Dream Diary - 20/1/18

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Morning Steemers!

I didn’t get to sleep last night until after midnight. I was wide awake! I did manage to fall asleep for a little, but I was awake pretty much every hour from 2am apart from 5am where I must have fell into a deep sleep. I did re wake at 8am and I felt like I needed another three hours. I did however, get up and do my bodyweight exercises. I really didn’t want to do it as I’m still suffering with my cold, but I did it!!! I only had a couple of dreams last night, not much detail to them though. Here they are.

Saturday 20th January 2018

First of all I dreamed I was driving my neighbours car. He has a blue BMW M140i. I dreamed I was taking it for a ride with him in the passenger seat. I was trying to adjust the seat whilst I was driving, but it was far too difficult so I left it as it was. I was so low, I felt like my ass was dragging on the ground! I was coming up to some traffic lights and needed to turn right onto the main road. The traffic lights were not working. I turned right and the dashboard had gone high so I could not see out of the windscreen. Either that or the seat had got lower, but I don’t think that was physically possible! I ended up mountain the kerb and hit a young woman from behind. I was devastated!

Then I dreamed my dad was doing some DIY in his house. I can’t remember what room he was in, but he asked me to pass him something. I think it was a light switch or a pull cord!

So very few and small dreams last night. I probably dreamed about driving my neighbours car because we were up all night talking about our vehicles. Plus he said I can take both his ladies out for a ride. Probably best I don’t tell him about my dream! No idea whatsoever why I dreamed about my dad asking me to pass him some objects! What’s that all about? Well although my dreams were very small, I hope you liked them anyway.

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Great post. A dream diary on here is an interesting idea. I used to remember my dreams so vividly but about 2 yrs ago, at about 48 yrs old, I either stopped dreaming or stopped remembering them. I've tried and tried, but nothing. Odd. I can still remember my last dream. I was in a house built on stilts over the water and I was looking for a man. I think it was Jesus. I can remember it like yesterday, but no dreams since. Maybe this is God's way of telling me to keep looking, but not in dreams? Not sure, but I do miss the dreaming :) Blessings


@gatorlynne Thanks! That dream sounds interesting! I hope you are able to remember your dreams in the future. I amaze myself sometimes with the amount I dream and remembering them :-)

Wow Excellent post go ahead friend best of luck
thanks for sharing....


@alal Glad u liked it :-)