The Steemit Wish List - Avatars, Notifications, Multi-Language Support, and More - Oh, My! (v2.0)

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The "Steemit Wish List" is a collection of great ideas from everyone in the community on how to improve the Steemit website and user experience! Thanks to everyone that has been contributing!!

The Steemit dev team has been hard at work adding some really great features! They value input from the community to let them know what types of features we are looking for next. It has been fun to be able to remove some things from the wish list, seeing that they are now added to the site!!

I will continue searching through the posts for good ideas, and incorporate them into the list. If you have any ideas that you think should be added, please reply in the comments or message me in Steemit chat!

Follow 2.0

  1. Give a user more granular control over what they see from the people they are following:
  • Turn on/off showing what a user posts in your feed on a per user basis
  • Turn on/off showing what a user resteems in your feed on a per user basis
  • Turn on/off showing what a user upvotes in your feed on a per user basis

 2. Allow users to see when their followers became a follower
 3. Make suggestions for users people might be interested in following (suggestion from @snowflake)
 4. Provide a way to follow specific threads/topics from a user, rather than all of their posts

Resteem 2.0

  1. Create a "Resteem" tab, to separate a users "Blog" and "Resteem" content (see post from @dantheman)
  2. Display which users have Resteemed a post (see post from @dantheman)
  3. Display a "Resteem" count on the post preview (see post from @dantheman)
  4. Allow a user to remove a Resteem (see post from @dantheman)
  5. Add a setting to hide all Resteem posts from your feed
  6. Give users 140 characters to say why they resteemed a blog post, which appears next to where the 'resteemed by' text appears. (Suggestion from @bendjmiller222)
  7. Possibly limit the number of Resteems per day based on SP (Suggestion from @bendjmiller222)

"Grandma Ready" Posting Interface

  1. Full markdown editor support when in "Editor" mode, with buttons for all available formatting options (see post from @acassity)
  2. Be able to select which image is the cover photo (Suggestion from @bendjmiller222)
  3. Add the ability to upload an image, rather than having to link
    -Possible integration with
  4. Give the user a preview of their cover photo, and allow them to crop/edit which portion gets used/shown (Suggestion from @bendjmiller222)
  5. Be able to crop and resize images that are used in the post (Suggestion from @cehuneke)
  6. Be able to select emojis via the editor (list of emojis from @blueorgy)
  7. Be able to save content and come back later (see post from @cryptobarry)
  8. Be able to schedule a time for a post to be submitted (see post from @sauravrungta)
  9. Add the ability to do surveys/polls within a post (see post from @sauravrungta)
  10. Include an editor markdown bar on the bottom too (see post from @steemit-life)
  11. Be able to left, center, or right align text (Suggestion from @cehuneke)
  12. Be able to set captions for images (Suggestion from @cehuneke)
  13. Font sizes and colors (Suggestion from @cehuneke)
  14. Add a copyright-free image library to choose from (Suggestion from @cehuneke)

Notification System

  1. Add similar notifications to what is there on (developed by @jesta)
  2. Include post link-back notifications (see post from @ontofractal)
  3. Notification when your @username is mentioned in a post/comment (Suggestion from @bendjmiller222)
  4. Notification when you get new followers
  5. Notification acknowledgement system to track which notifications you have viewed
  6. Ability to configure sound alerts for each type of notification
  7. Be able to configure which notifications are on/off

Note: Comments from @dantheman and others indicate that notifications is a high priority feature, and something along these lines is currently being worked on.

User Profiles and Badges

  1. Let users choose an avatar that shows up in their profile and next to their comments
  2. Profiles to include pictures, external post links (to instagram, facebook, twitter, etc.), optional personal profile data (suggestion from @mrosenquist)
  3. Allow users to customize how their profile looks
  4. Display a user's "joined date"
  5. Create a system where users can earn badges based on participation (see post from @clevecross)
  6. Include a tab showing what users have voted on (possible integration with steemviz from @ausbitbank)
  7. Show what types of content the user posts (see post from @t3ran13)
  8. Allow users to pin their "introduceyourself" post to their profile (suggestion from @james212)

Custom Feeds

  1. Allow users to create multiple custom feeds (see post from @beanz)
  2. Be able to add whole categories to a feed (see post from @neurosploit)
  3. Be able to hide posts with unwanted topics (see post from @mctiller)

Curation Guilds

  1. Allow users to delegate voting power to a curation guild (idea from @ned)
  2. Guild pages defining the mission/rules, ways to join, and the voting criteria for the guild
  3. Can be implemented using delegate_voting_power (see post from @timcliff)

Auto-Upvote Settings

  1. Allow users to configure an "auto upvote" for someone they follow (Possible integration with from @xeroc)
  • Auto upvote anything they post after X amount of time
  • Auto upvote anything they resteem after X amount of time
  • Auto upvote anything they upvote after X amount of time

Note: This may be considered a controversial feature, but users can already do this with Streemian/bots. Providing this to all users would be a way to level the playing field.

