Introducing the Reblog Button

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Reblogging (or, in Twitter parlance, retweeting) is the mechanism in blogging which allows users to repost the content of another user's post with an indication that the source is another user.

Steemit recently rolled out a new feature that allows users to share blogs they find with those who follow them. This change implemented entirely outside the blockchain consensus which means that reblogging does not create a new post, it merely shares an existing post with people who follow you.

Benefits of Reblogging

As a curator, you want as many people to see a post after you upvote. When you build a large audience of followers you can earn more curation rewards by reblogging a post after you upvote it. This will dramatically increase the visibility of a post and help content go viral. It is very possible that popular content could end up in almost everyone's feed.

Build more Followers

Those who are unable to write every day can still build a solid set of followers by reblogging quality content you discover while browsing When you finally do decide to write an article it will have an audience ready and waiting to upvote your article.

Be Careful what you Reblog

Abusing the reblog button may cause you to lose followers. Please be considerate of your audience and carefully curate content you believe they want to see. This will be the best way to maximize your own reputation and curation rewards.

Future Changes

We have many plans for enhancing the reblog feature. These enhancements include:

  1. Renaming to to resteem
  2. Keeping track of resteem count
  3. Updating reputation algorithm to factor in followers and resteem rates
  4. Allowing users to see everyone who resteemed an article.
  5. Ability to remove a reblog
  6. Ability to separate your content from "reblogged content"

We have many features in the work. Most of these new features will first appear and be discussed as issues on github. Our team will be creating milestones and tags to organize major features and let people know when they may be brought about.



I think that the way it cam in wasnt the best possible way...

Not only it absolutly spams the feed, now new users will reblog each other like crazy. Same posts will appear over and over under the feed button. (already ive heard of peopel paying each other to reblog)

It defeats the point of having a feed button at all.... unless it has its own tab!

More so, It might be an idea to make the reblog button count like a "submit story" towards the reblogger, that way it will go wowards the 4 post count per day of the one who reblogs

Edit - an un-blog button is a must too

hey @serejandmyself!

I have been frustrated about this too, even nine months frustrated I wrote a nifty little chrome plugin to let you toggle resteems being displayed on people's profiles. Check it out, and let me know if you find it helpful.

I completely disagree. This will help users not earning grow their base. And that is very necessary.

Yeah, I agree with @thedashguy. If people you are following are reblogging too much crap, you can always unfollow them.

This was communicated very very badly and even this answers almost no questions.
Will this count towards the 4-post count? can we un re-blog? Will you make a separate tab for it or it's mashed into our blog [ which frankly, is not cool]?.
You guys need a PR team and really really try to communicate with us. I feel that blindsiding us with this new feature is not the way to act in respect to us, the loyal steemers.
Thank you for reading.
later edit: good comments and answers thanks everyone!!

The loyal steemers are not going to be the new steemers. We need to provide EVERYONE a place to earn and this is a step int he right direction IMO. Not just cater to the elite crowd.

sure, respect for everyone. nothing wrong with that :)

can we un re-blog? Will you make a separate tab for it or it's mashed into our blog [ which frankly, is not cool]?.

Both of these were addressed in the post as features they are planning to add.

Ever get the impression commenters aren't always reading the entire post before spouting off?

No time to read.. Just comment!

Those fingers start twitchin' before the eyes are done with their business.

I can tell you it doesnt count as a post. I check the post site, and it doesnt add to it.

See danthemans comment about it being included in bandwidt limit

Personally, I like the idea, and already have seen at least two users reblogging my posts.

@dantheman - is there anyway we could get a "confirm clear" safety check when we hit the "clear" button on a post that we are submitting?

It would be a simple improvement that would save many users a lot of time in case of an accident. I've accidentally lost posts that way before.


This needs to be attributed as it has also happened to me.

