The Steemit Wish List - A Comprehensive List of Enhancement Requests from the Steemit Community - v1.1

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This is a compiled list of the great ideas from everyone in the community on how to improve the Steemit website and user experience! Thanks to everyone that has contributed!!

New Look and Feel

  1. Create a new sexy dashboard for the homepage (see example from @etherdesign)
    -Allow the user to customize what is shown on their homepage
    -Trending Posts by Category (see post from @cloh76)
    -Trending Categories (see post from @stealthtrader)
    -Featured posts
    -Follower's feed
  2. Allow users to use avatars in their comments
  3. Allow the user to customize the look of their account page into a personalized profile (see post from @acidyo)
  4. Create a slick new menu with well a organized hierarchy
    -Currency Exchange
    -Second tier menu for viewing content in different ways
  5. Allow users to customize the "skin" (color scheme) of the website

More Ways to Discover Content

  1. Advanced Search (number of votes, posted time, author reputation, etc.)
  2. See posts that were upvoted by people you are following
  3. Be able to follow categories (see post from @neurosploit)
  4. Be able to hide posts with unwanted topics (see post from @mctiller)
  5. Show suggested posts based on what you are currently reading (see post from @avarice, and another from @luminousvisions)
  6. Add the ability to mark trending posts as ‘ignored’ so they get hidden, allowing lower paying trending posts to be shown higher in the user's trending list
  7. Be able to view content by rankings such as Momentum and Liftoff (see post from @furion)
  8. Give users the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds (currently offered via - see post from @xeroc)
  9. Add a tab where users can view posts sorted by reputation (see post from @profitgenerator)
  10. Give users tools to find undervalued content (see post from @alexgr)

Notification System

  1. Add similar notifications to what is there on (developed by @jesta)
  2. Include notifications when your articles are linked to (see post from @ontofractal)
  3. Setting to configure sound alerts for each type of notification
  4. Collect notifications that occur while the user is offline, and provide a summary of new notifications when they log in
  5. Include the ability to acknowledge notifications
  6. Be able to configure which notifications are on/off

Note: Comments from @dantheman and others indicate that notifications is a high priority feature, and something along these lines is currently being worked on.

More Ways to Interact

  1. Integrate Steemit.Chat into the main website
  2. Secure Private Messaging (see post from @ibnu)
  3. Add a tip button to comments and posts
  4. Be able to see who your newly added followers are
  5. Add more sharing features (Example: RESTEEMIT from @condra)
  6. Give users the ability to completely "disconnect" a user that is harassing them, preventing them from being able to see the user's content, comment on their posts, or interact with them in any way (see post from @dana-edwards) This is a high priority feature for several users.

Enhance the Posting Interface

  1. Add buttons to the editor interface for all supported markdown options (headers, etc.)
  2. Add the ability to upload an image, rather than having to link
    -Possible integration with
  3. Add the ability to upload a video, rather than having to link
  4. Be able to upload a word document with content, and have it auto-format
    -An alternative would be to more directly integrate with a markdown editing site like
  5. Be able to save content and come back later (see post from @cryptobarry)
  6. Be able to schedule a time for a post to be submitted (see post from @sauravrungta)
  7. Add the ability to do surveys/polls within a post (see post from @sauravrungta)
  8. Be able to select emojis via the editor (list of emojis from @blueorgy)

Official Wiki / FAQ

  1. Many users including @ned are currently working on this here.
  2. We do need to pull everything together and have one 'official' wiki though. Having 10 different users each creating their own independent unofficial versions would not be good. (see post from @samupaha)

Displays with Statistics

  1. View users based on followings
  2. View users based on earnings
  3. View users based on reputation
  4. See the highest paid posts
  5. etc.
  6. Possible integration with (developed by @heimindanger)

Referral / Affiliate Program

  1. Having an incentive for users to recruit others to the site and make them successful is good for growth
  2. Getting friends to sign up and be successful on the site takes time and mentoring
  3. Recruiters should be rewarded based on how successful their recruits are
  4. As a possible solution to reward long-term (30+ day) content: If a new user lands on a content page and joins, the author who's post they landed on will get 50-100% of the user's affiliate revenue.
    -100% if the new user discovered the site/post on their own
    -50% if the new user was referred to the post by someone's affiliate link
  5. The affiliate reward does not need to be much. A very small lifetime earning percentage would provide a huge incentive.

Make Buying Steem / Steem Power More User Friendly

  1. In the “Buy Steem” page, move the “Deposit using Bitcoin” section above the “Estimate using Bitcoin” section.
  2. In the “Buy Steem” page, make the instructions clearer. As a non-crypto user, it is not very clear that I need to send Bitcoins to the wallet address shown in order to buy Steem/SP.
  3. In the “Wallet” change the “Buy or Sell” options in the dropdowns to be “Exchange Steem for SBD” and “Exchange SBD for Steem”. As a non-crypto user, when I see “Buy/Sell” I think this is where I would go to use my fiat currency.

