Help us create the official "Welcome to Steemit" landing page - Community Input Needed (Part 1)

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Starting out on Steemit can be daunting for new users! Where do you start? How do you find good content? What is an upvote? How do you write a post? Where do you go for help?

Some people have friends to guide them. Others are lucky enough to get found by a SteemPrentice mentor. The rest are thrown into the deep end of the Steemit ocean though, and expected to learn how to swim on their own!

@bitcoiner and I have been tasked with creating an official "Welcome to Steemit" landing page (GitHub issue 404). It will be the first thing that new users will see after they create a new account. The goal will be to have a page filled with all the "must have" information for new users to get started on Steemit and be successful!

We want it to contain all of the essentials, but not overload the user!

Examples of what we plan to include:

  • A "Guide" section with some basic info:
    - Upvotes
    - Comments
    - Creating Posts
    - Tags
    - Followers/Feeds
    - Resteem
  • A "To Do" list with basic instructions:
    - Create your "introduceyourself" post
    - Signup for Steemit Chat
  • A list of helpful posts:
    - @thecryptofiend's etiquette guide
  • Resources for help:
    - FAQ (once it is live)
    - Whitepaper
    - SteemPrentice

We would love community input to make this guide as helpful as possible!

  1. What are more essential items we should have in the "Guide" section?
  2. What are good items to include in the "To Do" list?
  3. Are there any posts that all new users should read?
  4. Are there any other resources that we should point them to?
  5. Do you have any other suggestions for things to include on the page?

We will consider everything, but there is no guarantee that we will use every suggestion.

We'll appreciate Resteems too, to help get input from as many people as possible :)

Next Steps:

  • Assemble the final list of items that will go on the page
  • Create the information / text that will go on the page (community input part 2)
  • Assemble everything into a 'demo' page that everyone can view and provide feedback on
  • Submit the 'final' page for community review
  • Submit the change as a pull request to GitHub
  • Wait for it to get approved and put up on the live site!

Note - There is no guarantee that Steemit, Inc. will accept our page, but we do have approval to work on this from the official Steemit dev team - so it is very likely that they will once the page is complete (assuming that we do a good job on it!) :)

Thanks everyone for your input! Please add your thoughts in the comments below.

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Under GUIDE, I would definitely have:

  • Cheat sheets for markdown.
  • Have a section about the importance of headers and how it affects the aesthetic of their post, but also helps in search engines
  • Have anywhere from 2-5 real life minnows' experiences on what they may expect in the first 30 days, 60 days and 90 days
  • A very basic explanation of the difference between SP, STEEM and SBD. (that one took me about 2 months to figure out!)
  • Links to recommended wallets
  • How to videos on how to convert and then exchange cryptocurrency into fiat (possibly in multiple languages using the same video so there is branding consistency)
  • Perhaps an addendum for the links to the helpful newbie programs like Curie and Steemprentice (I know I'm missing more but I'm a little fried).
    That's all I've got ATM...I know I've got more ideas kicking around in my noggin. Will post if they surface for air any time soon.


Thanks for taking this on!

In the "Guide" section - a piece about the wallet and account security keys seems important to include.

I'll let you know if anything else comes to mind: )


Thanks :)

Hello, I've just joined up on Steemit so this is pretty much top of mind at the moment.
I think what you have listed is a good start.
I'd also include some stuff that had me a bit stumped at the start -
Where the F is the upvote / like button? - this drove me nuts! I could find lots of references telling me that clicking on the upvote button will earn me steem dollars but none told me where the damn thing was.
and then when I found it and clicked on it nothing happened.
Sometimes it's very frustrating being new :-)
So pointing out some gotchas at the start would be really helpful. Like if you don't check the Keep me logged in box, you will get logged out in a really short amount of time, and you'll have to log in every time you want to upvote and article, and post a story. It's pretty subtle about it too, the only telltale I could find was that the little person icon disappeared.
When that happened I couldn't find my stuff and I was wandering around all over Steemit trying to find my stuff. it was there a minute ago but the it was gone!
I have since clicked the afore mentioned checkbox and now things are a bit easier to deal with ;-)

So telling the user about this, and what it look like when you're actually logged out will be of some benefit.
Also talk about uploading images, how to do it, that it is important if you want people looking at your stories.
I'd love to be more involved with the project if you want a hand.
I come from a web background as a developer, so you are free to use that expertise if you like ;-)


Awesome, thanks! This is really helpful feedback. If you can think of more things that confused you as a new user, let me know.

As far as the development part, we are good as far as this specific project. It's going to be a fairly simple UI from a coding perspective. @bitcoiner will be handling that part.

If you want to get more involved from a coding perspective though, there is a huge wish list full of feature requests that the community is asking for. If there are any projects in there that you think you want to tackle, let me know :)


Cool, thanks. I will check these out. We appreciate the offer for help! Right now the main thing we are looking for is good content to include on the page. If you think of any more suggestions, just let me know :)

Thank you so much for putting this together! It was a bit daunting finding my way around at first.


Exactly the problem we are trying to solve :)

If you haven't already, you should create a account, and join the steemprentice channel. There are friendly people there who would be happy to guide you with any questions you have.

I really like this idea. Getting community feedback is good but I think you would have to discuss what to include on the page with an official Steemit Inc. member. One thing I would definitely include is a sort of disclaimer to explain the mentality and approach a new user should have and not expect results that are same as others.

Also when clicking an article on an article from Facebook to here, users are met with the "welcome to the blockchain" page, and have to scroll down to see the article. That shouldn't happen, that page should be a header at best.



I'll bring that up with them, and see what they say. Updating that is outside the scope of this change though.


I just tried viewing a post when I wasn't logged in to any Steemit account, and it looks like that "welcome to the blockchain" page is removed. Can you try it out and let me know if its gone for you too?

How about putting the top 10 highest paying posts so that it will give an idea to the newbies how profitable it can be if they are successful with a disclaimer that it cannot happen overnight.


This should be left out. Can be discouraging when new users get $0.01 instead. This has been discussed at great length because of the trending page showing such high priced posts.


Agreed. Still a good suggestion, but we will leave it out for this reason. Thanks.

More than likely, anyone and everyone who's written tips for Steemit thinks that their tips should be included. :) Here's one that tries to explain the wallet and how Steem, SP and SBD work on the platform.
This list is pretty awesome, by @ash.

This is going to be great!

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@timcliff - I'm posting this here in the hopes that you see it...even though it really belongs under your Steemit Development Updates post. I made a rather long response to stellabelle's post "If I ran Steemit" with thoughts on a down vote button, the flag button, and just some thoughts on organic curation. Perhaps if you find merit in any of those thoughts/recommendations, you might forward them? Here's the link to my comment
Thank you.


I'll take a look and reply to your comment in that post.


Thanks, Tim! I appreciate it :)