I just use google drive to edit in google docs which saves automatically

Yes I use Google Drive for many things as well but I think it would always be better if you have it already integrated within the app itself ,a place save something I've been working on should i have to step away for a while.

Yes! This needs to happen. I lost a post today when I did that.

Use as your post editor, then when you're happy with it, copy to steemit. StackEdit will keep a local cache of the document (at least in Chrome) you are creating and can save to the cloud if you wish. Even if the computer crashes, as long as you can reaccess in the same browser you will have all of your document there. No need to use Stackit as the editor.

Yeah, I also pre make a lot of them in Word, but I'll get to editing or tweaking or adding something and then accidentally bump the clear button and lose everything, so I was thinking it would be a simple addition to streamline steemit and avoid having to go through extra processes like the one you mentioned. Thank you.

That's what I try to avoid, if I have something to tweak I do it on and repaste on stackit, it takes a little discipline but it makes things easier to keep track of, and that way I also have a complete copy of all my posts in case I need to copy or quote things from one post to a new one. I do agree that a confirm for clear would be desirable as well, but in the meantime, no editing in stackit for me.

I've been using MarkdownPad2 to make my posts, then copy and pasting to Steemit.

Also a nice Markdown editor, but you would need to have the pro version to have the full markdown capabilities, for the moment is free and though its online you can work offline with it as well.

I would like to make a suggestion.....
Can we please not have a "reblogged" blog to appear on our blog? I don't want the "reblogs" to mix with my original content....

We could have a separate tab on our blog page to achieve this.

This is listed as one of the improvements they are planning to make.

6 - Ability to separate your content from "reblogged content"

yup, it wasn't there when I commented this :)
maybe he added it after reading my comment ;) :D

Right on ;)

Do you feel like god was surveying you and taking notes?

Awesome, that will definitely be very beneficial.

Totally agree with you, I would like to have my own posts and a reblogged tab with content I like.
This is just because I don't like the idea of confusing my followers with others' content mixed with mine.

exactly! anybody looking at my blog page would have to "search" for my posts within my own blog! that's not intuitive at all!

youu can not use it though.until they add that function...which you should use in my opinion supporting minnions will build you more followers as well. just make sure you reblogg good quality since that is all that really matters here. :)

Yes, it does seem the personalized feed option is off the table with this new feature.

Exactly my thought!

I'm totally with you!

I'd also like a separate tab from the main feed. I'm finding that I may be unfollowing some users who reblog a lot of posts that I have no interest in.

Request "Comment on Reblog" a place you can say read this because...whatever.

I think this may help actualize the 30 day payout option.

People, please cool down a little bit. Try this new feature for a week or two. And then start asking questions and proposing new stuff. We can't judge on first day.

Not yet, but they said they are planning to add that ability.

It's outside the blockchain, so probably it will be possible to un-reblog (if they will add this feature)

What i've always wanted. Thanks @dantheman

Have you considered adding an option to mute reblogged articles for those who only want to see posts written by their followers?

I was going to suggest a separate tab called "reblogged" or something.

I think that's an excellent idea!

This actually might be a better idea than a separate tab! Good thinking!

@dantheman I'd like to see a "drafts" tab where blogs not yet finished can be saved while another blog is posted.

Thanks for clearing up all the confusion seen in the comments here...

@dantheman love the fundamental idea and possibilities of growth with reblog.

One suggestion though. Either a separate tab or the ability to filter within my feed. Couple hours into the reblog and my feed is blasted with reblog posts, thus posts from those I follow are way down the scroll.

Again, love the idea as it will introduce me to new contributors and spread the word on authors organically. Just need a way to keep it clean.

I would suggest you unfollow those who blast you with stuff you don't actually want to see.

That's not what anybody wants to hear.... We all want to be able to follow as many of those we like and on a weekly basis I'm going through my feed to see if there's anything I don't want to follow. It's because I want to read about different things at different times of the day.

