Hello! Hello! Group #6: SBD Giveaway Continues For Our 7-Days Blog Marathon

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We have finished our weekly activity on The Topic

"A 7-Days Blog Marathon" for a week. Some of us get too much exhausted from this challenge. I hope we can get the feel of racing in this Blog Marathon and enhance our blogging skills and endurance in order to prepare our mental strength in racing the Steemit Race to become among the best bloggers in this platform.

Congrats on reaching the finish line!

You are all very sincere in accepting this 7-Days Blog Marathon Challenge. Please know that I understand how hard it is to post a daily blog because I felt the same. I am so happy you have accepted the challenge in HHG6. We have proven that we are sincere in supporting each other and here is a shout of thanks to the Hello Hello Group#6! We are united and stronger together. I wish to give a loud round of applause to HHG6 Members who completed their hattrick of 7-days Blog Marathon, they are @angelro, @mbell, @jacksondavies, @rlt47, @rvag5, @gumegxgolgom and @syedkashifhussai.

Congrats to all who supported and participated in this project! We are all connected here because we believe in having a good community that is connected. I am so happy all the strong communicators that believed in creating good community accepted my call towards unity and here we are celebrating our success for another week. I hope to receive your continuous support in this journey. My sincerest appreciations to our group members who took extra efforts by welcoming newbies and inviting them to join the Hello Hello Group! "All for One and One for All".


@angelro, @denni.japro, @gumegxgolgom, @jacksondavies, @mbell, @rlt47, @rvag5, @shanu, @syedkashifhussai and @teggit

Payment Summary

Payment Summary below, please check your wallet, I have transferred a total of 6.50 SBD to all participants that have qualified to receive the payment for Hello! Hello! Group #6. Congrats! You deserve it. Congrats to the Top Three HHG6, they are @angelro, @mbell and @jacksondavies.

Payment sheet 10.4 (final).PNG

Compilations of Blogs submitted for the 7-Days Blog Marathon:

Please visit all our HHG6 friends’ blogs for those posts that have not been paid out yet to show your support for each other. For those who are not in our group, you are most welcome to join us. Also please visit HHG6 Blogs listed below, I assure you that each one of them has awesome stories and different variations of blogging style. Have fun visiting and reading them! We appreciate all the support shown to our group. Unity Is Strength!












My Special Message

My special message to @teggit. I wish to give you my sincerest appreciations for opening up to us and being vulnerable. We can only give you a support from far and I really hope you know that I am always here whenever you need a friend to talk to and a shoulder to cry on. Just put your head on my shoulder. Take care @teggit.

Congrats to the following HHG Members' movements to higher RP (Reputation Level) vs the previous HHG5:

A Shout Out of Thanks to the following Great Steemians who supported this project.

Thank you so much for resteeming the Hello Hello Group #6

@angelro, @denni.japro, @gumegxgolgom, @jacksondavies, @mbell, @rlt47, @rogg, @rvag5, @shanu, @syedkashifhussai, @teggit, @wilhb81

About the Hello Hello Group

I founded the Hello Hello Group (HHG) in celebration of my reaching 2000+ followers. Interested to find out what is it all about? You can read it here:
Hello! Hello! Group #1
Hello! Hello! Group #2
Hello! Hello! Group #3
Hello! Hello! Group #4
Hello! Hello! Group #5
Hello! Hello! Group #6

A united community that is well connected will make the Steem Blockchain stronger. Being charming is the key.

We shall meet again at our next HHG7


Take Care and Stay Blessed!

Yours truly,
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Thank you very much @ainie and congratulation all members of HHG . We learn much this last HHG post . You make us regular post . You teach us how to take care your post . If someone visit your page so how you behave with your visitor . Thank you @ainie you always give us very motivational post .
I hope now all members of group visit each others page and support each others . I will try my best I also support you . Where you want my support i will.
Thank you very much my all HHG Family love you all.
Stay blessed steem on !
👉In these days I'm very busy if Im not visit on your page please for give me . Very difficult to get time for post . Thank you very much my All HHG family to support my page . I wish i give you all time if i have .


Oh yes, I am not a sports person so I easily feel tired racing this marathon :) thanks @syedkashifhussai. Congrats that you have reached to RP55 in just one week from RP52. That's like scoring a hattrick. Good job and Keep it up! Stay blessed and Steem On!


Thanks you and congratulations to you too Syed. Have a wonderful day ahead!


Hello friend @ ainie.kashif, this publication was not taken into account in the punctuation, I made my 07 publication blogs, thanks for the award, here I make the reference:

Hello @ainie.kashif and my dear group with you my publication of Day No. 6.