Troll/Abuse Prevention

  1. Give users the ability to completely "disconnect" a user that is harassing them, preventing them from being able to see the user's content, comment on their posts, or interact with them in any way (see post from @dana-edwards)
  2. Allow users to prevent comments on their posts from users below a certain reputation level (see post from @mattclarke)
  3. Allow users to show/hide the memos in their wallets (see post from @beanz)

Steemit Chat 2.0

  1. Automatically sign users up for Steemit.Chat
  2. Integrate Steemit.Chat into the main website

Opt-In Advertising

  1. Option (opt-in for Steemians) for advertisers to pay for viewers of ads (ex .001 SBD to viewers) (suggestion by @mrosenquist)
  2. Option (opt-in for Steemians) for advertisers to pay for upvotes for ads (ex. .10 SBD to upvoters) (suggestion by @mrosenquist)
  3. Mechanism for authors to include ads (1 fixed bar at bottom, or something akin) in their posts and advertisers to pay authors (suggestion by @mrosenquist)

Look and Feel 2.0

  1. Sexy dashboard for the homepage (see example from @etherdesign)
  2. Allow the user to customize what is shown on their dashboard in addition to their feed
    -Trending Posts by Category (see post from @cloh76)
    -Trending Categories (see post from @stealthtrader)
    -Promoted posts
  3. Allow the user to customize the look of their account page into a personalized profile (see post from @acidyo)
  4. Create a slick new menu with well a organized hierarchy
  5. Allow users to customize the "skin" (color scheme) of the website

More Ways to Discover Content

  1. Advanced Search (number of votes, posted time, author reputation, etc.)
  2. Show suggested posts based on what you are currently reading (see post from @avarice, and another from @luminousvisions, also another from @profitgenerator)
  3. Be able to view content by rankings such as Momentum and Liftoff (see post from @furion)
  4. Give users the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds (currently offered via - see post from @xeroc)
  5. Add a tab where users can view posts sorted by reputation (see post from @profitgenerator)
  6. Give users tools to find undervalued content (see post from @alexgr)
  7. Allow users to see all available/used tags instead of just the top ones

Additional Features when Viewing Posts

  1. Add a tip button to comments and posts
  2. A more visible follow button, with the same style as the promote button, making it easier to follow user's instead of having to click the drop down menu from their name. (see comment from @dahaz159)
  3. The upvote button should be placed on a scrolling bar that follows the reader down the page, anchored to the bottom, so that upvotes can be made without having to scroll all the way to the bottom. (see comment from @dahaz159)

Vote Settings Page

  1. Allow users to set a default post vote weight (see comment from @owdy)
  2. Allow users to set a default comment vote weight (see comment from @owdy)
  3. Allow users to set a vote mode for posts and comments {Use Default or Use Slider}

Additional Signup options

  1. Allow users to sign up if they don't have a Facebook or Reddit account
    -Possible integration with ANONSTEEM from @someguy123
  2. Allow signup from WeChat for Chinese users (see post from @faddat)

Onboarding 2.0

  1. "Welcome to Steemit" page
  2. Official Wiki
    -Many users including @ned are currently working on this here.
    -We do need to pull everything together and have one 'official' wiki though. Having 10 different users each creating their own independent unofficial versions is not good for new users. (see post from @samupaha)
  3. Help pages
  4. FAQ
  5. Official integration with steemprentice welcoming community (see post from @sykochica)

Add value to Steem/SP/SBD

  1. Give users a virtual goods / feature rich STEEM store to buy things from (like avatars, extra features, etc) and the automated shopkeeper burns the profits, which takes steem out of circulation and helps raise the price. (see post from @intelliguy)
  2. Website Perks for Steem Power (see post from @demotruk)
  3. Charge users a premium to upload images directly into the editor (suggestion from @merej99)
  4. Daily goals that when hit allow for a token that can be used in a lottery or slot machine type game where you can win SBD (suggestion from @bendjmiller222)

Statistics Displays

  1. View users based on followings, earnings, reputation, etc.
  2. See the highest paid posts
  3. Possible integration with (developed by @heimindanger)

Referral / Affiliate Program

  1. Having an incentive for users to recruit others and make them successful is good for growth
  2. Getting friends to sign up and be successful on the site takes time and mentoring
  3. Recruiters should be rewarded based on how successful their recruits are
  4. This is also a possible solution to reward long-term (30+ day) content: If a new user lands on a content page and joins, the author who's post they landed on will get 50-100% of the user's affiliate revenue.
    -100% if the new user discovered the site/post on their own
    -50% if the new user was referred to the post by someone's affiliate link
  5. This could also incentivize non-English portals to form, to recruit and support users in other countries

