Steem linkback bot update: v0.2 release

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This is a first update of @linkback-bot-v0. Read more about linkbacks in the introduction post. After an initial test run I made some improvements:

  • Incoming links in comments are now sorted by created datetime starting from the latest entry.
  • Author names are now prominently featured.
  • Performance and parsing accuracy improvements.

I'll be starting a second test run shortly.

Personalized analytics

If you are interested in personalized analytics for your Steem posts or have any suggestions for the linkback bot get in touch with me (@ontofractal) on

Why build a linkback bot for Steem?

  • To increase follower counts of related authors by providing additional discovery mechanism
  • To increase payouts for authors of high quality collections and authors whose posts are included in these collections
  • To increase of number of posts linking out by providing incentives to do so
  • To increase number of views per visit and time spent interacting with Steem
  • To increase traffic from search engines
  • For fun and profit


Linkback bot is under active development.

  • Post language detection and bot i18n
  • Explore including links from comments with while accounting for signal/noise ratio
  • Author analytics
  • Personal analytics
  • Tag analytics
  • Mention and linkbacks notifications by twitter, etc
  • Possible link weighting by rewards
  • Spam prevention features

I found this post, because your bot just dropped a comment with some links on one of my posts and ...

I like this!

This will make it a lot easier to find related posts.

I actually made a post about it; no links to related posts on the pages

And it's good for SEO!

I think there's a tweak needed for your bot. While it does have advantages in offering users more visibility over linked posts some people don't like it.
What if people who don't like it downvote the comment and the bot never comments on any of their posts?
The people who like the bot will upvote it to counteract the low reputation muting.

That's actually a great idea, I'll implement it before I'll activate the bot for the next linkbacks batch.

To provide some context, there were only 2 flags (1 from an author) and 91 upvotes on 1000 bot comments. Taking into consideration replies to the bot's comments, the reception from the community was very positive.

Indeed, not all bots are bad, some are extremely helpful and letting the community decide on this is only positive towards the growth of Steemit! Thanks for listening to my feedback @ontofractal!

This is awesome!! Thanks you so much for doing this. Perfect timing too, lol. I just created a post with a collection of Steemit ideas, and linked to about 20-30 people's posts. It was great that your bot let them all know that they were featured 😀

Bad Robot! Kidding... Kind of.

@steemcleaners puts out a weekly log of abuse. The log has 250+ links to posts. I forgot to turn off the sound on my computer when I went to bed. I follow @steemcleaners mentions through on Let's just say that 100+ notifications is quite an alarm clock!

A more practical problem is that members of @steemcleaners will now have a difficult time sifting through those notifications to find posts that actually need responses.

I actually like the concept. Is there any way to prevent this from happening with an account like @steemcleaners? I think another user was putting together a list of posts accepted by @robinhoodwhale and doing a summary post. They may run into the same issue.

Sorry about those notifications, unintended consequences strike again.
And thanks for the information, I've already excluded @steemcleaners from the bot posting targets so that shouldn't be a problem from now on.

I found this post because your bot apparently works just like it should. Very cool idea! Followed you so I can keep track of this.

Wow ! Very impressed ... so what would happen if this Bot were set loose on the net ? WORLD PEACE ?, lmao
AWESOME WORK !! Thank You !!!

@ontofractal - good stuff. It's amazing what bots can do with some programming.

Bot is not working well, there is an error!

It's quite possible, could you share more details?

thanks for the update saw got many features.. looking forward to test it functionality..

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