Dream Diary - 12/1/18 (Part 2)

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Good Evening,

I went out to a steakhouse this afternoon, it was delicious. All washed down with a bottle of champagne! I feel like I’m in a food coma now! Never mind. I still have the rest of my dreams to tell you from earlier. Here they are. Enjoy!

Friday 12th January 2018 (Part 2)

It was late a night and I fell asleep in a wine bar. It was empty apart from a few of us and the bar staff. One of the male staff approached me and asked me if I was alright. I said to him ”Please may I have some coffee?”

After I had my coffee, I was waiting to cross a road with my husband. There was an old lady there who was waiting with us. She was wearing a crown. Everything stopped around us and my husband helped her cross the road.

My friend Daniel called me and said we should meet up. I haven’t seen Daniel for years and years! My husband and I met up with Daniel and another friend called Dave. We went clubbing. At one point, the four of us were standing in a corridor of the club. I was applying eyeliner and lipstick and Daniel was using my face powder and my lipstick. Somehow he managed to break my face powder. It was all cracked into small pieces and the sponge had ripped in half as well. He wore my lipstick that was a browny pinky shade. I said to him ”That colour really suits you!” Then I got up close and kissed him on the lips briefly in a way that nobody could see.

We went home and we were outside my house. It was meant to be 4am, but it was more like 1pm on a hot, sunny afternoon. There was a blue and white car parked on my drive horizontally in front of my husband’s car. Daniel told me it was his car. ”I didn’t know you could drive!” Daniel always uses to ride everywhere on a bicycle. We all decided it wasn’t worth going back to the club. Dave was acting like a prick and decided to head off on his own. Then two women walked past and they told me he is a horrible man. They said he was a chef and he had been cooking for his girlfriends.

After everyone had left, I went to my bathroom and saw I had the biggest pimple on my chin! I gave it a squeeze and it ’popped’. It made me feel sick because, not only did I feel it come out, I saw it dance around in front of my face as well!

It was only yesterday that I got a message out of the blue from Daniel. Maybe that’s why I dreamed about him. I definitely wouldn’t dream of kissing him though and he definitely isn’t the sort of guy who would wear my make up. Although, it’s been so long, maybe he does now. I seem to have a thing about coffee at the moment. Maybe that’s why I woke up so tired and dying for a caffeine fix. I haven’t seen Dave in years either, again he messaged me today. Was I psychic? Still, the big spot! That’s pretty gross by anyone’s means. There we have it, all my dreams from last night. I hope you liked them.

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Nice dream diary. Very interesting story. I really have interest while reading your good dream idea. Thanks for sharing the post.

Cool dream, isnt it odd how dreams seem like real life almost?

I want to run a suggestion by you, since you are an avid dreamer. I want to start a dream sharing community here on steemit, based on ideas from the book Dreamways of the Iroquois by Robert Moss, only roughly based on that though. He gives good suggestions for community dream sharing and interpretation. (I made a post about the book and this idea recently).

I am still unsure how this would work, maybe we make a dream community discord and have dream-sharing challanges like being challenged to share your dream, to help interpret someone eles, or to act on a dream. What do you think?

This is a nice and funny dream. Sometimes we get a hint abt what is going to happen the next day. You seeing Daniel is a hint about what is yet to happen.