Dream Diary - 22/1/18

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Afternoon Steemit,

I thought I was going get a good night’s sleep last night. I got myself to bed at a reasonable hour. I did have some headache and I took some tablets to help. Yet again, my mind was awake for the whole night! I don’t think I got to sleep until 1am or 2am. I’ve had the most terrible ringing in my ears since December and it’s getting worse. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason why I can’t sleep these days. It’s driving me nuts! Thankfully I’m seeing my doctor today. I hope she can help! Here are last night’s dreams, although I have so say, most of last night I suffered with sleep paralysis.

Monday 22nd January 2018

I was in my bathroom and I was taking a shower. Everywhere was quiet apart from the water running. Suddenly the water turned off and it made me jump. It made me jump so much that I actually woke up suddenly and sat up in my bed. This definitely felt like part dream and part sleep paralysis, but I put it to the back of my mind and I settled down again to try to get back to sleep.

I was in my mum and dads old house, I was watching the landing. I wasn’t standing in the landing, I was more watching it from above, like if I was a spirit or something. Nothing was happening. It was just me watching an empty house. I remember I was moaning and I cried out for help. I tried to shake myself to wake myself up and nothing was happening. I wasn’t really making much sense of what was happening around me. Then I heard my husband come through my bedroom door and he was asking me if I was alright. By this time, I was back to Earth and I was groaning. My husband shook me to wake me up. I’m glad he did. I was so scared. It took me ages to get my bearings back. I knew this time I definitely suffered sleep paralysis! I was so scared about going back to sleep. I told by husband I was scared to go back to sleep. He told me he was with me and I had nothing to be scared about.

Finally I did have a proper dream. No paralysis. I was walking up to a large, white tent in a field. As I was walking down the muddy path, I saw loads of static homes. These all belonged to catwalk models. As I walked up to the entrance of the tent, I realised it was a big marquee covering an ice rink. The rink itself wasn’t just ice. It had a thin layer of snow. You were able to walk on the rink without skates. Then I came across my friend Faz. She was there as a journalist for a fashion magazine. It all made sense. There was a fashion event taking place. Afterwards I saw a girl on a train that was going round the rink like a roller coaster. The train was for special needs kids. The girl on the train was holding a ladybird book.

I have to say the majority of last night freaked me out. I’m just fed up of being awake and not being able to sleep properly. I always find when my body is over tired, I suffer with sleep paralysis. I detest suffering with this. I hope none of you have suffered before because it can put you in a very frightening place. Anyway, I really hope my doctor can give me something to get rid of this ringing. I’m sure once that settles down, I will be able to sleep normally and get back to a peaceful night’s sleep. The dream about the ice rink was weird. Be a great idea for a fashion house to host a catwalk in one. I have no idea what the special needs train was about and why the girl with the book? I do love ice rinks, but I would never go on one again. Not since last time I fell and broke my arm. I was in a cast for 13 week! I definitely don’t want to risk that again.

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Your dreams sure make a diary


@reservedsingle Thank you. Glad you liked it :-)

Well I must say, I think it's normal to experience sleep paralysis during the span of your life. I've had them since I was a kid, I'm just 18 though. But all the same glad you're feeling better. Those nights are just the worse, feels like you're being hunted by a serial killer in a clown suit.


@mannymaniac I hate sleep paralysis. I've suffered with it for years and years. It's horrible and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I'm glad I'm feeling better now. Let's hope for a good night tonight :-)