Dream Diary - 9/2/18

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Afternoon Everyone,

I’ve had quite a few dreams over the last couple of days. Maybe because I’ve indulged in eating so much food. I do love my food so it was key that I did my work out this morning. Here are my dreams.

Friday 9th February 2018

I dreamed I had a massive argument with my dad. I wanted to storm off out of the house, but the house was full of clutter from top to floor. It was impossible to climb out of everything. It looked like the house belonged on that TV show Hoarders.

Then I dreamed I was on a school trip. I was looking forward to lunch time. When lunch time came around, there was no sandwiches. I was gutted!

I dreamt I was with a group of people and I saw a huge salami sausage above my head. Something white and thick dripped out of it onto my face. Then I said ”Have I got a salami for you!”

I was on a show like Top of the Pops and there was a lady presenter who was interviewing me. I had a magazine and I was writing on the back of it what I thought of the acts in black marker pen. Then I was reading my notes that I had wrote on the magazine and I gave my honest opinion on the acts. She didn’t look impressed.

So a few dreams for you. I don’t know why I argued with my father or why the room was covered in objects. You had to be a contortionist to get out from all the furniture and crap that filled the room up from floor to ceiling. I would be upset if there was no food for me on a trip. I love my food! As for the big salami sausage… I dread to think what dripped out of it. Funny to see myself on a TV show giving my opinion. The last thing I want is my face to be splashed around on TV. Some crazy dreams. I’d love to know what it all means. I hope you enjoyed the read Steemers.

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This is such an awesome idea! I never thought to post my dream journal on steemit, how cool!

I particularly like how, towards the end, you make an attempt tp derive meaning from the dreams.. which begs the question, do you think all dreams have meaning?

I'm personally not sure. I definitely believe dreams can have significant meaning, or can be an effective means of your subconscious relaying messages to you, but I also think they can just be random and the mind kind of just "going off" so to speak.

What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Upvoted and followed! Would love to see you stop by my latest piece to get your input on it! Cant wait to hear what you think : )


@iamjustinscott Thank you. I really do like to record my dreams and share them. I'm pretty sure dreams must have a meaning or why would we have them? I wish there was a scientific answer rather than us humans speculating as to why we dream :-)


Agreed, I like to think that dreams are one of the more mysterious phenomena that science will be able to shed light on.

How has your lucidity been since keeping this journal? Has it improved?


I know nothing about lucid dreaming. I just dream and if I know I'm going to struggle to remember them, I make a note 😊


I definitely recommend looking into it! Takes dreaming to a whole new level

It's been a while I've seen your dream blog, hope the dreams have been positive since I last saw them?


@josediccus I would say so, yes :-)