Paradigm Shifts

  1. Update curation rewards to encourage more 'minnows' content to be voted on
  2. Redesign the way downvotes / flags work
    -Allow the user to downvote without affecting a person's reputation score
    -Allow the user to select a reason when flagging (see post from @bendjmiller222)
  3. Allow multiple authors to create a post together (see post from @disillusioned)
  4. Create a developer API, so that users can interface with sites like through Steemit without having to supply their private keys to a third-party site
  5. Give users more things (like 'promoting') that they can spend their Steem/SP/SDB on via the UI (see post from @intelliguy)

Multi-Language Support

  1. Allow users to specify languages when creating posts
  2. Have a default language selected in the user's settings
  3. Allow users to be able to exclude posts that are not in their language

NSFW Support

  1. Allow the user to hide NSFW content in their settings (see post from @thovre)
  2. Require a user to acknowledge that they are 18+ when opening a NSFW post, before displaying content (see post from @wisehammer)


  1. Users have reported that when viewing Steemit on their cell phone, it uses up a lot of data. (see post from @dennygalindo)

Other Miscellaneous UI/UX Updates

  1. Be able to filter for 'new activity' only in the account page tabs (Blog, Comments, etc.)
  2. Ability to toggle to a ‘simple view’ to show title only with no picture or preview text
  3. Bookmarks / Favorites (see post from @theprophet0, and post from @royaltiffany)
  4. Ability to create posts with no payout (see post from @r0achtheunsavory)
  5. Sticky Posts for mods/admins
  6. Ability to scroll back further than 20 posts in your account history
  7. Rename “Submit a Story” to “Create a Post”
  8. When you click on a link in a post, have it open it as a pop-up instead of redirecting to that page.
  9. Increase the comment nesting limit beyond 6 (see post from @neoxian)
  10. Allow users to sign up if they don't have a Facebook or Reddit account
    -Possible integration with ANONSTEEM from @someguy123

Single Site Integration

  1. Users are going to expect a single site (like Facebook) that has everything they need.
  2. Eventually the useful tools from will need to get integrated into the site.
  3. There may be off-shoots that use Steem for completely different purposes than Steemit (like by @picokernel for example), which is something that will need to be considered as things evolve.
  4. Users are not going to want to go to (or trust) 15 different websites that all do different things.

Glitch Fixes

  1. There are a few UI glitches when users are browsing the site via their phone reported in the comments of this post by @anduweb.

If you missed the first edition (which has the background and info about the project), you can read it here. Thanks @ned for taking the time to check it out! I will continue posting new editions as the site evolves and users continue to suggest more great ideas. GitHub Issue 195 is also open to communicate the list to the Steemit development team.

There are a lot of developers working on stand-alone projects for Steemit. It would be great if more developers would work on changes to the actual Steemit website (at least the ones that don't require a hard-fork). Steemit is an open source project that allows pull requests. This means that anyone who is a developer can download the Steemit source code (here) and work on changes to the Steemit website themselves! There are people in the Steemit.Chat dev channel that can help you out with this if you are interested.

I will continue searching through the posts for good ideas, and incorporate them into the list. If you have any ideas that you think should be added, please reply in the comments or message me in Steemit chat!

-The End

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Great post. Hope the devs are paying attention.

We do read a lot of stuff. Implementing all the suggestions listed here would take many months, or even years -- so we have to prioritize.

@theoretical. Just getting in touch like that though, to say "we hear you" - goes a really long way. Much appreciated!

I agree with what @condra said. It really means a lot that you, @dantheman, and @ned have all taken the time to review this!

I am very impressed with what you have done so far, and appreciate all the work you are doing to make the site better 😀

Hey, thanks for the reply. It's nice to know our wish list is being heard! Thanks for everything you are doing thus far!

I find that the devs incorporate multiple ideas. For instance, my store idea on my blog suggested a "promote" link for 1 hour (I really didn't think promote should run all day until payout)

...and also I made a post about "The whale feed".

...and I also suggested this might be a way to burn STEEM.

It's almost as if they took three of my ideas, and mashed them together to create the promote feed.

I have a very sneaky suspicion devs read my blog (and everyone else's with ideas), and then yank good parts out of them "without commenting and without voting up". Why they do that, I don't know, but I may guess..

So in answer to your statement, yes, devs do watch this stuff especially when multiple people come up with variations of the same ideas.:)

I'm sure I wasn't the only one to first suggest these three ideas that now became the "promotion feed that burns steem" ...probably dozens of people did in similar ways.

As long as they get built, it doesn't matter who gets credit... :)

I've found the same thing myself. I started by writing a lot of posts about improvement suggestions, and even though they didn't get much as far as upvotes, I noticed "higher ups" starting to discuss them, and a few were actually used in some way.

A lot of people think that the devs aren't doing much, but as someone with a development background I can tell it is quite the opposite. The reputation system and promote features are just two recent examples.

I am really impressed with what they are doing, and have high hopes for Steemit's future.

You may be interested - I posted a new edition of the Steemit Wish List with some new ideas added to the list.

