ANONSTEEM - Create Anonymous Steem Accounts without social media

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Currently, there are two ways to get a STEEM Account. The first is to sign up for Steemit with a Reddit or Facebook account, the second is to create an account using CLI_WALLET or Piston and have the account permanently linked to your own account.

Neither option really allows you to be anonymous. Want to post controversial posts, or say something that would otherwise be illegal in your country? (e.g. poor free speech laws) Then Anonsteem is here to help.

Introducing: @anonsteem


TOR: steemlohs6air4h2.onion

So what actually is this?

AnonSteem allows you to purchase an account using either Bitcoin or Litecoin, and it will be created by the @anonsteem account within a minute of payment.

To protect your privacy, there are no IP logs, we have a TOR hidden service, and we allow you to remove your keys from our server as soon as you create the account.

We give you detailed instructions on changing your keys after creating the account, so you can be sure we're not just going to steal your account later on.

How long does it take to get an account?

Transactions are scanned once a minute, and we accept 0 confirmation transactions. This means you'll most likely have your account within 1-2 minutes of sending the payment, regardless of which coin you paid with.

Can I pay with STEEM?

We don't accept STEEM directly, as that would ruin your privacy. However, if you REALLY want to pay with STEEM, you can send it via ShapeShift (precise mode) to the BTC or LTC address you get during payment.

Doesn't this service mean more spambots?

We don't have any plans to allow en-masse account creation. Every order has to be placed one at a time, with individual payments. Someone looking to create spam bots would most likely look elsewhere.

Anonsteem is targeted at persons or groups looking for one, or a few accounts, with no social media link, and no third party tracking.

HELP - my transaction expired? - The 15 minute limit is just to avoid us checking transactions for abandoned orders. If you've already paid, just PM me on SteemitChat, or send me an email (bottom of the anonsteem page) with your order ID and I'll reset the expiry.

Try it out at

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I like your annouce.

However, there is onother one, absolutely anonimous option to create STEEM accounts without linking either Facebook/Reddit or another STEEM account - the PoW mining.

You can also create accounts via the BitShares wallet (using OpenLedger), though not anon, unless no one knows what your account is on BTS chain, then you're sort of anon. ;)

I never knew that, though I did see some miners with tons of accounts with numbers after their names.

Of course not everyone wants to mine, it's a lot more confusing than even BTC/LTC mining.

Sure, it is simpler and faster to use cli_wallet or your service.

I've mentioned PoW mining for completeness.

I was trying to figure that out like the week before you posted that and gave up and never saw your post. shipped 10 bucks for the fix

unless im just too dumb to figure it out, i dont think you can log on to the ui witha POW created account... At least, i wasnt ever able to

For sure you can log on to the UI with a PoW created account.

Here is the solution.

Sure you can, but first you have to update your account keys using cli_wallet, then login with posting key you just set. Optional, after login, you may change/create a password and have all the keys changed again.

Mining steem is super easy. Like super easy, I can set it up in like ten minutes and my coding experience is limited to say the least. Bitcube's miner for windows works just dandy.

Can you provide some links to understand ?

u are on fire my man!

This is a cool idea. I haven't seen much demand for grey or dark market discussions on Steemit yet so not sure how much of a market there is for it, but could definitely see how this could be useful in the future.

a little bird told me there was a steem based DNM in the works

This isn't exactly dark/grey market, I mean there's nothing to stop that here, but I'm aiming this for people like journalists, or people in countries with awful free speech laws (e.g. the UK :P).

Sometimes you have to create the market.

This is really useful for people. Thank you. I think 15 minutes is too short, though. I would extend that time, given how slow Bitcoin can be.

I also invite people to use the free service offers 500 MB per month. Turn it on before accessing your anonymous Steem account.

Excellent idea and service.

I was thinking of creating something like this myself. Now I don't have to :)

Good luck!

But what does it do? Is it a private steem network or what?

Nice! Cool service. I can neither confirm nor deny that I will avail myself of this service.

I love it. I was wondering how to creat another account for privacy reasons.

This is an awesome service you've designed here and I'm glad someone's looked at the Steem ecosystem and filled this much needed service.

While I agree that some types of accounts may want to tread on the side of anonymity I often will raise question when unverified account go on to make tons of cash on here.. Glad you're not allowing easy batch creation of these accounts.