The average user is not using steemit for curating reasons or for profit the average user has multiple interests and we're not thinking about everything we're interested in all at once. So we're not always going to like what's at the top of our feed but might have the head to read it at another time of the day!

For instance I might want to read a fitness blog in the morning to motivate me, a travel blog at lunchtime to chill, a philosophical blog in the evening and perhaps a bedtime story at night!

Even the tags currently don't work in our feed so it's a headache to look for good content without fishing through what's new or what's trending which is only what the whales like not necessarily what I like...

I would be seriously disappointed if there were no plans to change the way the feed works.

Totally agree! I liked the feed coming in as newest from the top! Now its all broken up with reblogs! A separate feed for reblogs , right beside the current feed from people followed , is all thats needed. 😉

Well, I think over time this might work out. People who are re-posting to much crap will muted or un-followed. But I had already some users who I follow because of their great blog posts, but some of the shared some crap, which run into my feed. I don't want to mute them or un-follow them as i value their normal posts. But I will monitor this, as I think that everybody just clicked some random post to test the function. So I will wait a week to see where this feature brings us.

I agree that this will totally push the involvement rates up, and it gives us the chance to support un-seen users while earning good curation rewards.

I like your look at it, it's just like having a friend, you don't have to like everything they are telling you, though you don't unfriend them. Well at least I hope you wouldn't,lol. I know I wouldn't if we agreed on everything, then what would be the point of being subjective human. Good comment @knozaki2015

I think it will have the opposite effect. I'm questioning why I would even bother reading content here anymore. I should be able to follow as many people as I want and still find the content I want to see. If I can't... What am I doing here?! I'm not being paid to curate!

it doesn't take everyone blasting reblogs out to lose the content of those you are following though just everyone reblogging one or two articles.
A separate tab would be ideal and allow us to choose when we want to see reblogged content.

Agreed - I want to read the posts of those I follow. So if they like to reblog I'm not gonna unfollow them just for that cause I still want their stuff. Just want to be able to find it. I'm sure I will love some posts that are reblogged, but I need to separate what I "already like" from the "suggestions."

Exactly , i posted earlier, just a separate feed coming in beside the current feed from people we follow forcthe reblogs , newest at the top!😉

We want to see what the authors themselves type... but not necessarily what they blast the feed in the form of reblogging...

also muting the spammers helps! I love the reblog button it seems crazy good for me, thanks!

Is there any way to reach you besides leaving a comment here or on steemchat, @dantheman?

Without the reblog feature, people we follow do not always post what we want to see. There may be 1 out of 4 posts that I don't like but that doesn't mean I have to unfollow them. I don't share "ALL" the interests of the person I follow and, with the reblog feature, if he/she decides to reblog more of the things I am not interested with, it will surely flood my feed with more "unwanted items". Then, again, that doesn't mean I have to unfollow him/her.

I agree with @scaredycatguide about having a separate tab for the reblogged items.

Here here. The purpose of the repost feature is to improve quality from the bottom up. If people are spamming, then the market will dictate itself.

Good suggestion. Is it safe to mute somebody you're following on a temporary basis? Mute sounds like it may be semi-permanent or even force you to unfollow. On the other hand it might be the filter you're looking for. Haven't tried it myself. Anybody?
Edit: Tested and as expected it unfollows and mutes the person. Thankfully I was able to revisit one of their posts I had commented on and follow/unmute. I'm not sure if going to my comment history was the only way to get them back or not.

Thanks for testing that out. I hadn't muted anyone before, now we know.

I see your point. There are pros and cons to both ways of implementing it. Personally I actually kind of like having it all in my feed.

I am upvoting your comment though, because I think this is a good conversation to have.

Exactly, everyone is going to have a different opinion on it. You will never have 100% approval on any item. The goal of my suggestions is to have things on steemit as efficient and user friendly as possible, whatever that may look like.

This change implemented entirely outside the blockchain consensus

That's good!

