Dream Diary - 13/1/18 (Part 1)

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Morning All,

Again, I slept damn good last night. I was awake pretty much every hour from 1am. I had to make note of my dreams, as I had so many and I thought I would forget them all. I do feel very drowsy and like I could sleep for the rest of the day. I managed to force myself up. I’m sat in bed with my needed cup of coffee! The last dream I has was very long and it was about my ex, so I will write this one separately. I hope you like these dreams.

Saturday 13th January 2018 (Part 1)

I dreamed about a Beagle puppy. It was in my house and it urinated up the side of the leg of my desk! I don’t have dogs in the house as I have a cat. Not too sure why I dreamed about a Beagle in particular. It could have been any breed of puppy!

I dreamed I was watching the shopping channel QVC. They had a birdcage that looked just like the one I had when I had a budgie as a child. They had someone there drilling into the side of it and they were attaching long bolts, nuts and all sorts of screws. They put so many long bolts through the cage, it started to look like a game of Kerplunk! QVC then changed and they were showing lots of different nail polishes that when applied, they would come out as if there were three colours in one.

I dreamt I had an envelope in my hand and I left it outside a shop by the train station of where I used to work. As I walked away, I thought to myself ’I shouldn’t leave it there, anyone could pick it up because they thought it had money in it’. So I went back and picked it up. I went to the bookshop a few doors down. There was a man I saw. I believe he used to come into my office and sell books, but only in my dream, not in real life. As I walked in to give him my envelope, I saw a box. I noticed a handwritten note in there. It was my late Granny’s handwriting! I looked further into the box. There were old letters from her, cards and photos. The photos were of our family when we were young. The photos were so old, dark and grainy. I could just about make out who was in the picture and where it was taken.

It was odd to begin with a puppy urinating. Not sure if different breeds of dogs have different meanings, but yes, I dreamed of a Beagle. I’ve heard those dogs can be knobs, so maybe I deserved it because I had done something bad? I don’t recall doing anything bad, so if I have, I would like to know what I have done! The birdcage was strange. I wonder why it looked like the one I had as a child. No idea what large nuts and bolts symbolise or why they were being added to the birdcage. The nail polishes though. Wouldn’t it be great if they did come out in three colours at once! Just imagine what funky nails we could have! I’m kinda glad I had a dream with something that showed something to do with my late Granny. It was 2 months to the day yesterday that I was at her funeral. I’m constantly thinking about her and I talk to her all the time. I’m pretty sure it’s a way for her to show me she is with me. I do have a lot to write about of my final dream that I will post later. As mentioned, it has something to do with my ex. It was quite interesting. I hope you look forward to reading the second part to my dream.

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Nice and interesting dream diary. I like it. Thanks for sharing.

In my religion, when you dream of the departed, it means they need you to remember them and pray for them. :)

I had a terrible dream last night, I'm scared to say anything 😱😱😱😱😱

your dream series is awesome keep it up