Dream Diary - 11/1/18 (Part 1)

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Morning All,

So I woke up this morning not feeling great. In actual fact I feel really anxious and upset. I don’t know why, but I do. I think I need to either try and keep myself occupied or just let it all out in tears. I had lots of little bits to my dream last night, so I will write these in two parts. Here is part one.

Thursday 11th January 2018 (Part 1)

It all started when I saw someone ask for a 5 foot fish tank. Then I found myself on a boat with a few other people. The main people on the boat was a Polish husband and wife and an English couple who looked like they were in their 50’s.

We were all hungry, especially the English couple. The Polish woman was making tomato and cheese soup. After she had made it, the English man tasted it. His face went bright red and he started to sweat. Turns out it wasn’t a tomato soup, it was a hot red chilli soup! He was adamant he was going to finish it, even if it killed him.

Afterwards I dreamed of Rihanna was eating a bowl of macaroni cheese. She wasn’t on the boat. She was walking around a city eating out of a white bowl as she went about her business.

I don’t know why everything related to water and food in this part of my dream. As I said everything I dreamed happened in lots of little segments. So although this may seem short and sweet, the next part will only make my dream sweeter. I hope you liked the read and are ready for part 2 later on. I better go and cheer myself up now.

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This dream is saying that you are a channel/medium (all musicians represent this). It's tying food to this gift because there are things in your diet that are taxing for your individual body physiology and the energy spent on digesting and eliminating these foods is inhibiting your ability to reach the higher energy vibrations required for use of your channeling gift. Couples often show up in dreams of channels because channeling requires a balanced male/female (head/heart) energy. 2 is also a symbol that shows up in the dreams of channels often. Here you have 2 couples.

The food we see are tomatoes, cheese and hot peppers. Tomotoes and all kinds of peppers are nightshades and can not be tolerated by many people, they should be especially avoided by people with the A-blood-type. It seems like maybe you know these foods bother you but you just suck it up and power through it anyway. Not a good idea. Soup is a symbols that shows that these foods create a mucus in your bowels/elimination system. The mucus is likely due to the inflammation it creates in your elimination system. If you have fertility issues (as in trying to conceive), this mucus could also be affecting your uterus (though the only symbol that miiiight suggest that is tomatoes since it's technically a fruit and fruit represents the reproductive system).
Rhianna carrying around mac&cheese in a white bowl is definitely a pun that your bowels can't handle dairy.

The fish and water represents spirituality, the boat represents your life journey, 5 represents karma. Spirituality and spiritual awareness is meant to be a major feature of your life's journey, karma shows you came here to use your channeling gift - as in, you are obliged to develop it to further your own awareness as well as the awareness of others.


I'll comment on part 2 as well as it will be continuing this theme and elaborating...


@aprilangel Thank you for your feedback. I really enjoy reading your interpretations :-D

I love dreaming. I love dreams. Dreams are fascinating. I've learned that dreams are realities just as real as this one, physical reality. upvoted


@beulahlandeu Thank you :-) My dreams do weird me out sometimes.

This is actually a lot better than the previous dream, water is calm and signifies peace however, I love the Rihanna part lol it's the twist to the dream


@josediccus Yes, that part of the dream was really random!

Very nice dream diary, Really an interesting story you have written. Video is so amazing. It has goon lesson, thanks for sharing your dream. good post

interesting!! Are you also able to lucid dream? I started trying that out when I was having a lot of nightmares and it is truly amazing while you can choose how to end your dreams


@inmusicalterms A lot of people ask me about lucid dreaming, I don't know much about it and no, I haven't tried. I wouldn't know where to begin.


I began with expanding my dreams. Sometimes you have that feeling you are about to wake up, then I just slightly lift my eyelids and start thinking about where I was and what I was doing. When I am dreaming again I am aware of this state and control it.

nice post u got my vote
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@chaker Thank you, glad you liked it.

Nice one. Keep it up.


@izge Thank you :-)