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Anyone may and is encouraged to join the #steemprentice channel on steemit.chat

Please feel free to come join the group to be a mentor or mentee. Or tell anyone you know or see that could use the help or interested in helping others improve in any of a variety of skill sets that can be applied to anyone's successful growth through mentoring.

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Steemprentice Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

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@verbal-dPoetry Slam Challenge # 6 Sky's The Limit Entry: Invaluable Investment
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@favoritWeekly Photo Report."My hobby and passion-fishing trip."!
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@techslutOriginal Novel - Mistress of Magic: Morgan's Apprentice - Chapter 8 - NSFW
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@witchcraftblogMy own handmade. Master-class (photoe + video).
@jessamynorchardPart 1 of 4: US FDA Deeming and Damning(?) Regulations on the Vaping Industry [Editorial Introductory Overview] (includes sources and links)
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@virtualgrowthSteemprentice Spotlight Thank You Appreciation Edition
@anarcho-andreiPersonal Property Is Private Property
@logicDAY 3 - My Challenge: 50 Press-ups 50 Sit-ups 50 Squat-Kicks For 5 Days - Steemit Community Charity Initiative - Raising Donations For Scarlett's Battle With Neuroblastoma
@michelle.gentExclusive to Steemit - Excerpt From Deadlier Than The Male - cont.
@mikehereHow to get the absolute lowest cruise prices
@modernbukowskiAlcoholic Stories #20: Becoming a VIP customer
@mweichLittle Monsters - Part 17: Hawkmoth caterpillars and Hawkmoths!
@naquoyaPOETRY: A Journey Together
@randyclemensThe Conflict in Syria is a U.S.-Russia Proxy War, Onecoin is a Scam, Scaling Bitcoin Sidechains, and more news on tonight's Neocash Radio podcast! Episode 177
@richardcrillSteemit is not really decentralized!... Yet!
@sulevViews from ontop of an old bridge
@sykochicaFree Steemit Introduction Post Template and Getting Around Common Gotchas!
@ace108Result of "Big Box" contest - "Big Box" 游戏结果
@beanzOpen Mic Night Week 2 singing Glen Hansard songs
@getonthetrainBoozeTown: The Disneyland For Drinkers That Never Happened
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@juvyjabianThe Legend of Mango Varieties (Originally translated Filipino fictional stories)
@orcishHot to the touch ☆original art☆
@thjInktober: Dexter & Dee-Dee, Demon Vampire Chick
@timcliffHelp us create the official "Welcome to Steemit" landing page - Community Input Needed (Part 1)
@ausbitbankSteemit.com updates - Savings accounts, New payout options, New registration process and more [release 0.0.20161011 PR 460]
@future24🍕 Amazing handmade pizza from my next-door pizzeria! 🍕
@nonlinearoneJust Arrived in Vegas! Wish me luck on my talk about steemit and other blockchain tech tomorrow at the Las Vegas Convention Center :^)
@prufarchyUnmasked (Original)
@reneenouveauAn Outline as Road Map to Success! - NaNoWriMo Prep
@merej99Trapped Inside These Weeping Walls – original art and poetry
@mrwangPrescription For A 104* Degree Fever - Video Message From My Sick Kid
@nekromarinistFasten your seat belt, Dorothy... My original art (pencil).
@royalmacroOur Great Festival Durga Puja - Series Photography [Maha Ashtami] #06
@anca3drandomPyrography Art - Giveaway at SteemFest - Winners
@brianphobosCraters Of The Moon National Monument & Preserve
@pairmikeHey! Can I interview you? This is how I started....
@winstonwolfeHappy October :)
@acidyoCringe Screenshots Compilation
@thecryptofiendAre governments deliberately poisoning the cryptographic/cryptocurrency well?
@bacchistSFHL - Inside the mind of @full-measure during the draft
@krnelBackfire Effect - Cognitive Biases (Pt.7)
@razvanelulmarinRomanian Folklore: Praslea the Brave.
@honeyscribeWhy is taking care of myself the last actionable item on my list?
@papa-pepperJUMPING SHIP - Thoughts and Considerations on Dealing With the Problem of User Retention
@opheliafuDay 2- Giving away my art at SteemFest!
@officialfuzzyE176 Beyond Bitcoin - PeerPlays, Intelliguy, eSteem, Jewels, and SteemLand!
@knozaki2015Frequent Traveller #10: OSL Lounge (Oslo Airport)

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So good to see the community working together like this.

Good stuff. Always a pleasure to be part of the community :).

Yes! I made it! Thank you very much! I do hope that everyone enjoys my humor. We could all use more laughs in our lives! :)

Thank you for including my post about the FDA Deeming Regulations. I feel this is very pertinent information on a global scale, and feel honored to have been curated. Thank you!

wow, thanks guys... I appreciate the support and sharing of my material

Nice work and keep it up.

Thank you for making this interesting group of steemians.

Thanks for including my post and for providing some nice selection for my further reading.

Thank you for including me in this edition!Great job!

Woo hoo! I made the list.

~~ Happy Dance ~~

Where's the new blood? I only bite if you ask. LOL


Don't believe this is a public conversation...


I'm a carnivore. Sometimes I can't help myself.


Think it is more a matter that you can help yourself than can't help yourself...


Hello @virtualgrowth for having put me into your list !! Reasons to be cheerful part 3 !! )

Thank you for including our co-authored post!

This is a good initiative. Thanks for including my post.

Thanks for including my scorpion illustration post! I appreciate the mention.

Upvoted, Thank you for featuring me, Always appreciated ^_^

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