Hello! Hello! Group #5: SBD Giveaway Continues and We Concluded Our Group Discussions on Work-Life Balance After Joining Steemit

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We have finished our weekly discussions on The Topic of the Week...

How do you find your Work-Life Balance after joining Steemit. What's your challenge? How do you manage your daily schedule? Share with us your stories.

Congrats HHG5!

You are all very sincere with your answers. I am so happy to read all those stories shared in HHG5. I am also happy to see few comments were nicely given upvotes by @gentlebot and @thing-2. That's so nice to see silent supporters of HHG. Awesome!

We have proven that we are sincere in supporting each other and here is a shout of thanks to the Hello Hello Group#5! We are united and stronger together. Congrats to all who supported and participated in this project! We are all connected here because we believe in having a good community that is connected. I am so happy all the strong communicators that believed in creating good community accepted my call towards unity and here we are celebrating our success for another week. I hope to receive your continuous support in this journey. My sincerest appreciations to our group members who took extra efforts by welcoming newbies and inviting them to join the Hello Hello Group! "All for One and One for All".


@angelro, @cutirenskei, @denni.japro, @gumegxgolgom, @jacksondavies, @nomee004, @riskisans, @rlt47, @rvag5, @shanu, @syedkashifhussai, @teggit, @wilhb81 and @xlaylamx.

Welcome to our newest additions to HHG!


Payment Summary

Payment Summary below, please check your wallet, I have transferred a total of 5.45 SBD to all participants that have qualified to receive the payment for Hello! Hello! Group #5. Congrats! You deserve it.
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Compilations of the best reflections on the topic of the week:


  • A commitment freak which spends part of his work-life balance to make commitments. He commits to posting each day and prefers small but clearly define post that are sustainable for a long time.
  • Committed to visiting HHG members at least once or twice a week and proposed that this should be factored in our work-life balance pertaining to Steemit.
  • Joining contests has now become part of his niche and he enjoys it as it is relaxing, fun and it may pay. It also helps him meet people and build his Steemit profile faster.
  • Steemit is like the ocean, if you want to swim in the ocean, in the beginning you have lots of waves so swimming is difficult - but behind the wave swimming is easier.
  • His strategy to blog is doing quick, posts and contests just to keep moving ahead. He prepares them a month in advance and just cut and paste on the day.


  • To make an effective work life balance one should reduce the amount of time spends in FB, Insta etc and to make an effective work life balance one should reduce the amount of time spends in FB, Insta etc...
  • Time management is not a struggle but it is a skill to utilize the available time. He used to list out things to be done on next day in chronological order depends upon its importance and mostly finishes in scheduled time.

Steemit has given me something to look forward too. A way to express myself. A hobby/job to do. People in my life that are supportive and amazing. Excitement. Takes my mind off everyday battles and Getting well is my job, but Steemit is my hobby that keeps me sane.

HHG makes me serious and regular. I learn by posting daily and improve myself. Steem is my life now. I will never give up till I reach my success. This is my passion.


  • Her family have their own business but she has never taken interest in. She will go to office sometime when it’s really important otherwise at home.
  • She has joined Steemit to pursue her dream as fashion blogger. Steemit is time consuming but spending time on Steemit is worth and support you financially.


  • His work-life activity is pretty flexible as he is a freelance photographer, no binding job. He focuses on photography as his niche in Steemit while taking care of his family.


  • It's important to make out time for work as Life on Steemit can be time consuming. Creating a schedule for your activities is something that helps, because we still have to figure out a way to make time for it.
  • Consistency is the best approach when tackling Steemit. If you haven't done this already, I recommend drafting a master plan for Steemit. Make a list of all you want to achieve on Steemit and figure out how you can adjust your life to match up to your goals. This will help you stay focused and prevent you from being overwhelmed in the future.
  • My work life balance has been chaotic since I joined steemit. I gained admission and discovered steemit in the same period of time. It hasn't been easy switching between school work and steemit, but I've been coping.


  • Setting priorities is how I start my day. The term work-balance is really a tough word to decide what's really important in your life. I understand that social media has it's place and you need Facebook. I not only don't have social media, but i got rid of my television set about 2 years ago. It just takes too much of my time. I rather spend that time writing an article, going for a walk, catching up on Steemit, trying something new. My quality of life has improved greatly. I rather spend my time steeming now. I will be working from home this week and that will be insteresting, how I will be managing my time between Home, work, and steemit.

This is very timely topic since I'm struggling now to balance my work schedule and doing Steemit. But before I joined Steemit I manage to balance my work schedule and life routine by having a good schedule.