Please be considerate of your audience and carefully curate content you believe they want to see.

Hehe, what a coincidence I was talking about this comparing it to my voting trail, that with the followers there those who would join it and like the content I vote on and access it easier through checking their own vote history. That it at one point would be like following the posts that entertain me, the re-blog feature does exactly this.

Oh and do the reblogged posts get removed from your list after a certain payout? I feel like its a bit unnecessary for them to remain there forever, at least for users who will want to focus on series won't want to re-blog that much because of that.

This was pretty cool by you btw:

what does it mean?

Are those logs from transaction of internal market?

What am I missing here? This looks seriously uncool -- like Dan is buying STEEM for way under market from the company . . . .

He is selling Steem Dollars for a lot less than they are worth so someone who had orders up got them really, really cheap.

Sounds great! But is it always going to be mixed into the feed of those we follow? It's already difficult enough to find what I want to read at a given moment. I wrote about this problem and a solution yesterday.
I'd love to be able to organise the content I follow and just because I like the content of a blogger doesn't always mean I like what they like...

Thanks to everyone for the great work! :)

Have you tried using the filters? they work great :)

There are filters?!?!?! Within the feed not even the tags work... Not sure what you're talking about..?

I take that back, I swear they worked for me once. I usually just use the search function. sorry about that.

@dantheman It will be interesting to see how this works out as the idea is great.

I'm wondering if it might be an idea to try to limit re-steeming to be counted as one or your four daily posts?

That will act as a mechanism to prevent people spamming their followers and annoying them.

One could also envision people who aren't interested in making their own posts or writing but are good curators simply using their account solely for re-steeming - a kind of super high quality curation of the very best posts.

I think if done right it could open up a whole new avenue for making money on Steemit. I would certainly be interested in following someone who could pick out 4 super high quality posts per day for me, particularly since it is so easy to miss things.

Thank you for the information you provided...
Is it possible to add a button to delete a reblog within the first minute of re-blogging a post?

please add a resteem tab, so our feeds aren't full of reposted articles. the content of the people you follow is getting hard to find already.

Shared this on Twitter :)

This Reblog button is awesome and I,d like to congratualte all the developers that have worked to get this up and running. So now the essential " share " button is here, the share choice we needed to open the can of worms for all the fish ,of all sizes and forms !! What better way to reward someone we like and esteem than by relaying his work to our followers !! Will this person get a notification of this action made by me ?? If so where would that be, in Steem stats or directly in Steemit with a notification window ?? Anyway no matter really, this is a big step up for the platform of Steem and this dream of global sharing and reward on the Blockchain !! I can hear lots of feet running our way now !! Steem On to all the Steemit team...thanks again....feel the Force !!

Reblogging is great. I see a lot of great work on Steemit platform lately but I would like to see stronger movements from the community and developers outside of Steemit to improve adoption.

I've just proposed the crowdfunding for one WooCommerce Payment plugin in a new series of posts on my blog. STEEM Blockchain is perfect for fast confirmation of transactions and I think we should promote more this cool feature of our blockchain to the crypto and non-crypto users! Just think about 10% of WooCommerce shops starting to accept SBD and STEEM! That's over 1,6 million websites promoting our blockchain for free!

@klye tried to make (very good crypto payment processor) accepting STEEM and SBD. He is now bulding one cli_wallet instruction manual alone to be able to bring STEEM and SBD into merchants stores.
We are young, we have time, but I think STEEM community should focus much more to support such initiatives...
Sorry for the small offtopic, but I had to say this!

Would it be possible to trim the reblogs from the feed if you are already following the original, so you don't have a ton of dublicates? Thst would be really great!

I 'm so glad I read steemit today, or I might not know about the new re-blogging.

Perhaps @dan, announcements for new things/changes/additions etc could be somehow a separate feed at the top. OR, announcemnts could be 'sticky' at the top of the feeds. THis way, people who are not on steemit everyday would be able to see about anything new. Thanks!!

