Dream Diary - 30/1/18

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Good Morning,

I have already wrote this morning about my dreams from Monday and now I have last night’s dreams for you. As mentioned earlier on, I had two lots of dreams to write about so I will bullet point them as it is so much to try and remember. See what you make of this!

Tuesday 30th January 2018

  • I dreamed I was at a crime scene. It was the middle of the night and there was an abandoned black car on an embankment with the door open. An old man was slumped in the drivers seat with blood pouring out of his head and over his face. It was obvious he had been murdered. I was talking to the dead man about Crypto and then I saw a woman run off into the distance up the dark road.
  • I dreamed I was in my old flat in a cul-de-sac. I heard a smash. I ran to the kitchen and I saw my window had been shattered into smithereens. There was a young boy and I grabbed hold oh him and told him I was going to go to the police. I walked him out the front of my flat and his mother was there. I told her what he had done. One of my neighbours passed me his landline telephone and had the police on the line. I spoke to the female officer. I told her what had happened but she wasn’t interested. Whilst I was talking to her, I saw my cat chase bugs, then some Japanese men came to my rescue as the boy now had a dog that looked like the Tiger from He-Man. I told the policeman what I was witnessing, she put me on hold and said she would refer it. I also saw some purple post-it notes stuck to my wall.
  • I was with my late Granny in her old house and she was showing me some old photos. My Auntie Ethel was there and she wanted to make amends as she hated the way she treated my family after my Uncle had died. We hugged and made up.

I am now up to date with my dreams. I have no idea what the crime scene meant. The dream in my flat was most bizarre! That is the one I remember the most. You just couldn’t make it up with the stuff I dreamed about! It’s funny how I dreamed about mu Auntie. She was very horrible to my family after her husband passed away. So much so, she wouldn’t let us attend his funeral. Also she still has disowned us to this day. So God only knows why I dreamed about her!

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Oh man, this is a super cool idea.
I never think to write down my dreams. It would be cool if you had someone create some artwork or maybe a comic strip about your dreams!

Darryl (@dadview) resides in Canada. He is an active member of The Alliance and teamcanada
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@dadview glad you like it. I've always remembered my dreams for as far back as I can remember. That would be brill about illustrations but I'm no artist!

Hey, awesome to see that you keep a dream journal here! Is it for lucid dreaming purposes or out of interest? I've been a lucid dreamer for years, so your blog definitely caught my eye. Followed, of course.


@spacetimebadass everyone asks me the same thing. Lol. No I don't know much about lucid dreaming or what it is or even where to begin. I just dream lots and I like to share them 😊


Haha, sorry! Lucid dreaming is when you know that you're dreaming, while in a dream, and can act consciously/willfully as you do in waking life. If you wanted to start, you're already most of the way there. Journaling is a big part of it. But, I'll be putting up some more tutorials in the future if you're interested. Either way, keep up the good work, this is interesting stuff!

Haha. There you are. I ws just thinking about you my friend the other day as I woke up with a terrible dream. Your post is like watching the kind of dream i like to haha. I hope your aunt stop being terrible lol. Steem on. Thanks for sharing.


@naima94 Oh what was your dream about? It was nice to be thought of though :-)


Haha you are most welcome..
And my dream was a sad one..
I woke up in tears. I saw my father is back (who had died 9 years ago) so the tears were of happiness and as soon as i woke up, they turned into tears of sorrow..
Thats the reason why i take pleasure in reading yours. Keep dreaming.
Here is a quote for you:
I am dreaming with you =)


Aw that's so sad. I feel the same when I dream about my granny. She died end of Nov. Glad to have a fellow dreamer on board 😊

Lol....Funny dreams