Make Buying Steem / Steem Power More User Friendly

  1. Integrate a "Fiat to Steem gateway" where users can exchange Fiat for Steem. (see post from @dahaz159)
    -The gateway could charge higher than market prices based on the witness price feed, to remove the volatility/gaming risks. It would simply be a convenience for non-cryto users.
    -It could put the purchased Steem in escrow until payment has cleared.
  2. Simple UI updates to make the current methods clearer:
    -In the “Buy Steem” page, move the “Deposit using Bitcoin” section above the “Estimate using Bitcoin” section.
    -In the “Buy Steem” page, make the instructions clearer. As a non-crypto user, it is not very clear that I need to send Bitcoins to the wallet address shown in order to buy Steem/SP.
    -In the “Wallet” change the “Buy or Sell” options in the dropdowns to be “Exchange Steem for SBD” and “Exchange SBD for Steem”. As a non-crypto user, when I see “Buy/Sell” I think this is where I would go to use my fiat currency.

Paradigm Shifts

  1. Update curation rewards to encourage more 'minnows' content to be voted on
  2. Redesign the way downvotes / flags work
    -Allow the user to downvote without affecting a person's reputation score
    -Allow the user to select a reason when flagging (see post from @bendjmiller222)
  3. Allow multiple authors to create a post together (see post from @disillusioned)
  4. Add a "Golden Upvote" button, which can be used once a day or week, which will use double or triple upvote power (Suggestion from @bendjmiller222)

Multi-Language Support

  1. Allow users to specify languages when creating posts
  2. Have a default language selected in the user's settings (see post from @argsolver)
  3. Allow users to be able to exclude posts that are not in their language

NSFW Support

  1. Allow the user to show/hide NSFW content in their settings (see post from @thovre)
  2. Require a user to acknowledge that they are 18+ when opening a NSFW post, before displaying content (see post from @wisehammer)

Verification System

  1. Confirm identity via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. (see post from @mynameisbrian)

Optimizations/Glitch Fixes

  1. Users have reported that when viewing Steemit on their cell phone, it uses up a lot of data. (see post from @dennygalindo)
  2. Alexia reports is slow to load (see comment from @smooth)
  3. There are a few UI glitches when users are browsing the site via their phone reported in the comments of this post by @anduweb.
  4. Markup numbered lists with more than 9 items restart at "0" instead of continuing to "10"

Developer Support

  1. Create a developer API, so that users can interface with sites like through Steemit without having to supply their private keys to a third-party site
    -Possible integration with Steem-Browsifier from @digital-wisdom
  2. Official Developer API documentation (use of documentation from @originate)

Miscellaneous Features and UI/UX Updates

  1. Increase the comment nesting limit beyond 6 (see post from @neoxian)
  2. Add an official "File an Issue" button
  3. Bookmarks / Favorites (see post from @theprophet0, and post from @royaltiffany)
  4. When you click on a link in a post, have it open it as a pop-up instead of redirecting to that page.
  5. Be able to filter for 'new activity' only in the account page tabs (Blog, Comments, etc.)
  6. Ability to toggle to a ‘simple view’ to show title only with no picture or preview text
  7. Rename “Submit a Story” to “Create a Post”
  8. Display earned Steem Power interest in the UI (see post from @ntomaino)
  9. Ability to create posts with no payout (see post from @r0achtheunsavory)
  10. Sticky Posts for mods/admins
  11. Add the ability to delete a post (suggestion from @bleujay)

Single Site Integration

  1. Most 'normal'/mainstream users are going to expect a single site that has everything they need in one place (like Facebook). They are not going to want to go to (or trust) 15 different websites that all do different things.
  2. Eventually the useful tools from should be integrated into the Steemit website.
  3. There may be off-shoots that use Steem for completely different purposes than Steemit (like by @picokernel for example), or different languages - which is something that will need to be considered as things evolve.
  4. Integration with an official marketplace that uses the Steem blockchain escrow
    -PeerHub from @steemrollin could potentially be used as the official marketplace once it is updated to use the Steem blockchain escrow

SteemGrams (Private Messaging)

  1. Secure Private Messaging (see post from @ibnu), or Bitmessage for PMs (see post from @l0k1)
  2. Allow users to charge "postage" for users to send them a message. Allow them to charge different rates for different types of users (unknown, follower, friend) (see post from @mynameisbrian)
  3. Have the system "burn" 10% of the postage as payment to the community/system for messaging use
  4. Provide users with tools to filter Spam (suggestion from @mrosenquist)

Steemit is an open source project that allows pull requests. This means that anyone who is a developer can download the Steemit source code (here) and work on changes to the Steemit website! There are people in the Steemit.Chat dev channel that can help you out with this if you are interested.

I will continue posting new editions as the site evolves and users continue to suggest more great ideas. GitHub Issue 195 is also open to communicate the list to the Steemit development team.