Thank you for clarifying. So great this does not count toward my posting limit.

I am really excited now, as I could now dramatically increase my curation rewards, this was the only thing I didn't realize, thanks for pointing this out. It's a bit evil, kinda insider trading, you vote first than share it ;) but hey well finding it is work, so that reward is well deserved ;)

Love this feature. But I am seeing a lot of different content in my feed right now, How about adding a comment with a reblog, like a re-tweet and comment in twitter? It helps me to decide why i should read those posts that the people i am following, recommended me to read.

Nice update. It will be for the benefit of all.
I would like to see 'Pinned post' which would be placed first on post list.

my thoughts on ReBlog. A good idea, but needs some more thought.

Is there any way we could not include the reblogged posts on our new posts page? I think we should make a separate tab for the two, otherwise people's posts get buried even easier then before...

Besides the curation rewards if you upvote and then reblog... will the rebloger receive any rewards if a post doubles in value after it is reblogged?

Of course this was the perfect post to try the reblog function. I am seeing the post in my feed, but no indication as to WHO reblogged it (unlike twitter), so there would be no indication of who could be an abusive reblogger to unfollow, or am I missing something?

its great and very usefull :)


It is a great beta approach to sharing and curating from the ground up.

Features like this, as well as others (such as the new "home page" feature that automatically feeds posts from favorite users), gives Steemers like me a renewed sense of confidence in the platform.

When the wealthy owner of a platform (aka: @dantheman) pays a developer with his OWN money, to program a "sharing" feature that will inevitably drop HIS payout and take away from trending articles that HE could have gained from had he trended them, it gives users like me the DISTINCT impression that the owner is in this for the long haul, that this platform is not just a "churn and burn," and that it was built for sustainability, sociability, and quality.

Hats off @dantheman.

Users are now able to take inventory and help good content trend better than we could before. People like @steve-walschot and @roelandp now have more influence. This is EXACTLY what this platform needs.

Yes, spamming is inevitable. Just as it is with ANY other medium. We can unfollow that user for awhile, and/or we can let them know why. As they see their followers go down, they will catch on. I really think it will even itself out.

Super stoked. (do people still say that?)

So I can Reblog about Reblogging... How meta!

I that you said, "Be careful what you reblog", but the reblog button is right under the upvote button, so I accidently reblogged what I intended to upvote on my mobile device.

Is there anyway to undo the reblog?

I now see that this is in the works.

Another step toward social media domination, thanks!

When could e possibly see this new feature because I've been looking for it earlier.

this feature is awesome!

Awesome as, just reblogged one of the-alien's old posts. Love the way that lad writes.

Need to add functionality for the cancellation of erroneous Reblog

I Saw A Cool One Today

I think this will be helpful!

Source of Image:
Not citing the source of photos, or using copyrighted photos, is plagiarism. Here is a post on why this is bad:
and here is how easy it is to find allowed photos:

What about the rewards gain after reblogging the content, do we have a share in it?

Also, is it possible that the reblog will be treated as newly posted article on the side of the reblogger without modifying the original article posted by the original author?

Not everyone a write or can write pretty well. Reblog better than copy and paste from some where which consider as stealling .....I support this change.

Where did the follow and mute buttons go?

I see a post reblogged and i want to follow the author, and I can't?

Edit: Oh, now they are back

This does cause a fairly big change in marketing strategies... I think it's good in principle though. Makes it more of a social network and less just a Reddit clone with better voting system.

I wonder how this will impact on all of the "hidden gems" people, many of whom are controversial figures for profiting on other peoples content.

Will they continue their methods or adjust to the new paradigm. More importantly, will people still Upvote "hidden gems" style posts, when a "reblog" would have done the same job, with potentially less rewards.

Personally, I'm hoping this new feature sees the demise of "hidden gems" style posts.

Great to see so many new features so often.

