Dream Diary - 1/2/18 (Part 2)

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Afternoon Steemit,

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my dreams from last night. Now I have part two. This one is definitely more interesting than the first.

Thursday 1st February 2018 (Part 2)

I dreamed I was at my mum and dads old house and I was hanging out with my DJ friend. He had a a box of donuts (my favourite treats!) and he seemed to be trying to ’woo’ me. The box was big enough for a dozen donuts. When I opened it, I was surprised!! And not in a good way. The box only had three donuts in it, a note pad and some insignificant objects. I was mortified! I was really looking forward to those donuts. Anyway, he got up and left. Before he did we ended up having a full on snog!

I was watching TV and there was a woman who was standing in Russia or somewhere like that in the middle of a massive storm. There was so much wind and rain. She was standing by the sea with an umbrella. She looked at me through the screen and called out to me. She was begging me to help. Help? With what? How can I go up against the force of mother nature??

Then I dreamed my mum was at work in an office that was surrounded by loads of women sat at desks. I she was on the first floor. I walked through the doors on the ground floor. I was on the phone to my late Granny, then I transferred the call to my mum’s office telephone. I went up an escalator and I got to the first floor. That’s when I saw all the women. I was wearing my sleep mask on my forehead as I started walking towards my mum. One of the women asked me ”Are you a client?” I replied ”No, I am here to see my mother.” Then the woman said ”You can’t wear that!!” as she pointed towards my eye mask. I took it off in haste! Then I noticed all the woman had loads of hair bulldog clips on their heads. They weren’t the decorative type either. They were those cheap, plastic coloured ones that you use to separate hair for styling!

Well that’s the end of my dreams for last night. It was quite amusing about the donuts and my friend. So much so I had to message him about it! I’m still waiting to hear back as to what he thinks about that! I’ve never had anyone call out to me from a TV before, let alone someone standing in the middle of a storm. I still keep dreaming about my late Granny. It was strange talking to her and then putting the call through to my mum. My mum doesn’t work in an office anymore, she’s retired. Really strange about wearing the eye mask out in public, I would never do that… but those hair clips! They were out of this world! I don’t think anyone from the 80’s generation would find it acceptable!

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interesting and funny post "The box was big enough for a dozen donuts. When I opened it, I was surprised!! And not in a good way. The box only had three donuts in it"" this made me laugh hahahaha....i like how the images relates to the activities you had in the dream....that's some intense mother nature wheewww!!!!.........really nice and interesting post... thanks for sharing!!!!!


@kay1 I'm a huge donut fan so it was quite upsetting. Lol. Glad u liked my post 👍

Interesting dream diary. Good interesting article written. Thanks for sharing.


@thedawn Ah thank you. Glad you liked it 😊

nice dream.It was great to read this post ..


@suborna77 Ah, thank you! I really like sharing my dreams :-)