Dream Diary - 18/1/18 (Part 2)

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Good Afternoon Steemers and Dreamers!

I wrote the first part of last night’s dreams earlier on. Now I have the second part for you. I found this one much more interesting, so much so I told my husband I had one of the best dreams ever! Here it is!

I was on holiday in the Caribbean or Indian Ocean and I was at a cocktail bar. The bar was downstairs of some holiday complex. I kept telling myself that I love gingers! There was a barman who was ginger and I instantly fell for him. I asked him to knock me up a cocktail that included Prosecco. He took ages to look for something to mix it with. So I said to him to put in some citrus flavours. I was leaning over the bar, playing with my hair and getting really flirty with him. Then my husbands friends from Motocross turned up. It was Samuel and Jacob. They were wearing their Motocross kit, but only the bottom half though, they were topless! They asked me what I was doing with the barman. ”Nothing!” I replied in a sweet voice. The barman had a Cadburys Creme Egg in his hand. I said I didn’t like them since they changed the recipe. Then the barman unwrapped the creme egg. He took a bite and I ate the rest out of his hand.

I was on a large balcony, possibly still in the Caribbean or Indian Ocean. I saw Matt Bellamy from Muse there. He was my idol for years and years! I went up to him and told him I was his biggest fan. I was wearing a Muse T-Shirt and said I had seen them at Wembley a few times. Which I had. Then their song Butterflies and Hurricanes was playing and Matt asked me to dance around like a freestyle ballet dancer. He was taking pictures of me with a big camera. He kept asking me to extend my arms and legs and showed me what sort of moves he wanted as he was taking pictures. I was wearing a long, white, flowery printed, almost see through dress. It had lots of asymmetrical pieces of fabric on the dress such as the sleeves and the skirt. Afterwards he showed me the pictures on a computer and he was changing the colours. He told me he wanted to use one of the photos as an album cover. I was ecstatic! I told him he had made my year and my life.

I dreamed about dolphins in the sea again. I had this dream a few times recently as my regular followers will know. There were loads of dolphins and the more that appeared, the more I washed further out to sea. I got scared because there were so many of them and I thought I was going to be hurt by them swimming into me.

Well Steemers and Dreamers, I totally fell in love with this dream, especially when I dreamed about Matt Bellamy from Muse. Can you imagine if he came across my post and asked me to do just exactly what I dreamed? I think I would die and go to heaven! It’s funny that I dreamed about a ginger barman. I don’t normally go for redheads, so for me to say ’I love gingers’ is pretty out of the ordinary. No idea why Samuel and Jacob were their either. I know Motocross season is in a couple of months so I’ll have to tell them about my dream when I see them next. Weird about the creme egg though and eating it out of the barman’s hand! Why the dolphins again? If you read part one, a lot of water was involved, so water appearing in my dreams again? Maybe because I was peaceful and enjoying my dream far too much!

If you enjoyed this dream, why not read my diary.

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thank you for sharing the link. Just went through it.I am hardly so creative in reality and look at you while you dream..amazing. plus I was about to sleep and i have my hopes high for my dreams tonight. genuine piece. I bet it would have left an impression on my unconcious too.


@naima94 I hope u do have good dreams. If u do, I'd love to hear about them 😊