I firmly believe this feature will help the best posts/ideas rise to the top.

Wow, this is a good improvement on steemit, many good article in this site so this opportunity to share a good content to other people. :)

Great feature, great ideas! So simple, yet leveraging the power of the social connections and existing blockchain structures. Nice.

Can't wait for the metrics which will support the reblog/steem actions.

Well done!

I am extremely confused. I cannot find new content as my feed isn't showing new posts but older posts.

Make sure to hit the home button first. then new.

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Downvoted as a platform update being heavily swarm-voted by people and bots.

I like the feature and applaud Dan and the team for their work implementing it.

smooth-e upvote @dantheman/introducing-the-reblog-button 5 hours ago
smooth downvote @dantheman/introducing-the-reblog-button (-100%) 14 minutes ago

lol? :D

smooth-e is being used by a independent curator who asked me for it and appears sincere. Since I wasn't using it at all, I agreed. I don't pay close attention to how they vote other than that they aren't generally voting in an abusive manner (in which case I would revoke permission). One or a small number of votes I disagree with doesn't count as that though.

Aha, makes sense...

Exactly. There is no point in upvoting these announcements. It actually goes against what Dan and the team are trying to achieve which is greater distribution. This just hands vests and SBD back to them.

Not up voting an announcement is one thing, but down voting an announcement is a completely different thing, and WRONG, VERY WRONG imo.

Actually there is: Visibility. At least that's my rationale for upvoting it. I'm making a calculated guess that it will trend higher-up and before payout it will be whale-downvoted (which has now happened to some degree, pushing it further down).

Platform announcements and team communications should have a special category or a sticky function or something. Should important announcements containing important information that users need to know (not saying whether this is or isn't one) not be seen just because the post didn't happen to get enough upvotes, or because people don't look on the trending/hot/pages?

Yeah, it would be great if platform announcements had a highly visible placement without needing the otherwise required upvotes.

Agreed. This way, everyone will see it. But then...if that's the case, then it should not necessarily be permitted to "trend" or earn it's a sticky wicket.

What if we were limited to a certain number of reblogs per day? And possibly the ability to have more reblogs with certain levels of steem power?

i could totally see people losing followers for blogging about off topic subjects. It's not twitter after all. hahaha!

"reblog after upvoting.." Brilliant, thanks! I also imagine this feature has the potential to greatly enhance authors' earnings during the 2-30 day payout period, as others "resteem" and article, and their followers (esp NEWEST ones) find interesting articles prganically in the feeds of those they follow. Great work up there guys and gals, thanks!

This is a very innovative idea for Steemit. I can see the positives this new feature will have. Helping things go viral, especially if it's quality content, is one of the main goals of any social media platform, and Steemit is no exception. But it is even better because it helps all of us relate to one another even more instead of making posts and then just sitting and wondering if anyone out there will even be able to see and/or relate to it. In my personal opinion, it's a win on all fronts, for both the poster AND the reader. Awesome work, guys! :D

Really nice feature. I would like to see all mentioned changes . This is simply best idea for new users how to get audiance by posting good quality posts with chance to reblog.

I have a good feeling about this change because my post was rebloged twice today and I received 20 votes immediately. thank you

Why so controversial???? I like! <3 @dantheman

Thanks @dantheman and all those making the steemit interface better by the week. This feature is quite useful. It seems to work like pinterest, pinning someone else's interesting blog to my blog. My question is how do we unpin or to use right word, unblog a reblogged post?

Nice additions :)

I'd like to see a unicorn ;)

Great work D

Here is my advice:

  • Let a user select a profile and 'turn off Reblog' for any user they follow, 'Twitter' has this option let me give you a practical example of why this is needed.

I might follow a bunch of news companies not particular because i like the news but because i want to see what that news Corp is posting .i.e what that corporation thinks about X Y and Z issue.

let me make it even more practical.