Great work dude.

Nice! Thanks for getting this setup @someguy123

Hi @someguy123! If privacy is what @anonsteem offers, then you should accept Monero or Dash as well. Just a recommendation to make it really anonymus.

Good point. Bitcoin isn't anonymous without extra precaution.

bello sono d'accordo con te

One easy way to do it oneself is opening a tutanota mail account, they don't ask for anything, then open a new Facebook account with this tutanota one and use that anonymous Facebook account for the steem account, this costs nothing and is very anonymous. If you want to do it more anonymous just always use Tails or Tor to connect to steem or any of this accounts.

This Is Another non Social Way to go

Very interesting article about steem. Many people don't know about privacy neither me!

Currently, there are two ways to get a STEEM Account. The first is to sign up for Steemit with a Reddit or Facebook account, the second is to create an account using CLI_WALLET or Piston and have the account permanently linked to your own account.

This is not true. It is also possible to mine account names using proof-of-work mining in which case new accounts aren't linked to anything other than the owner key used for mining.

More than 50 USD creation fee. So sad!

It's nice to know that there are some people who take our anonymity seriously

Saudi Arabia and Venezuela do not like this...


this is cool. just protecting your privacy.. nice upvoted for you

Nice that's cool. How much do you charge for an account?

Y'know it's right there in the screenshot, and on the site.

0.01 BTC or 1.5 LTC (roughly $5, enough to cover the STEEM cost, and a small amount of profit to cover STEEM price fluctuations)

fantastic work! I just created my first anon steem account with 0.01 BTC. It worked!

Fuck yeah, Now my future posts as DevilinLimbo won't mean shit. But that's the point. I actually want people to lean more about what I write. I like this a lot though because I have always wanted to be more anonymous. I can see myself using something like this in the future when it is more approachable and when everyone is out to defame me for fucking shit up.

Great service! :)

Thank you! I think this is a very important service. Is the money used to pay registration fees?


Interesting. I wasn't aware of this. Thanks!

hope anyone people outthere have more influence help me to broadcast my blog to earn money also thats why i can have my own steem points.

I included your post in the latest edition of the Steemit Wish List :)

Hello, I just tried this and sent 0.01 bitcoins, and it did not work. The status "NOT PAID" never changed, although the transaction is confirmed already. The following message appears:

ALERT! This order has already expired. Do not send any more coins to the address.

So what now? (I also sent an email.)

Hey, I replied to your email. It was a temporary issue with payment processing, but it's working now, and I've corrected your order to go through.

k indeed seems to work now, thanks

How come I can't pay with Steem? ;P

Edit: read that part now :P

Thanks for the service! :)

Yeah I don't agree with this kind of service especially when it is based on trust, people verify accounts for a reason! All you have done is created an avenue for spam users.

Can verify that this service works!

Very interesting, but I'm a brand new US-based MAJOR novice in cryptocurrency and the blockchain, so I don't fully get the process for creating an anonymous Steem account. More research for me, then!

Just used this service and it works! Can anyone tell me if there is an option to add an email address to Steemit after using this? Does Steemit even send email notifications etc or does it just straight up not need email at all?

I'm looking for a solution to having lost my password for my original stemmit account. I attempted to register for steemit chat but the link provided did not work, so I was not able to get onto that to ask questions about it. So far I do not log out of the account I have so it is open whenever I go to However I refrain from posting and using it if I cannot access money I make from it. What is my best course of action? Anyone know? Thanks.

not everyone is lucky!

Huh, I wonder what you meant.

Interesting blog. I was about to post a similair post. The decision to buy a coin should be based on real analysis of the coin. I found that people keep buying coins without have any knowledge of them. This is considered high risk. Does anyone know about: The site is my go to place for crypto investment analaysis and indepth coin research. Check for example: To watch Steem Investment analysis.

Hello! For some reason the website is having timeout issues. Is this typical or is it going to be back up and running soon? I appreciate what you have done here @someguy123 !

sounds good and I recommended it too. But one question came to my mind: if I buy per BTC or LTC with coins from a e.g. bittrex wallet wouldn't it be possible to track the transaction back to bittrex and then to a personal information?

@steemitmarket sells accounts for $ 1 per account, payment after the password change, any payment methods

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