Dream Diary - 21/1/18

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Morning Everyone,

Why does Monday always come around so quickly?! I was awake so early about 3:30am, then I went back to sleep and woke up at 6am… with another sore throat! I’m out at a party in the city Saturday! I need to hit the meds and hopefully my sore throat won’t develop into anything else. I’ve only just come to the end of a cold. The last thing I need is another one! I did have a coupe of dreams last night, some recurring that my regular followers might remember. Here they are.

Sunday 21st January 2018

I dreamed I was at my old employment. My first manager was there along with a guy that I first started working with. It was coming to the end of the day and we started locking up. I was sat at my desk and I was placing cuddly toys around the underneath of my desk, on the inside whilst waiting for a call. Those last few minutes were the worst! You were guaranteed to get a call within 30 secs of signing off. Thankfully the time had passed and I was able to log off. I was looking everywhere for my coat and I couldn’t find it. My manager said to try the cloakroom. We didn’t have a cloakroom, but there was one in my dream. It was freshly painted! I was hoping no paint was on my coat! I picked up my coat and before I put it on, my manager came up to me. He said ”I have a pint of milk for you.” Then he handed it to me. It wasn’t a pint though, it was two pints! I said to him ”You know that’s two pints?” He started to laugh as he said ”Two pints… haha… no it’s only one you silly mare!” There was no way arguing with him. I just smiled and took the milk.

Then I was in my mum and dads old house. My mum was asleep on the sun lounger in the garden with the sun shining on her. I was in the living room and I decided to go upstairs. I saw my dad in the kitchen. He was looking in the fridge for something to eat. I went upstairs to my room and I noticed my bed was gone! My mum for one reason or another had removed my bed. She replaced it with a circular settee that started from underneath my bedroom window and finished by the door. Next thing I know, I was sat on the floor and I noticed my engagement ring had the corner stone and clasp missing! I panicked and I searched everywhere. Then I found it on my carpet. I looked back at my ring and the centre stone was missing now. I looked for it again and I came across 9 large, round gemstones on my carpet. My ring had changed design and all these stones belonged in the middle of the ring but they were all loose as I put them in place. I put the ring in a cardboard box with some tissue paper so it was ready to go off to the jewellers.

It’s been a while since I last had a dream about my previous employment. I don’t know why I placed cuddly toys on the inside of my desk or my manager giving me milk. They have to be the most random dreams I’ve ever had about my old job. I have recently dreamed about my engagement ring and losing stones out of it. It would be the worst thing in the world if that ever happened as my ring is one of a kind! It was amusing dreaming about my dad fridge raiding. He’s always hungry! Why my mum asleep in the garden with the sun on her and why the removing of the bed and replacing it with a settee? It was a pleasant dream last night, just not the part about my ring.

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hahahh. is it just me or what? i enjoyed reading your dream. they are so engaging. i wish i could have such engaging dreams hahahaha. keep em coming


He he. Thanks. Glad u like my dreams 👍