Dream Diary - 6/1/18

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Good Evening,

Well today has certainly has been a busy one. I did a full bodyweight workout, followed by a long walk in the park and sat down to a circus with some family members. I have managed to grab a few minutes to myself to tell you about last night’s dream. I had quite a few little dreams. Here they are.

Saturday 6th January 2018

I dreamed my next door neighbours had decorated their house and my house with blue and white bunting. I didn’t know they were doing it. I just approached my house and I saw it covered! I asked them what it was for. They said they had got the houses ready for the world cup. The colours represented Greece and Uruguay.

I dreamed it was late at night and I went outside in the dark to inspect what the banging noise was that I could here. I went to check the garage door to make sure that was closed correctly. It was. Then I started looking around to see what else was making the noise. I couldn’t find where the sound was coming from. So I turned back to go to my house. My next door neighbours house was gone and it was replaced with the Eiffel Tower. It wasn’t the whole Eiffel Tower. It was only the top that was there. It was very close up and it was glowing with white lights all over it.

I dreamed I was walking round a mall that I have visited in my dreams before, but it doesn’t exist in real life. I was soaking off my gel polish with foils round my fingers, but I wasn’t soaking off all of them. I was searching for my husband, I couldn’t find him. Then I walked into a Cobblers. I saw a man and asked if I could borrow his telephone so I could ring my husband. I didn’t have my mobile on me. I called my husband and asked where he was. He said he was in front of the TV. I asked ”What TV?” He replied ”The TV at home, of course!” The thing is, he wasn’t at ’home’, he was in a small flat that was at the back of the Cobblers. He was watching TV with two young boys. They were supposedly my sons. We don’t have children. I went to the back of the flat crying hysterically saying how much I miss my mum. I was crying because in my dream my mother wasn’t alive, even though she is well and truly alive and as fit a a fiddle. The garden was very green and very lush. Like a country garden. A little girl came up to me and hugged my legs. She told me how much she loves me. I said I love her too. She was my daughter!

Finally, I dreamed I was in my Granny’s old bedroom. I was dressing a baby girl. She was wearing a red dress and I changed her to a pink baby grow that had a cuddly hood on it.

This is a really odd dream for me. Twice I dreamed of my neighbours. I am lucky, I have lovely neighbours around me. I can’t believe I dreamed I was soaking my nails off. My nails really do need doing though. Maybe I’ll sort them out tomorrow. Also, why would my husband be in the cobblers in the flat and why did I dream of so many children? I’m not maternal in the slightest. Unless someone delivers me a box of kittens, then I’ll happily mother them all!

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Sometimes dreams are what we desire or suppose to do, I am talking about the children and your nails. About being in your grandma room, maybe you live the place while growing up. When I was a kid I always run to my grandpa's room because I feel safe and happy there.


@tutufaith I spent a lot of time at my Granny's house. I miss her like crazy!