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Long ago, Jesus moved over tables. In Men In Black (MIB), in that first movie in 1997, Will Smith, AKA Agent J, moved that table over during MIB Tryouts. Just like Christ, this Pre-Kanye West Draft moved a table over. The Non-Playable Characters (NPC) are like Russian Bots, hypothetically speaking. In this comic, an NPC said, "Don't move the table." Another retorted, "Don't question him, he's black."

NPC MIB TABLE MOVE FINAL Screenshot at 2018-10-20 12:48:28.png

Paul Joseph Watson

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A third replied, "But we can't move the table."

Another exploded, "He not black, he Kanye West." The good guys are the men in black. Wait, we are the men and women in red, white, and blue, as we are the Deplorables of the United States of America (USA), of the 45th President Donald Trump (POTUS), of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) Movement which is all about Family First, Country First, Community First. We are Americans. We are Patriots. We prioritized the first, second, and fourth amendments, which is all about freedoms, defense, & privacy, choices, destiny.

Effective Memes

They are pretty effective. EU is shutting down memes.

dehumanizing npc we are unique and special


NPC has been reprogramming education for centuries.

conversation debate oppressed npc

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Deplorables vs Dreamers

The difference is in the Direction.

Deplorables vs Dreamers bb-5bca68e9077e2.jpeg


NPC La Raza bb-5bca993d9c661.png

Abortion Rationalism

It is just a bunch of cells.

NPC Abortion Rationalism bb-5bca89e754832.jpeg
are npcs real

Kanye West

democrats kanye west npc

NPC Pepe Frogs

Some Frogs Become NPC at times. Beware & Repair.

pepe frog npc

NPC Origin

My Ancestors Came Out of Thin Air.

NPC Art Museum Ancestors Nothing bb-5bca8ca956349.png

NPC Mark Zuckerberg

If Facebook Avatar Mark is an NPC Bot, then checkmate.

npc mark zuckerberg facebook fb

Twitter Jack

You can see Jack banning things that goes against Islam, the Left, China, etc.

NPC Twitter Jack bb-5bca70953bfe4.png

npc die for what others tell me to think NPC THINK NO


The Answer to 1984 is 1776.

NPC Trump 1984 bb-5bc9e4618347e.jpeg


Soros uses NPC Social Justice Warriors (SJW) to divide & conquer.

NPC ANTIFA bb-5bc9e781227dd.jpeg


This NPC meme is pure Gold!

Do you make memes? I'm thinking of starting my own contest here.

Every now and then I have been known to create memes, mostly about liberty and crypto

I've made memes, videos, art, different things, for many years at times. But some things can take a lot of time, energy, and especially RAM. It can be tough on my computer when I try to edit videos. I guess I prefer being in the videos more than the editing process. I guess we should all focus on whatever we do best for each individual as we are all different in good ways. Here is an upvote. Oatmeal.

Check this one out. I can't stop sharing it on social media with the NPCs and watch them implode haha

That is a good gab at NPC Logic. Good to bring up.

NPC Wheel bb-5bd0df443eae5.png

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