Dream Diary - 10/1/18

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Hello Steemit,

I had a reasonable good night’s sleep last night. I went to bed at 10:30pm and woke up at 7:30am. I had the biggest stretch known to man, this morning. It felt good though. My arms and shoulders are aching where I did a double session of bodyweight yesterday. Going to rest up a bit today before I hit another workout tomorrow. Here is last night’s dream.

Wednesday 10th January 2018

I dreamed I was in New York and I was staying in a luxury five star hotel. I was staying in a room with two Chinese women who were the same age as me. We were all looking forward to get ready to go out shopping together.

When we went out, we were not shopping. We ended up in the mountains. There was a small reservoir in the top of the mountains. We were going to be swimming with dolphins. The dolphins were not dolphins! They looked like mini whales with razor sharp teeth! When it was my turn to take a dip in the water, a couple of the ’dolphins’ wouldn’t take their eyes off me. They followed me back and forth as I was walking beside the waters edge. They looked like they were sizing me up and waiting to eat me!

Afterwards I was back at the hotel with the other ladies. We were in a fancy restaurant and we were served unlimited oysters and clams with the finest champagne!

Then it was New Years Eve. I looked out of the window of my hotel room and everywhere was lit up ready for party time. The streets were buzzing with so many people and there were lots of coloured lights. It definitely had a celebration atmosphere going on. I was by myself. I couldn’t wait to join everyone.

Then a loud bang happened and I heard everyone scream! I looked out of the window and people were running for cover. I was scared! I knew my husband was out there somewhere. I felt sick and I panicked. I couldn’t get hold of him on his mobile. I ended up on FaceTime to my mum and dad. I told them I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t get any response.

I ran outside of the hotel into the streets. Lots more loud bangs happened and the buildings around me started to crumble. It seemed there were a sting of bombs going off! I wasn’t worried about myself or even taking much care to avoid the rubble. All I knew was that I wanted to find my husband safe and well.

I don’t know what to make of this dream. New Year has already passed. I’m not sure why I dreamed of being caught up in an attack or why my husband was missing. The dolphins did look happy to begin with, but I sensed they had a more sinister motive underneath. I knew they wanted to eat me! I do love oysters and champagne! I think I need to be showered with them! It has been a while, although I’ve never eaten clams before.

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Hi, i hope not to bother but i just posted for the first time some of my grandmothers work and i would like to have some feedback from people who knows a little literature... so... if you want and have the time please take a look https://steemit.com/book/@lavidaesunviaje/the-martial-kavallier-original-sci-fi-story-from-my-grandmother-ella-burley-part-01-03
Thanks! hope you get good rewards for your original writing!


@lavidaesunviaje Thank you for your kind words. Sure, I'll take a look 👍


I will surely look at it. :)

Wow the the dolphin with the sharp teeth doesn't sound so good, and the falling building too, however the panic that ensued and you looking for husband is quite a drama

However never mind it's just a dream! Cheer up and nothing more!


@josediccus Yeah, that dolphin was pretty scary! I'm glad it was just a dream! lol

Interesting dream diary video of dolphin is amazing. Other pics are good but demolishing of building was strange thing. Very interesting. Thaks for sharing.