You Dan you follow the New York Post because you notice they are posting articles about crypto and even Steem.

But you also notice they exclusively 'Reblog' all of their sports and Kitten news articles and especially the New York Post Celeb news.

So you go to 'New York Post' profile and say 'Thanks for the crypto news' but no thanks to everything else you post from your friends. 'New York Post Sports' 'New York Post Celebs' and you click 'turn off reblogs'

this is called 'turn of re-tweets' in Twitter.

Sure people should be careful what they reblog but in the same sense also it is useful for people to have user control.

find here a list of other critical useful updates:

heads up you really should have a 'what we've changed' button somewhere at least while in beta that just links to these stories.

Or 'latest updates'

i (and I'm sure many others) hold near zero value in the vote = good content equation.

so i rarely look anywhere other than 'New' and my 'feed' so this stuff is easy to miss.

if there were a dedicated 'official updates' category and i could 'follow' categories and and all those categories (that I followed) appeared in a feed then i'd surely follow that category.

this would be just like being able to 'edit' the new feed and eliminate categories you know...


but none of that exist on Steem presently.

great job with this.

The 'delete' a reblog is good but in some cases 'turn of reblog' is still needed - i'd suggest do both ! - more users ability = great times had in social media land of happy fountain.

Is there a limit in the number of reblogs per day ?
I think it should affect your post bandwidth (in a certain extent)

It does consume network bandwidth on your account which will limit smaller users to some extent. You are also limited by your followers. Also, your feed has a maximum length so if you follow a spammer things will scroll by.

So they are included in your 4 a day... This I think is a good thing.
Hang on a second... Does this mean that for those who don't write any posts (such as most of the whales who will benefit the most from promoting what THEY like) they can reblog as many times as they like since they are not seeking author rewards anyway??

Now I'm not sure I like it at all. People following the whales will pile on in their ignorance and lack of understanding of how the system works...

I asked the question bc I checked after 3 reblogs (a bit too much), and my BW is still 10,000.
Maybe it takes time.

Why would there be a limit on recommending only to your followers in the community of something you have read and liked !! Its not a vote or curation from your wallet. Its just a heads up read no?? Its totally brilliant and will truly explode the minnow problem of not being seen as the minnows will all reblog their likes and dislikes and they in this domain will find power too as in a way they are the majority the samll acounts at least in theory !! !! its a win win for all the Ocean, Big and small !! the Eureka moment I,d say for Steemit. The effects on bandwidth though is a good point, not sure if this will have adverse repercussions on the server side of things. I guess we will find out !! The rest is tweeking as I see it !!

This is certainly a really cool idea that only needs to be further developed to be excellent! I am guessing most of the dessired improvements have already been mentioned, but definetly a "delete" button for reblogged posts and a "confirm" pop-up once you click the reblog button should be among the priority features.

Great innovation. This should lift activity rates. Moving in the right direction again!

I like this feature a lot and tried it with your post, more or less without purpose, because I expected something like a final submit-button. just saying... now i know better ;)

this is very cool update!!!

its a really great idea and will helpful steemit feature

This is a great add, thanks

Oops! What did I do. Oh, it's resteem(ed).
I don't get it, have to read first.

Dan, I've been trying to get the attention of the developers on what I consider a good solution to the curation problem - please, take a look!

The Flawed Philosophy Behind Steemit Curation + Solution!

p.s. Sorry for posting here!

And when will be the feature implemented to remove a reblog or at least hide it? Another thing that is annoying is that if you accidentally resteem you are not asked for confirmation. So so we have anything to hide it now? I want to remove two posts I resteemed

I just found this post. I am trying to reblog but I do not see the reblog button you noted was created about 4 weeks ago. Can you tell me where I find it and if it is not self-intuitive, can you tell me how to reblog someone's post please? Thank you for your time and efforts for us all.

Crazy question, and you are the second person I have asked but where IS the resteem button?

Great work on this much needed feature!