Dream Diary - 15/2/18

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Good Morning Steemers!

I had a really good sleep last night. Much better than the previous night. I was so comfortable. I have my coffee in my hand and I am ready to tell you about my dreams.

Thursday 15th February 2018

I dreamed I was at a hen party. The party started off by a woman giving us a tutorial about how to put curls in our hair. She took two strands of hair and wrapped them round each other before making them into a circle and securing with a pin. The hair looked like a fat onion ring! Then we all took to the roads. We were all in go karts on the main roads and we were driving down the seafront. It was quite scary! The go karts were black. Everyone was wearing black as well, apart from the usual hen party ’L plates’ and the other bits and bobs we were all wearing. Then afterwards we were in a club and one of the toilet cubicles was blocked. There was water and rubbish everywhere! It looked disgusting!

Then I dreamed it was late at night and I was driving down a country lane. I was so sleepy and could barely keep my eyes open. I managed to pull over to the side of the road. I felt any minute now I was going to fall asleep. My eyelids felt so heavy! I didn’t know where I was so I put the sat-nav on. The sat-nav didn’t give any readings. Then I remembered this was my new car and it hadn’t been registered yet. I don’t even think it had number plates! Somehow I managed to feel awake and I started making my way. I came across a lady who had been involved in an accident with an older woman. The older woman looked angry. The younger lady had her paperwork in her hand and I saw she lived on the same road as me. I wanted to help her out. We had met before in another dream and we were drinking, but I have not met her in real life.

Hmm… where do I begin with this? Over the past few months I have dreamed about hen parties. I have never seen a hen party take place on go karts on the main roads! Maybe it’s an idea for the future. I can imaging someone showing us how to do hair, but I have never seen hair look like onion rings! Not sure why there was a blocked toilet in the dream either. I am due to get a new car. I have only once dreamed before about falling asleep at the wheel. I would never get in a car in real life if I felt so drowsy. I wonder what it means to fall asleep at the wheel. Strange how the car wasn’t registered. Why would I be driving it? I would like to know why I keep dreaming about people I have seen before in dreams, but they never exist in real life. Weird how I dreamed she lives on the same road as me!

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Wow, it was really interesting to read this dream, and also it's really interesting to know that you met people who are not never met in real life, that's really awesome and the dreams are great guidance sometimes and it will reflect our thinking process and sometimes we get silly and weird dreams which give funny essence. Thanks for sharing this dream with us and keep dreaming and keep writing. 🙂

Stay Blessed.


@chireerocks Thank you. Glad you liked it :-)


Welcome. 🙂