now offers RSS feeds for STEEM

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I am pleased to announce that
now offers RSS feeds. is hosted on heroku and is powered by

10 most recent posts:


10 most recent posts with tag [tag]:


Blog posts of user [author]


Replies made to posts from [author]

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very good! Thanks!

Awesome, thanks @xeroc.
i just started messing around with this in conky to show recent replies on my desktop (blurred some other stuff).


Is this your doing? :)


Yep, it is "my thing" :D

Some cool stuff cooking?


I have some bigger plans for

Most of the code is done and functioning nicely (take a look at the stats page). I'll let you know when things can move forward


Hi sir may i have the invitation code please thanks in advanced

Awesome work Xeroc!, Piston is really becoming the powerhouse behind Steem.

Imagine the network effect once redditors start posting about the fact that they are making money from the same old post the put on reddit... it wont take long and reddit will need to develop a similar tool to retain new and interesting information that has otherwise migrated to Steemit!


That's actually the idea beind .. It has a reddit-crossposter already implemented and currently under beta testing .. Also, people can continue using medium but they can opt-in to have their posts appear on steemit automatically .. :)

I know people say RSS is dead but I love it and still use it. Also The Old Reader is a good RSS tool .

Just commenting so I can find this post later :)
(Good work BTW)

Now to get this thing working!

This RSS feed needs some help on handling images. If you need my help with just let me know where the code is and I will take a look. I have been building CMS systems for 10 years.

you are the man @xeroc

I was looking for this information to link Steemit and Twitter. Thank you.

Need an invite code

Hi @xeroc, Thanks for making the RSS feed service.

i was testing with your RSS feed to test a functionality of the Steemit related project i'm working on. and it works very well.

Please have a look at my project: SteemPi, (and specificly my latest test post)

Hope you dont mind i use your service in this way. and hope it will not influence anything.

@xeroc, would it be possible to update the RSS so it works with Feedly? (And likely other feed readers.) As it stands, Feedly uses the guid tag if isPermalink is set to true, and because this doesn't currently include the domain, it defaults to rather than, so all links in Feedly point there—to a broken link. This can be fixed by changing the isPermalink=true attribute of the guid tag to isPermalink=false, or by inserting the full URL as the guid.

This seems to be down. Is it going to come back up ?


It's not down. For some strange reasons the DNS entry for www is messed up.
You can access it directly on (without www).


thanks for the reply

How do you send Steem to Steemian to confirm your Steem account?

Here's Steemit rss service I developed.
I hope it helps. Thank you.

I want to get a Raspberry Pi and hook it into a vintage Terminal (like a DEC VT100 or something). Would it be possible to access any aspect of Steemit via this Terminal setup? Just a fun hobby.

can you create a rss based on our feed(the people we follow)?