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If you missed the first book - Fireflies - you might want to start there. It's here in its completion, written for Steemit. If you enjoy it, feel free to ask to be added to the subscriber list for the sequel, where new chapters are being released daily.

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(book 2)

Entry 35

"Why did you volunteer to come with Derek?"

Bryd's mouth moved in response, but Talia understood it was her mother speaking.

"So many reasons really, but the main reason was you. You had tried so many ways to get me to follow you here. We never considered what Derek offered. Had the explosion not happened, I might have been able to travel back and forth - but," Aria's explanation trailed off as Bryd became silent.

A few moments passed as each became wrapped up in their own thoughts about that fateful day. Talia was the first to speak.

"Did it hurt at all?"

"No, not at all. It was really very easy actually. He held his hand out, and as soon as I placed mine into his, it felt like I was travelling atom by atom, into a current of tingling energy. However," she paused, thinking of the right words to describe her next statement.

"Go on."

"The more that flowed from my body into his, the less aware I was. It was almost like falling asleep. I was aware of the 'sleepy' feeling getting heavier, and then I just slipped under. I wasn't aware of anything while I was housed inside him, until you 'woke me up' from my sleep." Bryd chuckled as he tried to explain the imagery that Aria shared with him. "It was like being poured from a glass of water back into the pitcher when you found me. The current was so strong, and so magnetic, and so... right. Strangely, when I was inside you, I was slightly more aware. Muted still - but I felt more like I was sharing a corner of your mind with you."

"Yes, I remember feeling a sense of your thoughts," Talia agreed. "It was clear that we could communicate - at least partially, during that time. I'm guessing that it had to be with both of our willingness to participate and share that space."

"I think that's probably true. Derek was fine with me hitching a ride, but I suppose he wasn't in the mood to share anything more. So he silenced me."

"Interesting. So when it comes to a battle of the minds, the strongest prevails."

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