#Five-MinuteFreewrite - September 24th |+ [No Tresspassing] +|

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Five-Minute #Freewrite Daily Prompt

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Prompt: no trespassing

notrespassing4021595_640.jpg Image by Vlad Vasnetsov from Pixabay

  • Set your timer for 5 minutes
  • Start writing & let ideas flow, don't spend time on thought or corrections
    • Edit and add-lib + connect ideas and sentences later
  • Use the hashtag #freewrite

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|My Five-minutes starts now|

I walked over to the road that forked in 2 and crossed the path. I tried following the shadowed figure but it never became my clear vision..

Once in awhile there was silence across the pier, but then every once in awhile my entire body shakes in fear.

Never mentioned or murmured towards me -- growling is the reaction to my many doubts!!

Too many times I went blind turning a cheek - your future with me keeps looking terribly bleek.

Oh how can that be? How can the shadow figure be so cruel and unusual to me?

Don't try to leave, I'll keep your feet bound.

"Don't try to make this more of a problem than it needs to be"

shouted the shadowed figure, all the while keeping up with me..

<>The End<>
Written by @kharma.scribbles Sept 24th, 19'

Good luck in everything you do!

Thanks for letting me share my 1st #freewrite with you!!

© ~«[Kharma♪Scribbles]»|2019|


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Suddenly, Han Solo appeared right out of your guts of doubt and worry to say, "I have funny feeling about this."

Sounds like the kind of dream I would have. I always try to see more in my dream. I want to see people and walk around and go into houses and explore. So, there may be some shadow creatures or fellas in my dreams. I might even dream about Fred tonight. He will hop up and down and tell me to follow him into a basement or something, which will either be full of spaghetti or It might be down there waiting for me alongside Chucky.

You had to mention spaghetti, eh? Now I'm frikken starving :o

Haha yeah, I was just eating spaghetti last night. It was like my favorite food when I was about six., which was back in 1991 in Oregon, back when dinosaurs ate spaghetti as well lol.

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Nice to be official finally!!

I remember when I first came here in Jan of this year, one of the first posts I read was about how uber important it was to verify.. yet my first posts here weren't an intro or a verification post!! Haha. Second time around I'm slowly starting to do things right though ;)

My Twitter is over a decade old, I don't use my Facebook nearly as much as my Twitter anymore, so glad my Twitter was old enough to be considered a valid account because I didn't want to have to use my FB.

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