Dream Diary - 14/1/18

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Good Morning,

My, what a dark, wet, windy day it is today! Glad I don’t have to expose myself to the elements. It took me ages to get to sleep last night. My mind was awake. It didn’t matter how many sheep I counted, I lost track after I got to 5 and my mind went drifting somewhere else. I did manage to nod off though and I have got a few dreams for you. Here they are.

Sunday 14th January 2018

I dreamed my late Granny was in a hospital bed and she appeared to be sleeping. She was all by herself in a room. There was a Doctor looking after her. It wasn’t any Doctor, it was the Doctor that appeared in Neighbours for a while. It wasn’t Dr. Karl Kennedy, it was Nick Petrides. He was telling me all sorts of things that was happening to my Granny. It really seemed like he was trying to cover something up. He didn’t want me to see my Granny and did everything possible to talk me out of the room. I didn’t budge. Suddenly my Granny opened her eyes and she was trying to tell me something. She raised her hand to her eyes and pointed at them. Her eyes were cut and bleeding! She didn’t have to say anything to me. She spoke to me telepathically. Then she closed her eyes and she was gone. I let out a howl and cried so much! She had told me Nick Petrides had cut her eyes and he killed her by messing with drips and drugs. Then I had Zara Larsson - Never Forget You playing in my head.

I dreamt I was in an underground train station. The train wasn’t a train. It was just a conveyor belt on the platform. I stepped onto it and it said I had three minutes until I had to get off. I was dying to go to the toilet! The toilets didn’t exist, you just did your business on the conveyer belt and it would vanish into thin air! I pulled down my tights and undies and was almost ready to go. Then the conveyor belt stopped and I had to get off quickly. I pulled up my undies and my tights and rushed off. I had to go to a different platform. As I was waiting to get through the turnstiles, there were three teenagers watching me, all girls. One of them came up to me and told me I had a massive hole in my tights. I looked down and there was. Me legs were very hairy underneath! The girl was drinking a carton of Ribena as she watched me. I thought she was a nice girl, but she was the ringleader of a gang and I felt threatened by her.

I was at an airport and I had just checked in for a flight. Next to the check in desk was a Chinese nail bar. I asked one of the ladies if I could have a manicure and a pedicure. She looked at me and ignored me. How rude! I thought. Then I approached another lady next to her. I asked her for the same. As she looked up, I said to her I have fibreglass on my nails and I just want them re-done. I put my hand in her face to show her. She took my hand and was looking underneath my fingernails. She asked me which ones had fibreglass on and I told her. She showed my hand to another lady and they both shook their heads. I said to them ”I do my nails myself, I know I’m not supposed to use fibreglass, but I do!” They showed me the underneath of my nails. They were all brown and mouldy! They were not going to do my nails.

My first dream really shook me up. I felt sick after I woke up. I really did feel like I wanted to cry inside. How could anyone hurt my Granny? I know it was only a dream but it felt so real! I really miss her so much. Maybe the next couple of dreams mean I need to move on as they are both about transport. I don’t mean about moving on about losing my Granny as that won’t ever happen. I mean more in a sense of day to day life. I have no idea what brown and mouldy nails mean. I take good care of my nails and always make sure they are in tip top condition.

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I gave you some lovin How bout you give me some too?

i hope these dreams dont happen in reality
nice write up anyway


@newssource I hope they don't too! Thank you. Glad you liked it :-)

Wow, when are you gonna write a book? 😳


@easycome I think I should! It's not the first time it's been said. :-)


there must be a reason!

Dear @platinum-blue, Every time I read your dreams , these give me goosebumps. Super real man!! I think you must publish your writing to some giant publisher and I bet you will be famous!!! Keep writing my friend!!! So good...


@panknil Ah, thank you so much! Maybe I should look to get these published. :-)