Again, if you have more ideas that you want to be added - please reply in the comments or send me a message on Steemit chat.

[Top image courtesy of Pixabay]

If you like the Steemit Wish List, please "Resteem" it to help share it with more of the community!

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Thanks @dantheman :)

It's been exciting to see all the new features that the have been added just in the short time since I've joined. (Hiding spam, the new reputation system, the followed feed, and Resteeming - just to name a few.) I've also been really impressed with how responsive and involved you, @ned, and the rest of the developers have been to the communities wants and needs.

I know there are a lot of people who want a fully developed site with all the bells and whistles today, and don't really know how much work/effort goes into adding a lot of these things. As you and @theoretical have said - these features take time, and the dev team has to prioritize.

It's great for people to know that these things are on the radar, and that many of the features people are hoping for are in the works!


Maybe some of these feature could be delegated to russian team involved in Golos network? If they do them right then they could be taken in steem itself.


It would be up to them. I posted the below question on their thread. I hate to be pessimistic, but on this - my personal expectation is that they will probably end up doing their own thing and going their own way. Let's hope I'm wrong :)

Hi Golos team (@vitaly-lvov, @pioner, @litvintech, @misha, @hipster, @creat0r. + @val and @marina in the background) - I have a few questions about your project.

  • Do you plan to use the code as your starting point for the front-end UI, or will you be creating a new interface from scratch?
  • Do you plan to keep the functionality of your blockchain and front-end website in synch with the Steem/Steemit code?
  • Do you plan to submit any updates you make to your version of the code (other than the Russion language parts) as pull requests to the Steem/Steemit code base?

One thing I would love to have is the ability to create our own feeds.

Also it would be great to hide the eye sores (Memos) in our wallets and get a 'View Memo' button. Then we wouldn't have to read unwanted messages for a tenth of a cent and it would discourage that kind of spam.


Create your own custom feeds - I love it! I'll add it above :)

I kind of like having the memos shown, but I can see how some people would want to hide them. I suppose an option to toggle them on/off in your wallet wouldn't be bad. I'll add it.

[Edit] Updates made :)


All in good time!

I'm taking this as a promise ;-)

Nice List!!

I'd like to add to the Grandma friendly Post Editor.

Allow editing after the initial 7 days, mainly so I can attach a link on a keyword within the article, that will open up a new article on that subject.

There are two ways I can think of to do this that can alleviate unwarranted editing.

  1. The feature is unlocked once a certain reputation score is reached.
  2. There is a backward link option. When writing a new post, I have the option to add a link in an older post.

What are your thoughts on this?


The dev team has already made a change to allow this. It should be included in the next blockchain release.


Is it just for the links, or an open editor?


The first step will be for the blockchain to allow it. After that it will be up to the GUIs to support it. Most likely will just allow the ‘edit’ button to be shown for all posts/comments.

Great list @timcliff! Here are a few I would like added as well:

User Profiles and Badges

  1. Groups be established so like-minded people can join together for better sharing and discussion of topics they are most interested in.
  2. User profiles to include pictures, external post links (to instagram, facebook, twitter, etc.), optional personal profile data
  3. Number of people in the group and a listing of members
  4. User geography/location (can be tied to metrics)
  5. User language (preferred)

Steemit eMail

  1. Basic email messaging system so users can email 1:1 each other or 1:many (group emails)
  2. Blocks/spam flags to limit misuse


  1. Option (opt-in for Steemians) for advertisers to pay for viewers of ads (ex .001 SBD to viewers)
  2. Option (opt-in for Steemians) for advertisers to pay for upvotes for ads (ex. .10 SBD to upvoters)
  3. Mechanism for authors to include ads (1 fixed bar at bottom, or something akin) in their posts and advertisers to pay authors


  1. Number of post views
  2. Graphic showing number of views over time

Thanks for the suggestions!

Groups be established so like-minded people can join together for better sharing and discussion of topics they are most interested in

I assume you are looking for something like Facebook groups. Can you please elaborate more on what you are looking for for though? There are currently tags, which organize posts via topic, and Steemit.Chat groups where people can go to discuss topics they are interested in (outside of posts). These two things do seem to cover a lot of what you get from Facebook groups. I'm not exactly sure what people would be looking for beyond what is there today.

User profiles to include pictures, external post links (to instagram, facebook, twitter, etc.), optional personal profile data

Good call! Added :)

Basic email messaging system so users can email 1:1 each other or 1:many (group emails)

This is basically there as "SteemGrams ". Its not exactly email, but it covers the same requirement of direct messaging. Hopefully it will be even better :)

Blocks/spam flags to limit misuse

I added this as well, although this could also be 'fixed' if they implemented the feature to charge each user postage to send messages to unknown users. (Spam me away, if I get $0.25 SBD per spam!)

