Dream Diary - 26/1/18

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Morning Everyone,

Yet again I went to bed with headache and I struggled to sleep. I did manage to get a few hours. I still feel tired but I woke up feeling really anxious this morning, I hope it passes soon. I hate this feeling of anxiety. Only one dream to tell you about. Here it is.

Friday 26th January 2018

I dreamed I was boarding a plane with my husband. It was really crowded and this kid kept pushing in front of me in line. Twice he had done it and I was getting very irate. The stewardess asked me for my boarding pass and I asked mu husband to get his phone out as it was on there. The stewardess took ages to come back to us and she told us the plane was full and that we had been double booked. I was mad! How could this happen? We always book our seats online. The stewardess wasn’t helpful by now. She washed her hands of us and said "Sorry but the plane was booked". The plane was full of school children and they were so rowdy. I shouted at the lady and said ”Well how can we fly without a seat?!! Surely that’s against safety regulations or why would there be safety procedures put in place?! She didn’t care. I went up some stars in the plane and I did find some seats. Not many mind you. It seemed like a seminar was taking place. I sat on a seat next to my husband and we found a giant seatbelt with a knot in it to put round us. I saw the lady. I hoped she didn’t spot us.

So Steemers, I don’t know what to make of this dream. It’s the first time I’ve had a dream like this. What could it all mean? I hope I have a much better sleep tonight and this horrible anxiety feeling will go away.

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I discovered you today and I really like the idea you had! Sharing your dreams with others is really fun. Great work!


@juliaboryczka Thank you so much for your comment. I'm glad u like them :-)

Interesting dream story. Good post. Thanks for sharing.

I love your idea of sharing your dreams.
Most of the time my dreams make no sense at all, but as long as they are pleasant, I am good with it. :)