***Weird Dream Alert - 4 Years Ago***

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Afternoon Steemers and Dreamers!

You may have read about my weird dream - 4 years ago, a couple of weeks ago. It flagged up on social media about another dream I had 4 years ago in the same month. This is when I really wanted to start writing about my dreams daily, but I would always forget to start it. It’s quite strange reading about the dream I had all those years ago. So here I am, sharing it with you. Enjoy!!

Weird Dream Alert

I dreamed about a couple enjoying a date in the Caribbean. Suddenly the scene change to Africa!

Riots broke out and people were running for their lives.

I had to cut up piles of spinal cords or I would be killed! I did, but the enemy said it wasn’t enough.

I said "There are animals and insects that will eat them!"

My dream went back to the couple and there was no more civilisation. The couple killed a giraffe and skinned two monkeys for food… Then I woke up!

Well as you can see, this wasn’t a pleasant dream. As I read it back, it brought back all the memories of the dream I had. I’m so glad I have started to write about my dreams daily now. It’s so interesting to read it back. Although, every so often I won’t have a dream or if I did, I had forgotten it.

If you enjoyed this dream, why not read my diary.

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Dream is a super natural thing of human being ,i am also a dreamer .keep writing .

Interesting. If your not already try sleeping in absolute darkness to see if your dreams are more vivid. (In this case, it may be a bit much considering the context of the dream)

I had great success with dream memory once I started doing this - but considering how consistent you diary it may be redundant - I just wanted to share this in case you didn't know.

What a nice dream. Its amazing to catch the Moon. Thanks for sharing the post.