Steem really needs a wiki

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New users have a hard time learning what Steem is and how it works. All the relevant information is scattered around in Steem, in chat and in various forums. Every day we are seeing same questions asked again and again. Many of them are left without answers, or get a wrong or misleading answer. This creates a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Some people even claim that Steem is a scam. Many times it's only because they don't understand how Steem works. It's very complicated and if there is no good explanation for the complexity, it's not a surprise that somebody might consider Steem as a scam where fraudulent features are hidden in the complexity.

Potential investors need to know how Steem works. The most important rule of investing is: "don't invest in anything you don't understand". Right now the market cap of Steem is going down because new investors aren't coming in (buying steem and powering up). My guess is that many potential long term Steem investors aren't buying because they don't understand Steem – and it is of course the right thing to do. If Steem community wants to have new long term investors, we need to explain why and how the platform is worth investing.

Right now the only way to really understand Steem is to look at the source code. But even if you are a coder, that will take time. And if you're not, you're screwed.

Seriously, Steem needs a wiki

We need one place where information is available to everyone, easy to find and easy to update. Wiki is an obvious solution to this.

There is at least two wiki projects at the moment.

First was by @dragonho ([STEEMWIKI.COM] Launch of STEEM WIKI - Phase 1).

And second is Steem Center by @someguy123 (STEEM.CENTER - Center of all things STEEM).

Unfortunately those haven't get the attention needed to get things really started.

I think this is because incentives to create accurate information in one place are not good in Steem ecosystem. If people want to teach others about Steem, they will write a post or record a video and publish it here. That's the only way to get rewards. But after a while it will get buried under all the new posts and nobody will see it.

Accurate and up-to-date information is a public good. As we have seen, there is no good incentives at the moment to produce it in a good form and to put it in a one place where it can be found easily. I think the best solution is that Steemit should pay for somebody to write articles in a wiki, at least for so long that most of the important stuff is covered. After that it might start to work on it's own – if it has enough users, they will update it themselves.

I'd also encourage Steem devs to take a certain amount of time regularly to check the wiki and update and correct old articles and write new ones. has some good documentation, something that I'd like to see in a wiki, but it hasn't kept up-to-date. Whitepaper is also a good source of information, but it hasn't updated for a long time either.

My suggestions what needs to be done

  • Steemit should either pick one of the existing wikis or start their own. We need an official wiki. Make links from and to it.
  • Steemit should pay for somebody who knows (or is willing to learn) how Steem works to write articles there.
  • Steemit should encourage their devs to spend a little bit time every now and then to write articles and update old information. Something like half hour per week shouldn't be too bad?
  • Everybody who is interested in this project should contact Steemit and tell what they want to do for it.

I might not be the best person to write articles from scratch, but I'm good at identifying what needs to be documented (I can create list for topics that need a wiki page) and I can tell if the information is explained well enough (it should have a simple introduction for newbies and enough details for those who really need to understand the underlying mechanisms). So I'll try to do my part.


Yeah, definitely.

You forgot

Maybe we can make a wiki channel on chat and just announce our willingness to participate to this. Eventually a powerful enough steemer would make a post that should go in trending and should open a debate within.

I'm all in.

#wiki channel on chat is great idea! I just don't know how to create it... Either I am blind and don't see any buttons for channel creation or only moderators can create them.

Done. The channel is called #wiki. You're in.

I see a lot of activity here and not on the #wiki channel therefore I'm putting here my suggestions:

  • let's organize some info. First step: #topics. Add here topics. We will add it to wiki.
  • dig for info on steem platform/sites. Let's sum all the relevant links. Add here the links. Ex: topic, link.
  • we will summarize the info from links.
  • we'll create pages on wiki and will post here to review.

For the moment there are 2 wikis opened:

I made an account on the first one. I'll add content there. We'll duplicate the content on the other wiki, as well.

What do you think ?

First I'd like to see if Steemit/ned/dan wants to say something about this. It would really help if they would declare an official wiki so that everybody would know which one to use.

But of course in the meantime it's best to use either one of those. It's not a big deal to copy text from one to another if necessary.

Yeah. We should aggregate some topics, links and extract the useful info anyway.

We have been preparing to hire a Documentation and Information Specialist. Initial duties would include building / maintaining a Wiki, FAQ and other user experience docs. If anyone is interested in this please send resumes to contact at steemit dot com. Thanks

Thanks, this is great news! I suggest that you make a new post for this to get the community's attention and find a lot of candidates.

It's awesome that we have users that will take it upon themselves to help move things forward. It's a great pleasure to be involved with so many people willing to give their time and expertise to make everyone's experience richer.

It's very easy to fall back in to the old paradigm of trolling, incivility, selfishness, and boorish behavior, so let's keep this Steemit project classy!!

Thanks for putting in the effort and if I might suggest it. Perhaps @samupaha could share some of the rewards from his post with those that are going to work on the wiki? Maybe make a team to get it started and divvy up the proceeds among each other and periodically give the site updates on the progress or something like that?


Well, I might end up doing quite a lot for the wiki, so I'll probably keep the money for myself. :P

But I agree that it would be really nice to have a way of funding the wiki writers. That's why I suggested that Steemit should do it. Wiki is really a public good, which benefits greatly everybody, but not many have incentives to actually do something for it. So far we have seen two wikis started without much content. Steemit is the biggest steem owner so it would be mostly in it's interests to fund a public good.

I fully agree that a guide of some sort should exist however I think that creating any external tools to do so id idiotic, if there is going to be help for steemit I think it should be on steemit and there is already a steemit-help section.

Hey! We are currently at work on a wiki project

Check before assuming something doesn't exist.

I knew that wikis existed, but the problem is that nobody was using them. A proper wiki project has to have some backing from active users, otherwise it will be abandoned very quickly.

maybe we should start identifying topic to fill in then. i'm willing to help

I for me I am not a writter but feel so excited even when some one upvotes my post.

A centralized set of documentation is definitely needed. I mean, just figuring out how to add graphics to a post took some digging.

I agree with you @samupaha, a wiki could be great help to lots of people in the steemit community. We ask different questions because sometimes we don't understand. With the existence of wiki's we can just check and read on it and hopefully come up with a clearer idea on how things are going in the community. But that doesn't mean that we don't appreciate authors who posted so much information, in fact we admire them for being helpful to everyone. was taken on 2016-07-31 :-/

Check out the forum also.

Thanks, I hadn't heard before that it existed.

Yes, just did the Announcement Thread an hour ago .
This is steemitqa ,but created the steemitforum account.

You probably picked up my thoughts. Exact thinking.

I vote for because unfortunately new TLDs (Top Level Domains) such as .center do not work correctly on the android default browser and has compatibility issues elsewhere (you cannot add as your URL on twitter) and who know what else. For android browser and you have to either click on a direct link or type in These issues have caused me to stay away from the new TLDs

Yes please! I've been fumbling around here for a few days and can't figure out for the life of me how to post a picture. Someone told me to upload but I can't even figure out where to do that. I'm usually pretty good at this online stuff, but I'm a little lost here. I'm very excited to figure it out and get things going.

Thanks for this post. As I'm sure you are aware, @ned and others are working on several related wiki projects.

In your post, you said:

Steemit should either pick one of the existing wikis or start their own.

In my opinion, this really is key. Steemit will need to consolidate all the efforts from the various wikis that are out there, and make one official version for the site.

I included this with a link to your post in my list of proposals to enhance the Steemit website :)

Absolutly right idea

Simply Great Information and Presentation

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