[Edit] It looks like you added some more. I'll review and respond to those now :)
[Edit2] Reply below :)


For groups, think of LinkedIn. Where you can have associations, topics, companies, etc. Users posts then show up on their links and you can have group-only conversations and posts. For each group there is an owner or proxy who 'approves' new members.

More Adds:

User Profiles and Badges

  1. Number of people in the group and a listing of members
  2. User geography/location (can be tied to metrics)
  3. User language (preferred)

I like your 'postage' idea for spam and advertising! How about this:


  1. Option (opt-in for Steemians) for advertisers to pay for viewers of ads (ex .001 SBD to viewers)
  2. Option (opt-in for Steemians) for advertisers to pay for upvotes for ads (ex. .10 SBD to upvoters)
  3. Mechanism for authors to include ads (1 fixed bar at bottom, or something akin) in their posts and advertisers to pay authors


  1. Number of post views
    2 Graphic showing number of views over time

Great suggestion on the opt-in advertising! I created a new section for that :)

The geography/location/language is to some extent covered by the "optional personal profile data".

"Metrics" like what you are requesting have already been declined by the dev team, due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain. Since users view post data through many platforms, and the blockchain itself does not record views - the number of views through would be a misleading/incorrect number.

Regarding "Groups", I suggest you create a post on this with what your thoughts are, and get some feedback from the community. If it seems like something a lot of people are on board with, then send me a link to the post and I'll review.


I keep thinking more about your "Groups" idea. I have a few ideas to bounce off you. I will try to find you in Steemit chat tonight :)

[Edit] I couldn't find you. Do you use Steemit chat? If so, send me a message when you have some time.

Well, I know I'll be hard at work. ;)


Yes. One of my goals was to make sure you never run out of things to do ;)


Haha. After joining Steemit two months ago and especially announcing my witness-icy half a week ago, I knew I'm in this for good.. crossed the line.. went down the rabbit hole.. Steemian for life =D


You mentioned in your witness post that you will probably be trying to tackle some features from the wish list and submit a pull request to GitHub. Any thoughts on what feature you will try and tackle first?


Definitely the easy ones first to get them out of the way, like changing the 'Submit a Story' text, investigate the numbered list wrapping around to 0 after 9, etc. The resteemed posts showing up on my blog and other blogs are confusing as there is no clear indication they're not the author's except for the small author name, so a new tab would be ideal. I plan to clone the Steemit site to a public sandbox, say as a subdomain on and can let users play around with changes I make locally and get feedback. After all is good, I'll then submit the pull request.


hey bitcoiner! I made a chrome plugin toggle display of resteemed posts on accounts. Let me know what you think.

A marketplace integrated in is important I think so people can earn and buy straight away without logging into another site, people could have an extra tab on their profil called "store" or something with all their offers and the site would also have a "marketplace" tab with all products for sale. If you think about it the most difficult thing to build in a market is the escrow part and this was released already right? The rest is pretty easy to integrate.

The second important feature is a way for the site to automatically suggest to people friends or groups that they could potentially be interested in.
This is why facebook and twitter are so successfull because as soon as you register you get familiar people pop up, this is key because it directly create a safe feeling to the users. As opposed to steemit where people register and they feel very lonely and insecure.

Also regarding the point you made, imo differentes languages don't need to be on a different site, its just a few words per language to translate and a filter per language option.

I would also want to see how many people are currently online on the site.

One last feature is to allow history to be viewed entirely, as it is now I can only see my last 20 comments.

Anyway, good job on the list. I think it covers pretty much everything that needs to be done.

I wish steemit inc would set up some bounties for some of these features. It's good that it is open source but you need incentives for devs to build them.


Good suggestions. I'll work on adding them to the list.

Some comments on a few:

I would also want to see how many people are currently online on the site.

The devs seem to want to avoid statistic features like this, since they can only reflect users logged into the UI, and are not able to count people logged in through other interfaces. It does not give an accurate count, due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain.

One last feature is to allow history to be viewed entirely, as it is now I can only see my last 20 comments.

I believe they recently made a change for this. Can you try refreshing the site? When you scroll to the bottom, it should load the next 20. (Note - if you have a slow internet connection, you may see a spinning loading symbol for a while before the results show up.)

I wish steemit inc would set up some bounties for some of these features. It's good that it is open source but you need incentives.

Yes, @ned is working on this.

[Edit] I added integration with the Peerhub marketplace, and suggesting users to follow as new items in the list. Thanks again for the suggestions! :)


Yep they have fixed the 20 comments limit.

Thank for putting this list together, hopefully many features will be implemented soon, some are badly needed:)


Peerhub market is centralized escrow, they can take a cut on every transaction or run with the money, this is a no go. They need to rebuild their site with the steem blockchain's escrow.


