Dream Diary - 18/1/19 (Part 1)

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Morning Everyone,

After no dreams from Wednesday night, I am pleased to say I had a lot of dreams last night. I am going to write these over two posts. I had such a good night’s sleep considering I am full of cold at the moment. I didn’t have to rely on any sleeping aids at all. Maybe it was the honey, lemon and apple cider vinegar concoction that helped. Here is the first part of my dreams.

Thursday 18th January 2018 (Part 1)

I dreamed I was playing Ariel - The Little Mermaid in a show. I was swimming in the sea with the long red hair flowing and I had her green tail. I was playfully swimming up and down and round and round. I was singing a song. It was the song she sings in the film at the part where she loses her voice to Ursula. Then I came across some dodgy looking men. They looked like sailors. They were arguing about selling langoustines. They were not langoustines from where I was. It looked like lots of little rolled up cuts of meat stuck together to form one big log of meat. It stank so bad too!

I then dreamt I was up on the top floor of a lift. My mum kept showing up and giving me Iranian friendship bracelets. I say Iranian because she is and I do get spoiled with some amazing gifts from relatives out there. The friendship bracelets were made of thick silky wool and they each came in an array of colours. The bracelets had gold charms hanging from where the two ends joined. The charms represented different achievements.

Then I dreamed I was in one of my friends flat. It wasn’t their flat in real life. The flat was a ground floor flat on the seafront. The beach was made of pebbles. Inside the flat was a wedding reception going on, but there was no wedding dress. My friend Sarah was the bride, but she was just wearing her normal party wear. Her sisters were her ’bridesmaids’. They were wearing a black shiny catsuit with a cut out piece in the middle that was exposing their midriff. The bridesmaids each had matching tattoos that was of a lace style that covered their sides. The tide was coming in from the sea. It wasn’t just any tide. It was a huge wave that came crashing down. It covered the window from top to bottom. The ceiling became wet and it started dripping on us so much. It was if the ceiling was raining! Then my old school friend was there with her son and we were playing a game of Guess Who!

Well Steemers, this dream was pretty strange. I have always loved The Little Mermaid. I wanted to be Ariel when I was a child and I used to swim in the swimming pools pretending to be her. Have no idea what the langoustines mean or why I dreamed of smelly meat! I am a carnivore and I love my meat, but that was just gross! The friendship bracelets were a bit random. No idea why my mum was giving them to me or why they were for achievements. There is only one thing that I can classify as an achievement and that was I ordered my new car that I wanted recently. I think I know why I dreamed of the wedding reception. My friend recently split from her husband of three years. Her ex husband has now moved on with someone else, which came as a shock because it’s been less than six months since they split. Usually I find relationships break down because one party is already in another relationship. I’ve seen it and called it too many times, but that’s another story. No idea what the sea means or why the wave was so huge! Kinda strange I dreamed of The Little Mermaid and the seafront in separate dreams. Do keep an eye our for part 2. This first part was interesting, but part 2 is even better!

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I like dreams. Your writing is perfect.


@zainqureshi Thank you so much. Glad you appreciate them. I have just literally posted part 2 https://steemit.com/dreams/@platinum-blue/dream-diary-18-1-18-part-2 :-)

haha. you dream was so engaging. i have always have boring sensless dreams. As an NLP practitioner, i can suggest that your dream reflects the way your unconscious reflects reality fron around and it is truly amazing. You are one fearless and free spirit, be like this. Always!


@naima94 Thank you! I love recording my dreams. Some days I have boring ones, other days I have exciting ones. I loved the second part of my dreams. Here it is if you fancy a read :-) https://steemit.com/dreams/@platinum-blue/dream-diary-18-1-18-part-2