SIP - Post Promotion label suggestions instead of Boosts Payments

in #post-promotion3 years ago

Everyone seems to love the new Post Promotion feature and as you may know, you can see the actual value a post has been promoted within the same popup where you see the detailed post reward amounts.

Right now, the Post Promotion amount text label is Boosts Payments and it might need to be updated with something more meaninfull.

Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Promo Amount
  • Promoted Amt.
  • Promo Incentive
  • Promo Boost
  • Promotion Payments
  • Promotion Amt.
  • Promotion Cost
  • Promo Cost
  • Promotion Value
  • Promo Deposits

Even though they may not be the perfect ones maybe they will give an inspiration nudge to someone to find the perfect label.



I'm on my phone right now and I think the promotion amount box needs to be a little longer

Since we're on the phone gui issues, I also wanted to highlight these two: