Dream Diary - 9/1/18 (Part 1)

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Good Morning,

I had such a long night’s sleep. I woke up at 6am to begin with, when I thought it was 4am. Then I woke up at 9am! I can’t believe I slept in. I must have needed it. I had a couple of unusual dreams last night. They were quite in depth, so I’ll be writing these over two posts. Here is the first.

Monday 9th January 2018 (Part 1)

I dreamed I was in a large garden centre and I was baking a large lemon cake. The lemon cake came out good. I was trying to cover it with thick, lemon icing, After I finished icing the cake, I realised what I was making was part of a huge cake display. It was being turned into a castle. I had Cornetto ice cream Cones that were being used to put the pointy bits on top of the castle. After it was finished, the cake was covered in bits of tinsel. My husband started to mess with the ’castle cake’ and it stared to collapse! I was not happy!

The garden centre was full of primary school kids. They were running around playing with all the Christmas decorations. As I was walking through the garden centre, I came across a plant that if you squeezed its leaves, dog food would come out! I saw some nail polish for pebbles and there were some children drinking Whiskey out of plants.

I was looking for some Christmas baubles with seals on but I could only find ones with badgers. Then I came across a roll of ’bride tape’. It was a roll of white ribbon that you were supposed to take on hen parties. According to the picture on the tape, the bride and one of the hens have each end of the tape and they swing it around on the floor to clean it up whilst dancing. Random, I know!

Finally, Father Christmas was sat on the check out being a cashier.

This dream had some really strange elements to it. Dog food out of a plant? A castle lemon cake with ice cream cones covered in tinsel? Kids drinking Whiskey? Nail polish for pebbles and the hen party tape? What do these mean?? I can’t ever imagine Father Christmas being check out staff. Maybe that’s his part time job! I hope you liked this dream. Keep an eye out for part 2.

If you enjoyed this dream, why not read my diary.

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Have you ever read Marie Louise Von Franz? She is a wonderful writer and thinker about dreams from the Jungian school. I made an album called "Deeper into Dream" where I recorded the dreams of everyone who came over to my house over a few month period and then collaged them together into one giant dream :)


@benleemusic No I haven't even heard of her. Wow, that sounds so good with what you've done :-)

Hey! Great post! I'm following you. I'd like to read up on your other dream diary entries. I have just started keeping a dream journal myself because I would like to start back inducing lucid dreaming. I used to be able to do it a few years back and it was so enlightening. I plan on posting my dream experiences as well.


@amarie That sounds great! Thank you for your kind words :-)

Beautiful dreams, thanks for sharing your experiences!


@lpreap Thank you. I love sharing my dreams :-)

I enjoyed visiting your blog and this post quite remarkable.I found reading your diary an interesting task. The first picture is awesome I love it!!!


@nomi2233 Thanks! I remember my dreams so vividly. I really like sharing them. :-)

Hey, nice write up, it is interesting. I am following you, can you follow me @xtophercruzeu thanks.


@opeyemioguns Thanks! Glad you liked it! :-)

Muy bonito, te deseo que sigas teniendo mucho éxito.


Thank you so much @coriantun :-)

Beautiful and nice dream diary, it was really interesting dream diary, thanks for sharing. good post, i enjoyed a lot. Thanks


@thedawn Glad you liked it, I really like sharing my dreams :-)


Exceptional Dream

May your life always be a beautiful dream and come true.
glad to know you
by @ lovelyworld


@lovelyworld That's a really nice comment. Thank you. Glad you liked it. :-D

oh my god. i liked you diary.


@rizkisitompul Thank you so much, I enjoy writing about them.

I wish i could continue dreaming your dream for you in my own sleep...lol, this is an awesome write up. Kudos


@psalmseen I've been dreaming like this for as long as I can remember. I remember them so well. Thank you for your kind words. :-)

Nice and creative post. The cake looks too good.


@vickywiz Thank you. Yes, I thought the same about the cake. I love cake and donuts! Lol

nice one...please keep up the post, its really beutiful


@framkwizy Thanks, that's a really nice comment. I enjoy writing about them

Very interesting your post, writing leads us to naturally express what happens around us, following you.


@milca Thank you. I seem to have a natural talent for remembering my dreams. :-)

It's magic time follow me i follow you

thanks for your diary I love to read this and followed you..more power to you


@remay Glad you liked it. I really do enjoy writing about my dreams. Sometimes my dreams amaze me. :-)

I lost it at kids drinking whiskey lol. Super interesting dream. Im fairly good at hekping others figure out what their dreams mean but I think this was just a playful not-supposed to make sense kind of dream!

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exelente platino azul te sigo mi voto para ti


@carloshernandez Thank you! Glad you liked it. :-)

Do you put any stock in dream interpretation? Or you simply enjoy the amusement aspects of capturing and sharing dreams? This was a fun one to read.

It's such a fascinated dream diary, @platinum-blue I was wondering, are you able to make lucid dreaming and control dreams by your own wills? Or, all those were just some random dreams?

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Wonderful post and informative. Thanks for sharing.

I like to take photos, write poems, and animate. Please come check out some of my recent posts which include many shots from a non-tropical Rainforest! Again, thanks for being a valuable Steemian!

very good!I like

dreams are a portal to another dimension, it's like flying in our fantasies

Interesting dream. ^^ Will definately follow up to read more of it. ^^

That was one random dream :D. I saw the first picture with the castle, and thought in the next few line you'll be writing about being princess

I bet when you wake up you start to wonder which one was real or which one was the most confusing part 😁😁

I have started writing diary of my dream too btw, so..its nice post. Thanks for sharing :)