Good call, I'll update. Thanks!

[Edit] The update has been made. Thanks for catching this!!


I just checked with @steemrollin, and they are planning to implement Steem blockchain escrow :)


There is a bounty post I think either by @ned or @steemitblog


The friend and connections suggestions would be killer!

Lots of great suggestions here Tim thanks :)

What an interesting PROGRAM you described here, @timcliff! I am glad to follow you. I have many ideas too. Let's realize them ))


Cool. If you have any that you want added to the list, let me know :)


Let me check everything. I will read it later one more time more attentively and say :-)

Wow! So many things on the list - many of the wonderful!

A question: wouldn't hosting pictures on site take up an extreme amount of space and require a lot more servers? If that is something that is seriously being considered, you might also consider attaching a price tag for its use and roll it back into the R&D fund or something. It is a luxury after all. Just a thought.
I also love the idea of having a true profile page with badges and perhaps a public and private message box. Though I don't know how that would work on the blockchain.
Anyway - thanks for this incredible list - I know it was a shitton of work.


As far as the image hosting, you are right. Storing the images themselves on the Steem blockchain is probably not the way to go. The suggestion I made was to integrate with a third party site (like, although there would be a few other options as far as this goes. It would be a realistic expectation for users to want their images to be stored forever and be uncensorable too - which would be a bigger project.

Attaching a price tag to images is a great idea. I am going to add that one to the list tonight!

I know it was a shitton of work

Yes! It is good that people other than the developers recognize this, hehe. Some in the community have fairly high expectations of what develoers can crank out in a short amount of time :) This is by no means meant to be an overnight project, but more a community formed roadmap for where we want to see things head over the next several years.

I've heard rumors that the profile page and badges are in the works to some extent. @ned mentioned both in a recent interview, which means they are at least thinking of them. I believe there is a way to do this already using the "meta data" property in the block-chain, although they may decide to introduce some additional support for this as part of one of the upcomming hard-forks. We'll have to wait and see what they come up with.

Have some of the things I'm wishing for, especially the filter. Great this has been picked up by the man. :-) So, hoping the feed will be able to de-cluttered with resteem filtering soon.

I like the auto upvote because with we can expect good curation rewards since author rewards is a bit hard to grasp.

If these features will be done and implemented, its gonna be so amazing.

Great list. If I could presume to add one; I think more high profile people would be attracted to the platform if they were somewhat insulated from casual trolls.
When submitting a post, there should be a slider bar to set the minimum reputation required to comment on that post.
I can see a lot of famous people who've been driven off twitter, attracted to a platform which lets genuine people post insightful comments, while keeping the trolls at bay.


Thanks for the suggestion. Its a really good idea! I upvoted your post.

There is some potential for "unintentional impact" as far as restricting user participation. A lot of new users start out by commenting on posts to gain recognition/followers/reputation. If they aren't able to comment on other people's posts, then it will be hard for them to work their way up.

I'll add a comment to your post tonight explaining my concern, then add it to the list. I think it should be considered.

[Edit] Your suggestion has been added :)


Thanks Tim, I'd be surprised if even 10% of users actually set their posts' minimum above 25, as we're mostly vexed by a lack of attention, not an excess.
If we think in terms of effort, and pencil in a month of creative writing to get up to 50, then nobody is being excluded from even those 10% of posts except those who've been here less than a month, and those who've abused the privilege.


That's a really good point! You have me convinced :)

option to mute specific tags

I Like This Post!!
It Gives Me Warm Fuzzies Like
A Night Out At The Movies
With An Array Of All The Goodies
(Mike& Ike, Hot Tamales, Raisinets, Etc...)
To Chomp On And Cash To Boot!
Steem On!

Great list! If even 10% of these things happen I'd be stoked haha.


Hehe. They are planning to implement more than you think :) It is just going to take time. I'm sure there will be some ideas that the dev team will decide to reject for various reasons, but I think a lot of them are ones the will accept/use. Prioritization / deciding which ones to do first is their main thing right now.

To quote @dantheman from above - "All in good time!" =)

These new features will make steemit greater.

Really interesting post. Write more)


Hehe, thanks. I will keep adding to the list! I am a fairly active reader of most of the "steemit feature request" type posts that people make, and a lot of people reach out to me directly to get their ideas added to the list. It is an organic document, and it will continue to grow as the community thinks of more great ideas :) What is even more fun though is when it continues to shrink as the developers continue to knock off more features!

