch.

Additionally you can checkout @roelandp.eos for other EOS related posts.

Lots of challenges ahead with this guys! You got random companies in China with 5 check marks but not even a single photograph or person named on their website and then people who have clearly got a good presence not getting more than 3 check marks. I see troubles ahead! I really have no idea who is who except those few fellow BP Candidates I have communicated with personally like Eric in Sweden, and those I communicate with quite regularly like CryptoLions, EOS42 and the well known guys in the states, New York, Dallas etc and Canada of course forging ahead with great work.

Managing all this is going to be a nightmare for you perhaps and as the person below said you have a lot of power in the community and it won't be long before someone starts criticizing. I don't really know what the answer is except perhaps a whole team of people at your end trying to communicate with BPs and verifying the information.

In fact I think it has just come to me in a flash of inspiration!

I suppose what we're all really wanting, voters and BP's alike, is "the opportunity to verify or to be verified"

If a voter is not sure about a BP, then they ought to be able to send a "request for verification" of a certain piece of information. So ViaBTC listed below, for example, I request they verify their personnel (I know I am a BP Candidate, but I hold EOS too, so therefore I am a voter in this instance).

So if your checkmark system enabled me and other voters to request they verify this piece of information, and you work on behalf of the community with ViaBTC to verify it, and contact them and encourage them to post their personnel details, once posted and verified to your satisfaction, you can restet the request and voters can review the information and if they feel further verification is required then they can re-request.

Then from the BP side of things, they should then be able to send a "Request to be verified" for a certain piece of information and have that request shown as being lodged publicly. So for example Roelandp who feels that he has been overlooked and left out can encourage you to contact him and be given the opportunity to post proof of whatever information you feel he is not publishing in order to get the 6 check marks.

I have not done a deep dive into it but from a brief scan, to me RoelandP for example seems more legit than ViaBTC appear to be (their big name in Bitcoin not withstanding, but that is not the point of EOS!) but he has 3 marks and they have 5, somewhere along the line someone might get very upset about that, although we're all professionals and lovely people, I think the warning of trouble ahead for you guys is to be headed off now by investing a LOT more into verification as without you realising it you are becoming the judge and jury of EOS, and with such great power comes great responsibility!

I did hint at this earlier in my candidacy and you responded with the information you were working on the BP Portal, but as useful as it is, I don't think it has solved the problem, sorry to be an awkward git!

The system suggested above should probably be topic of a worker proposal and when EOS is live this will demonstrate the power of Worker Proposals as I am sure Roelandp would vote for a proposal to create a system such as this as would anyone else who feels the same way, but in the interim what are we to do?

Well that's my thoughts on that, better get back to trying to get the node running on the testnet that is a sea of red!

EOS SLC is now EOS Tribe -

Please make sure to update our name in the next report!

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