Dream Diary 4/2/18 (Part 2)

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Hello Steemit,

Here is the follow up of my dreams from last night. This second part is very interesting in comparison to the first part of my dreams. Hope you enjoy the read.

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Sunday 4th February 2018 (Part 2)

I was at a machine like an ATM machine and I was going to use it to light a cigarette (I don’t smoke in real life). It had lots of round compartments on the front and a keypad with a display screen. I put in two pound coins, inserted my cigarette into one of the holes and waited for my cigarette to light. It didn’t happen, it just bent the end of my cigarette. The pound coins came out of the machine and I put them back in the machine. This time after I put my cigarette in the hole, I pulled an arm on the machine. It was like a 'one armed bandit!’ This time my cigarette became alight.

I was on a train and I was sat next to a man. He was also sat next to a man who looked just like him but slightly older. I was having a chat with him and suddenly we were naked! I couldn’t make out whether I fancied him or not, but I did keep touching his head and his lap. I said to him I thought he was nice… then I retracted my statement because I knew it was wrong.

Finally, I dreamed about a man. He wasn’t a Normal Man. He was Turtle Man! In actual fact he looked like the man from the dream before, but he had some sort of mechanics going on in his body. A bit like The Terminator really. I’m not sure what part of him was ’turtley’ I know the electricity going through his body showed as a green light and you could see through his skin like an X-ray. He was very muscly like The Turtles. Maybe that’s where he got his name from. He had a large metal socket in his hand and he put four rectangle, car remote keys into it and shaved them into nothing. The spinning socket was like a large pencil sharpener, but used to cut metal!

So that’s the end of my dreams from last night. What the hell is an ATM machine doing lighting cigarettes? Why am I dreaming of smoking when I don’t smoke? I do keep dreaming of traveling on trains. I’m sure I must be on some sort of journey without realising it. Maybe a life journey? Going down different avenues? Quite amusing about dreaming of Turtle Man! He really didn’t look like a turtle, he was just very muscly with green light. I don’t know what that cutting of the car keys meant. I am due a new car. Maybe that’s why? I hope you liked the read.

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Nice post I have also alots of dreame