Wonderful post @timcliff ! A few others I think would be nice are

  • Allowing to set the cover photo to not be the first picture in the blog post.
  • See how the photo cover blog photo will be displayed and allow dragging and cropping to fit the window (approximately 1.73 x 1 ratio is what I use, but not everyone is savvy with photo editing).
  • Possibly some kind of project curie for comments. Comments have become less rewarded as of late, likely in part that between a blog post and a comment, a blog post will almost always make more curation rewards.
  • Ability to double upvote or triple upvote content you really like and wish to make more visible
  • Possible separate voting power percentages for both comments and blog posts so that people do not have to choose between which they value more and give a comment voting percentage as well that allows for more upvoting of comments.
  • 140 characters to say why you resteemed a blog post next to where you where the resteemed by text appears.
  • @username mentions in other posts should have the user choose the ability to have it appear as an alert if they wish.
  • Optional feed with video advertisements that major companies can pay to list (movie previews, new iphone, car etc.) and allow users to enter capchas to make sure the videos were watched. The companies can set how big the reward is to watch their video or offer discounts or coupons for their services.
  • I actually like that their are no profile pictures, so people can remain anonymous and not necessarily be judged by their picture, but the content they make. People that want to make their image visible can certainly do that in their posts, but I like avatars.
  • Make a users firt #introduceyourself post be worth 2x the normal value of a post. Making a good amount in the first post will encourage users to remain with steemit and should pay for itself in the long run. Possibly even 1.5x
  • When you click promote, the option to directly tip a percentage of the promote value to the user. So if you promote $50 you could have a slider to give 10% to the user who created the post. So $5 would be sent directly to the user and $45 burned to promote the content higher.
  • I have many more ideas, but I think this will suffice for the moment :)

Reply added in the comment above.


Thank you for your reply. The lack of profile pictures is refreshing for your very reasons. It is probably too much to hope for it to stay that way.


Very good job Snowflake!! :)


Thanks for the suggestion! I up-voted and replied to your post. I am going to refrain from adding it to the list though, because as I mentioned in your thread - I think that this can be best handled without a code change.

Great post. Not sure if this was mentioned, but I think it would be great to see the ability to pin personal "Introduction" posts to top of blog page.


Good suggestion! I'll add it :)

A lot of great ideas here. I hope a lot of them get integrated into the system. Seems great.

Great list of great ideas, very well put together thank you for putting it together, its nice to see all the ideas in one place.
💋 @halo 💋😇

So much great feedback in the comments and in this post, things I have wondered myself, I am just not a techie. Resteemed and upvoted, GREAT stuff in this post top to bottom, thanks.

.... still thinking how many great things are in here a few mins later. Glad I resteemed this, hope others find this and read / give input. Ty again.

@timcliff upvoted and bookmarked
would want to read all the articles that are already written about those requests but breaking dawn here.
Thank you for posting this - very long post but very informational. I get to say yes on some of the listed wishes here.

I have something to add. When non-SteemIt users decide to sign up, the articles they recently viewed before signing up should get a boost. Particularly the last three.


Its a good idea. Its actually already covered in the "Affiliate" section. What's there is not 100% the same as what you are suggesting, but the basic idea is the same :)

Thanks for the suggestion!


True. I meant automagically, through cookies. This way content creators can focus on making good content and mentors can focus on mentoring.

wow, what an awesome list! Thanks @timcliff for putting this together.
I would love to see the majority of the features added. In particular, the opt-in advertising suggestion by @mrosenquist. I think the introduction of opt-in ads is what we desperately need. In my opinionn, this would definitely bring in more users and investors to Steemit.


Yeah, I agree that would be an awesome addition :)

Very nice post. Welcome to me blog @alex2016

Great list and collection of feature list! eSteem will certainly implement them with iterations in coming months!!! Mentioning @good-karma...

Thanks @timcliff, the request of Multi-Language Support for steemit has reached @dantheman as he resteemed your post!


Yeah, I saw :) That's awesome! If has been great to get the wish list so much exposure, and get input from so many community members!

It's like Christmas!!! Thank you for providing some visibility into the product backlog. J.

Anybody in need of evidence that Steemit is on the right path need look no further. This is an amazing list of improvements. Many more than I ever anticipated this early in the game. Kudos!

Thank you for this list, the community is so much active in this field, I love it! I wrote a post with a little suggestion that pertains the manage of a possible multilingual enviroment! The link is this! I hope it will be useful!


I'll take a look. Thanks :)

I'm wondering if there's a way people could get paid for creating tags that end up becoming popular & sticking around. After all, creating good tags is another form of curation.


Interesting idea :)

There's enough there to keep all the developers busy for a while. Maybe I can join in eventually.

Verification should include things method such as encryption keys (digital signature) and possibly Bitcoin accounts too.

A priority should be making the site friendlier for non-geeks, e.g. image upload integration. The next million users are vital to success and they can't all be geeks.


Right on. If you have the ability to make some of these changes yourself and submit pull requests, that would be awesome!


I need to brush up my skills. Will look into it


If you are actually planning on trying it, you could start small - like adding a "Member since [date]" on the profile page.

