Dream Diary - 16/1/18 (Part 2)

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Afternoon Everyone,

Here it as promised earlier on, part two of my dreams from last night. This set of dreams definitely has more pizzazz than the first set. I hope you enjoy the read!

Tuesday 16th January 2018 (Part 2)

I dreamed I was in some fancy mansion. I saw my friend Kirsty. We were talking about beauty products and she asked me about lip filler. I told her I was already happy with who I use for lip filler. Then she said she does offer other beauty services. I asked her if she did Russian lashes. She said yes. I said I was looking into having that done and I would like to visit her to have a look at some samples and other work she has done.

Then I dreamed about bumping into a guy who previously done some non surgical cosmetic work on me. He was very chatty and smiley, but something wasn’t right about him. I asked him ”You are Zayn, right?” He replied ”No, but I know who Zayn is.” Then I clocked what was different. This guy looked exactly the same as Zayn, but his hair was a light brown rather than black an he had green eyes rather than deep brown eyes. Everything else looked exactly the same. As I was talking to this man, I saw a bowl of fruit. I picked up two pieces of fruit and shoved them in my mouth. I have no idea what they were. All I know the fruit was white, round, wet and fleshy. I couldn’t take the fruit anymore, so I ran to a corridor and spat them out into my hand and then I threw them on the floor. Now I come to think of it, the pieces of fruit were like giant lychees! I hate lychees!! They are perfumed eyeballs! Disgusting!!

Afterwards I dreamt I was outside in the dark by a pool party. It looked like a student union area gathering. I was standing on the ramp that led down to the bar. A girl shouted to another girl to order her an Archers and Lemonade. I wanted one too! So I shouted ”Archers and Lemonade for me as well, please!!” I opened out my purse and the zip compartment was open. I had lots of 1p’s and 2p’s bursting out of the zip. Then a few 5p’s started to show and drop out of my purse.

Finally I dreamed I was with my Auntie Yasmin and my two cousins. We were sat in a living room. We all look after our nails. My gel polish started to come off. First of all the colour came clean off, but it left a pinky grey design underneath. My Auntie asked what it was. I said I didn’t know but it looked nice. Then the image came off. It wasn’t a design. It was cut out pieces of magazines that were layered on top of each other underneath my gel polish. All the layers peeled off one after another until I saw my natural nail underneath.

Well that’s my dreams for last night. I hope you liked this post as much as the first one. I don’t know why this set of dreams has quite a bit to do with my looks. I have never worn false eye lashes, but I’ve heard about these Russian ones. Maybe it’s time I gave them a try! Also I don’t know why I dreamed of someone I know, only for them to be exactly the same but with different hair and eye colour. I can’t remember the last time I drank Archers and Lemonade! I’m more of a Champagne gal nowadays! I have recently dreamed about my nails. I wonder what it means to dream about them. No idea why they had magazine paper stuck to them!

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Dreams can be so strange, yet still convincing. I have some fascinating dreams, but rarely remember them for long. There was one recently that stuck, however.

Last Saturday, I dreamed that a senior manager asked me to help organize an event at work (I am a supervisor in a huge automated warehouse). He wanted me to call the police (?!!!?) and to order the chicken breasts. I failed to do so. I remember being confused about both orders. Why the police? And who do I order hundreds of chicken breasts from?

The orders were given to me in such an off-handed way that I would be embarrassed to ask for clarification. "What are you? Stupid?" would be the expected response, and I didn't want that.

(This is not characteristic of me -- I'm fairly assertive in real life.)

That was it for the dream, as far as I can recall.

I took a long time to wake up that morning. I'm sick with chest congestion, so I'm in no hurry to rouse. I lay there, drifting in and out of sleep, flipping between worried about the trouble I would get in for not taking care of those tasks, and wondering if it were real. Even after getting up, I had doubt regarding the veracity of either seeming reality.

I watched some TV. After an hour, I realized the whole thing could not be true.

The tricks we play on ourselves.


@korptopia What a crazy dream! The chicken breast order was the best bit. It did make we laugh! Thanks for sharing that with me. I loved it! 👍

I love lychees though.. 😊 . This is really bit interesting than the first one. Keep go going..


Really? They're gross! Aw thanks. Glad u liked it 👍

Its a good and interesting dream diary. This dream was so interesting. Once I start reading then read up to the end. Why you wrote the dream diary late?. I really wait for your post.


Aw. Wasn't feeling too great. Glad u waited for it though. 👍