Okay sorry I missed that...it's hard going through 500+ comments... will update this and send you 0.05SBD for that one I missed. Thanks @rvag5 and Have a Nice Day!

Congratulations to everyone who made it to the top in this round.

This round was a blast and I can't wait for the next HHG.


Hello @jacksondavies, you guys are just awesome! I was one of those that tried to keep up with the adrenaline pumping. Okay we shall meet very soon in HHG7... Stay tune!

Thank you @ainie.kashif
I appreciate your support and all other support I received. These things need to be talked about.


Hello @teggit, yes don't keep it inside, appreciate your openness. I am brainstorming myself for next #HHG7. We will meet there soon. Take care and Stay Blessed!

@ainie.kashif - Thank-you for hosting another successful HHG contest! I'm extremely proud of you since, you took time out of your busy schedule to blog along side us. Well done!

@angelro - congratulations on achieving the top spot, you are a much improving blogger. May this be one of many successes. :)

@shanu - It's the most I've seen you blog in a week. Well done, this shows you are greatly improving. :)

To all the rest of HHG group well done, friends - I think we are all growing together...


Hello @rlt47, you must missed me after few days right. I am brainstorming myself for the next challenge.
Yes, Well Done Everyone!
We shall meet very soon at #HHG7


@ainie.kashif - Hha! If it's anything like the last one, I'm definitely bracing myself ;))


@rlt47: Thank you so much, Yes, I did try to improve this week.😞 Thanks to @ainie.kashif for giving us a challenge to post everyday even though I failed but I’m happy😊 Thanks a lot once @rlt47 for everyday support. Take care n stay blessed!

Congratulation to each and every participant in HHG 6, irrespective of the number of posts...

A shout out to @ainie.kashif for bringing other a chance to join together in a single space where everyone is looking forward to support each other. And really you deserve an applause for doing a marathon job for this HHG. Others can skip a thing or two but if you will then others wont spare you..(hehe just kidding, but definitely it will be notified by them).

Kudos to you again for coming up with such wonderful theme and what I could sense and suggest is that irrespective of HHG 7, 8 etc since Steemit doesnt have a system of notification during others new post if possible we should keep something like this HHG 6 on which we can share the new posts so that other friends may not miss...

It is just a suggetion only..not sure it could implement or not..


Hi @angelro, congrats on making the top place. I will need to think about it to suit our next challenge. We shall meet soon at #HHG7. Stay blessed and Steem On!

Shoutout to @ainie.kashif for being so thoughtful and giving us 7 day post challenge. I congratulate to my friends who have completed the challenge. I try my best to visit everyone, If I missed anybody, I’m really sorry for that. I have also improved and try to post everyday expect last one. Thank you everyone for their support and encouragement. Special, thanks to Ainie for fabulous work done by you and pumping us to post everyday. Stay happy and blessed! Take care😘


Hello Shanu, a shout out of thanks and my sincerest appreciations to all for your hard work in the toughest challenge yet. Okay, we shall meet again soon for our next #HHG7. Take care and Stay Blessed!


Hi, Thank you Ainie for appreciating our work. Happy to get compliment from our leader and great mentor. Thanks a lot once again!😊

Waiting for HHG7 to start soon. Take care too and stay blessed!

Awesome achievement there, kudos for those who finished the 7 days blog marathon :)


Hi @wilhb81, making a straight 7-days post was a really hard game. But after doing it, I think need to strategize on posting. Like you have a list of ideas of what you are going to blog on each day and perhaps already written it and to just post it when the days come. But that I believe can be applied to those doing it full time. For us who are doing it part-time, I think most of us are doing it spontaneously :).. that will be me. Wishing you a nice day and Stay Blessed!


Thats Great , congrats to those who finished the marathon

Hello! My name isn't in the Payment Summary. Why? :(


Omg @mbell... my apologies for the missed... of course you are in sorry sorry sorry.... my bad... have paid out to you and updated the payment spreadsheet, please check your wallet. Congrats on making the top 2! Happy Tuesday!


Oh, do not worry! I thought I missed a rule or something. Thank you so much! Happy Tuesday to you too.


Congrats @mbell..😊 great job!

Awesome achievement there, kudos for those who finished the 7 days blog maratho


Hi @fanyidan, yes they really rock. I am inviting you to join HHG. If you are free please read my blogs on the Hello Hello Group #HHG. We are a group of like-minded bloggers who support each other. #HHG6 just wrapped up, I will be posting #HHG7 very soon