I talked to @ned about it briefly, and he is aware. There is also the GitHub issue, which I know they check.

There is a lot to do though, so it is largely a matter of prioritization. Having this list with everything in one place should help though.

I'm also hoping more unofficial devs that have been working on various projects start to do more updates to the actual site. @jesta is one dev that I know has been doing this a lot.

You may be interested - I posted a new edition of the Steemit Wish List with some new ideas added to the list.

Here are mine you missed

  1. Ways to get more activity
    The idea on curation rewards being higher for post that are above author average and worse if below helps thwart voting on reputation without reading.

  2. Make it less data intensive on iOS.

  3. Pay for activity through activity lotto

I took a look. Responses below.

  1. The idea of curation reward changes is already in the list under "Paradigm Shifts". There are a lot of ideas floating around on this, and rather than taking a position on which solution is best/correct, I am planning to just list it as an issue, and let the developers and community sort through the 'right' decision on this.
  2. This looks like an issue that is affecting a lot of users. I added it to the list.
  3. This is an interesting idea, but it is more along the lines of an initiative that would be done by forming a community of users (similar to what they did for the robinhoodwhale initiative). Since it is not a change that the dev team would work on, it is not exactly in the scope of this list/project. If it is something you are interested in creating, I suggest you try and build a consensus for it via posting and talking to interested users in Steemit chat.

Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check them out when I get home tonight.

wow this is all truly fantastic stuff indeed ! Brilliant post and I truly hope all these things come to pass as we move out of Beta to the general public !! up voted 100 per cent !! I would just like to add before i go that I greatly appreciated your very kind words on my post this morning !! It helped sooth my soul and now i am getting over this story !!

Cool, thanks! =)

You may be interested - I posted a new edition of the Steemit Wish List with some new ideas added to the list.

One thing to add on optimizations. Alexa reports that the site is "very slow" to load. That probably hurts with search placement and needs to be optimized better.

Good suggestion. I'll add it to the list for the next edition. Thanks!

I added your suggestion to the latest edition of the Steemit Wish List.

This post took a lot of work. I voted it up. Good work. Even if it doesn't go viral, you can still bookmark it and reference it in the future.

Good job.

Thanks 😀 I continue to review as many posts as I can pertaining to Steemit ideas, and add them to my list. I also do a lot of filtering to remove bad / impractical ideas. That part is a little subjective, so I try not to remove something just because I'm not a huge fan of the idea. Just stuff that I feel really isn't worth the devs time to consider. I plan to continue posting every few weeks or so with updates to the list. My goal is to hopefully make this the central repository of the communities ideas, so the devs (official and unofficial) can see what things to work on without having to spend hours digging through all the posts.

A bit late to the thread, but here are some of my ideas -
1 - There should be a more visible follow button, with the same style as the promote button, making it easier to follow user's instead of having to click the drop down menu from their name.
2 - When reading posts, the upvote button should be placed on a scrolling bar that follows the reader down the page, anchored to the bottom, so that upvotes can be made without having to scroll all the way to the bottom.
3 - There should be an inline image and video expander that allows the pictures and videos in a post to be viewed in an album from the main page. This would be useful when the article is mainly focussed on a single picture or video, so that opening the whole article in another tab is not necessary.
4 - The curation algorithm could be changed such that a post's payout varies with a lower power than its current (Voting power^2), this could be changed to (Voting power^1.5), making content and curator rewards more evenly distributed, while still being resistant to sybil attacks and bot votes.

That's OK. I'm glad you took the time to respond. These are some really good ideas. I plan to continue updating the list every week or two, so I will work on incorporating your ideas into the next version. Thanks!

I added a few of your ideas to the latest edition of the Steemit Wish List.

@timcliff this post was insanely well organized. You got pretty much ALL of my personal steemy fantasies on one page. Plus more. And linked to appropriate sources of where those ideas have been put together. I can't think of a single thing you'd mentioned that I disagree with. Thanks to developers who know how to put this together! I'll be curious to see how it looks in a couple years. It's comforting to see @dantheman and @theoritical voting on this. I'm sure they are trying to keep up.

Thank you so much! Honestly, comments like this are better than upvotes :)

I totally agree. The dev team has already made lot of great changes to improve Steemit, and they continue to make more. They are very responsive and engaged with the community. It is great! I'm very excited to see where they take the project within the next few years too. I expect even the next 6 months will probably be quite impressive!

I know. I actually took a snapshot of my dash because it is SOOO beta. What will we look like in a year? In 5 years? It'll be fun to say when we're old [insert old voice here], "Well, I was on Steemit during the first few weeks it started. I remember a time when you had to go to a separate page to use applicable tools for the site. And most of the tools were developed by USERS. Not even the dev team. Things were so much simpler back then. We walked uphill both ways, in the snow to get to our computers...."

Hehe, yes! :)

You may be interested - I posted a new edition of the Steemit Wish List with some new ideas added to the list.

@timcliff, I just featured your story in my post: Have a look and vote for your favorites as well!

Awesome! Thank you :)

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