Dream Diary - 13/1/18 (Part 2)

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Good Afternoon,

Here is the second part to my dream I had from last night. Hope you enjoy it.

Saturday 13th January 2018 (Part 2)

I dreamed I rang up my ex’s partner. When she answered, I asked if this was her. She said it was. She asked me why I hadn’t hidden my number. I said I had no reason to. I saw her two children in my mum and dads kitchen. Both of them were wearing braces. I knew the youngest was my ex’s and that he must have got her pregnant whilst he was cheating on me or just after, judging by how old the child looked.

I asked her how old her youngest was. She said he was 11 years old. Just as I suspected, because I knew you had to be of a certain age to have braces. I did the math as well. Yep, he had got her pregnant before I found out about his cheating!

She asked me what I was doing now. I said I was working for myself as a banker, which I am not. Then she said I could get myself a new car. I did say I was in the process of getting a new car and I couldn’t wait.

Somehow my dream changed and I was looking at her, as if I was in the room. I looked at her engagement ring. From a distance it looked just like my one that I have now. Then on closer inspection, it was nothing like mine. It was round and inside it were lots of small ball bearings that looked like they were made out of chalk. I then looked at my engagement ring on my finger and part of it was missing.

I was now in my bedroom on the floor looking for the bit that was missing. I found it, but I couldn’t find the stone that went with it. I turned the light on my mobile to see if I could spot it. I couldn’t. Lady Gaga’s - Bad Romance was playing in my head.

Again, my dream changed and I was on a crowded train. I was on the train with Jeremy Kyle and everyone was singing bad romance!

I don’t know why I had this dream. My ex has been gone for almost a decade. I have no feelings for him or her. I don’t bump into them or anything. I haven’t seen him since my split. So why all this appearing in my dreams? I wish I didn’t have this dream. I hate being reminded about the past, even though I have no feelings whatsoever!

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Your story about your dream is inspiring

Good story
It is very nice to hear some good story

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What do you think of my contest?

Nice to read your dreams!
Do you also become lucid sometimes?


I don't understand about lucid dreaming. Never have and never will. I just dream a lot and I like to share them 😊