  • My work and life balance, I found it 15 years ago, when I decided professionally to start working independently. My schedule is done by me, when I arrived at Steemit, the thing got complicated, because I was spending a lot of time dedicated to it, and I was neglecting my work, which I like to exercise so the income is not adequate at this time, so not to complicate my life, I decided, manage it at night when I get home, I dedicate approximately 4 hours a day, in my office at the time I also dedicate my time to lunch, including reading, publishing, reviewing publications, trends.
  • My challenge in Steemit, first to have more than 1000 followers, and become a curator, and that all my publications are trends, because when we are in trend we are well positioned in the network, that my publications are of contribution to growth personal and economic of the people that make up this community.
  • To continue here the important thing is perseverance, perseverance, we must continue swimming until we achieve what we want, luck for all. When you turn obstacles into challenges, I assure you that you knock down all the barriers, here you have to be persistent and constant, do not be afraid, publish everything you want, until you find your niche.


Work-Life Balance is all about time management and setting priorities. Having a mindset to achieve a certain target would help boost the morale to stay positive if you are having too much going on in your life. All of us are carrying multiple social roles in our life and we wish to be successful in carrying all the roles that life entasked to us. I wish that all of us will manage our work-life balance better by having a good time management and setting priorities in our daily life. Our plates are full already and then we add Steemit to that plates, so the better time management we have will ensure that our plates will not overflow or break. Take care everyone.... hugs :))

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A Shout Out of Thanks to the following Great Steemians who supported this project.

Thank you so much for resteeming the Hello Hello Group #5

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You seems to be a good manager too. It really makes any one in the group delighted to see you goes through all those 200 + comments, then summarize each individuals' thoughts in a nutshell as a final assessment. You must be an expert in man - management, isn't?

BTW, acknowledge my appreciation once again for creating such a wonderful group and keeping on getting strength with each passing episodes. Every member in this group seems to be like minded with pleasing personalities and helping mentality.

Wish you happy days ahead and take care.....


Hahahah I actually learned this tedious work of reading and summarizing comments when I was doing my Mass Comm Degree. It was such a crying phase during that semester to be forced reading thousand of blogs then prepare a summary for the professor, but for a lifetime it taught me how to read and summarize comments. Thanks for standing by HHG, we shall meet again very soon in HHG6, stay tune!

Thank you very much @ainie.kashif . Very nice analysis and very detail .
Thanks again for sharing review .
Stay blessed and Steem on!


Hello @syedkashifhussai, thank you so much for standing by HHG and supporting wholeheartedly. You are one of the strongest supporter of this group. I appreciate your motivational words to the Group. We shall meet again very soon in HHG6, stay tune and stay blessed!

Once again superb job @ainie.kashif. We completed one more ##HHG. Congratulations to everyone here. I’m extremely happy for my payout I take it as a my birthday gift. Thank you so much Ainie. U are a amazing person. Always Stay happy and blessed! Steem on!😊🎊🎊


@shanu - Happy belated birthday! I wish you lots of success and happiness in the year ahead!



Wow! This is so cute. Thanks a lot @rlt47.😊😊😊☺️☺️


@shanu - I'm glad you enjoyed!


hahahah... all lazy cats dancing for Shanu... :))




Happy birthday to you @shanu.
I'm wishing you many more fruitful years on Earth.


Thank you so much for your wishes I’m so glad @jacksondavies.😊


Ohh Shanu.... I am happy you treat this as your gift, I am sorry that it was such a small birthday gift. I hope you have a splashing birtday with your family, friends and loved ones. Take care Shanu, we shall meet again very soon in HHG6, stay tune and stay blessed!


Hey! Please don’t be sorry, It’s not a small gift, it’s a big gift from a friend. Thanks a lot Ainie. I couldn’t celebrate this time as i was not well. Anyways I’m eagrly waiting for #HHG6 to start. Take care and be happy always.😊😘

Thanks @ainie.kashif for creating this pool of inspiration.
There's a surge within me whenever I take part in a HHG contest.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next one.


Hi @jacksondavies, HHG is a pool of good motivated people who are sincere with their work and willing to go the extra mile to support each other. Now you are part of us, and you also have such a great personality. I am so happy that you decided to join us. We shall continue together with the group. Thanks for standing by this group, we shall meet again very soon in HHG6, stay tune and stay blessed!

ahh thanks @ainie.kashif dear :)
love you HHG and its always working for the unity of steemit community ..
stay blessed All HHG members :)


Hi @nomee004, How are you? I hope you are already feeling well and discharged from hospital. Take care! We shall meet again very soon in HHG6, stay tune and stay blessed!

@ainie.kashif - Thank you for the inspirational leadership you bring to the group. Congratulations on the success of HHG5!



Hello @rlt47, Congrats to us! We are awesome as always. Thanks for all your hardwork in promoting HHG. I am sorry that I have not been supporting you with your work. I hope you can understand my situation currently. Thank you also so much for helping me to guide the group. You are like my right arm now hahaha. We shall meet again very soon in HHG6, stay tune and stay blessed!

Before of all, forbiden me for asking this question. After reading this post I'm interested and I want to join hello hello group community. @ainie.kashif Please tell me what can I do and how the way to join this community.
Thanks for your attention😄


Hi @poocut, please visit our HHG6 that has already started https://steemit.com/steemit/@ainie.kashif/hello-hello-group-6-7-days-challenge-blog. Read the rules and instruction and follow. Any question can be asked in the group, thanks and wishing you a pleasant day.