Oh wow. This is incredibly thorough! That should be enough to keep Dan and the team busy. Great work!
I'm all about: "Give users the ability to completely "disconnect" a user that is harassing them, preventing them from being able to see the user's content, comment on their posts, or interact with them in any way (see post from @dana-edwards)"

Thank you for posting.
Yes to troll /abuse reccommendations and a delete option. Steemit is not Nirvana nor should it be.
If a privacy option could be made available as just comman sense as stated above.
The right to privacy/property and freedom stand or fall together. -R.B.Thieme, Jr.
A quote from Albert Einstein......Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler.


Good suggestion for the delete option. I'll add it to the list when I get home tonight.


Thank you for your reply and your consideration. Delete is one of freedoms favorite options. Giving those who want to participate and those who do not a choice. Cheers.

Very thorough list! Would definitely love the ability to save multiple drafts, schedule a time to post, bookmark/save posts within Steemit, follow certain tags/topics, have the ability to edit/be more selective with content that you do follow, and receive notifications on the site and pushed to phones/app.

Would also add the following for photos/videos (apologies in advance if they were included but I missed them!):

--simple editing features such as cropping and ability to resize images and videos within Steemit so I don't have to do that with another editor (the resizing one is a big one for me...maybe there is a capability and I just don't know how to do it (this would not surprise me), but uploading photos to editors, saving them to computer/phone, uploading to a photo storage site to include a link into Steemit is such a time suck)
--to that end, there could be set sizes, small-extra large to select as well as the ability to specify pixel dimensions
--easily select left, center, or right alignment
--select if you want a photo/image to be on its own line (text just above or below) or if text can be wrapped around a left or right centered image
--"caption" button on toolbar with standardized text size/style that is small and is spaced very closely under the image so people can add a caption or attribution
--not sure how feasible this is, but add a collection of copyright-free images that people can select from on Steemit (maybe users add any they use in posts to start this collection -- any found not to be truly free for use could be flagged/removed -- or search feature that somehow taps into an aggregate of free image sites)

--a few font styles, colors, and sizes to choose from and ability to select just a few words within a sentence to alter
--like with photos, easy ability to select left, center, or right alignment for text

Again, I'm sure there is capability for many of these, especially if someone is familiar with Markdown, but I'd love a more robust toolbar in Editor to make it easy for the tech-challenged folks like myself. Thanks!


Great suggestions! I added most of them to the list. A few were already there :)

select if you want a photo/image to be on its own line (text just above or below) or if text can be wrapped around a left or right centered image

They did add a way to do this recently, but it requires some 'expert' markdown skills. I'm not sure how it is done myself, but I have seen posts where people have used it. You could try searching through the existing markdown guides that are out there, and see if there are any good instructions.

not sure how feasible this is, but add a collection of copyright-free images that people can select from on Steemit (maybe users add any they use in posts to start this collection -- any found not to be truly free for use could be flagged/removed -- or search feature that somehow taps into an aggregate of free image sites)

If you haven't already, you should try in the meantime :)

Jesus-Christ! This post is beyond epic and for some weird reasons I would have missed it if I hadn't gone back to @@@dantheman's blog and see it resteemed there.

Thank you @timcliff and wow!


Thanks!! I'm glad you found it :)

Hi @timcliff, stopping back to let you know that this post was one of my favourite posts yesterday. You can read my comments about the post here.


Awesome, thanks! You are one of our good curators. I really appreciate all the work you have been doing to find and share as many good posts as you do! Keep up the good work :)


thank you for your very kinds words


@collin22000 - I don't mind when people share links on my posts, but I ask that they be at least tied in to the topic of conversation. When you post something unrelated like this, it takes away from what we are trying to talk about here. I know that it is hard to get recognition when you post things, and often times good posts go unrecognized. Going about it the way you did though, is not the way to handle it. If everyone did what you did, then Steemit would become a spammy mess!

Also, you will probably soon find (since you added this to a lot of other posts too) most people in the community will downvote/flag you for this, and your post payout + reputation will actually go down. It has nothing to do with how good your post is - it is just the way you went about advertising it is incorrect.

Here are five things that you can do, which should help you with your effort to get your post noticed:
-Join Steemit.Chat (link in the menu on the right) and post your link in this channel. You are allowed to post your link here once every two hours.
-If you think your post is really good, you can ask a friend to review it for you and recommend it to either the "Robinhood Whales" or "Project Curie" chat groups.
-Go to the channel and ask for help
-If you are able to purchase "Steem Dollars" (SBD), and your post is in the first 24 hour payout window - you can use them to promote your post. By spending a few dollars, it will show up in a list that many users frequently check for good posts.
-If you can find posts that are related to yours, and find a way to tie them in to the author's discussion, then you may find people who find what you have to say relevant and want to check out your link for more information. It needs to be done in a way that adds value to that author's post though, and not just adding a comment to their post for the sake of sharing your link.