Steemit Ultimate Challenge 8 Weeks ( Prize Fund 2000 SBD ) Week #1 - Voting Day For The Winner From The First Week - Prize 100 SBD

Voting rules :
Only participants can vote only once and note for yourself
Voting last 24 hours ( leave the number of your favorite user in the place for comments )
In case of irregularities, I have the right to exclude a user from the competition
Judges of this competition are
@dobartim , @flysky and @aidasfg7

pablo (4).png

8 weeks competition

Every week we choose one winner of 100 SBD

After 7 week only weekly winners 7 people total will compete for 3 Prizes
First Place - 1000 SBD
Second Place - 200 SBD
Third Place - 100 SBD
The final Voting is in the Eight week

  • Your story must be a minimum of 1000 words and minimum one image
  • You need to put in the title of your post " Steemit Ultimate Challenge 8 Weeks "
  • Put in tags of your post #steemitultimatechallenge
  • Put @dobartim and this competition link in your post for other competitors
  • You must to be my follower
  • Only participating members can vote

Note : Maximum winning is total two times ( one weekly and one final)
If you don't win that week you can post different post next week
Vote iregulation will be disqualified and post has to be personal

Donor rules ( Everyone can donate how much he wants SBD to support this project ) :
You can donate how much SBD you want
Donations should be sent to my account
We will publicly put your name and amount of donation as a sign of gratitude to each post that will be posted

Thanks to Donors : @flysky 30 SBD, @ udembahenry 1 SBD,

Participants :

@wajahatsardar #1

@joshuaattat #2

@freedompoint #3

@elizabethscarlet #4

@said-nuruzzaman #5

@dilimunanzar #6

@mamaa #7

@ir3k #8

@order4adwriter #9

@arismunandar #10

@eastmael #11

@stunner #12

@saifmmc #13

@favoured001 #14

@almondb #15

@endurance1 #16

@timmyeu #17

@noraa #18

@asarefrederick #19

@markco26 #20

@gladysstillwagon #21

@gamsam #22

@rickys #23

@official-hord #24

@indiantraveller #25

@curiesea #26

@denissemata #27

@joalvarez #28

@edikanefanga #29

@pope1995 #30

@olanrewaju #31

@jenesa #32

@egetex #33

@udembahenry #34

@greatness96 #35

@nasir83 #36

@rantymaria #37

@faisalakbar #38

@utomobong #39

@gnomicrules #40

@lovelymkylie #41

@camilus #43

@syl #44

@perkyyoung #45

@slausonboy #46

@biljed #47

@learnandgrow # 48


Believe in yourself @dobartim

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Vote #31.

I vote for #8


only participant can vote

I vote for @eastmael #11 because I like his post very much.


Thank you.

#39 is a great one. I love the openness and creativity. So, I vote #39

It is sad I can`t take part in this contest because I have already written the story about how Steemit changed my life in the contest by @kus-knee.


He is a great person, I love him very much. He is one of the main reasons why I love Steemit.
You can be at 1000 places and contexts, it's important that we all work together to one goal.


I agree that he is a wonderful person and I love his contests too.


Go ahead


My votes go to #39 for @utomobong

I have made a lot advancement in my life, my finances, my business my academics and in my social life since November last year.

And she deserves the reward

like you my guy. gud luck to you #voted @olanrewaju #31


I am voting for #32 since I really enjoyed @janesa post.


hi @joalvarez. thank you


No problem. I really like your post the best, and I did read all of them.
Wish you all the best here on steemit.

I vote for #8 by @ir3k because of its catchy title (permlink) and not the generic one ("steemit-ultimate-challenge-8-weeks"). Plus it specifically mentioned "steemit communication" which is what this contest is about.

If you check most of the post submissions, they have the same title. However for this one, she took it a step further and added a descriptive one.

Second factor is that it's on top of the list and can be easily checked and read.

Third, I checked the post and I do believe she deserves to win because she has already involved her family.

This post has received gratitude of 1.15 % from @appreciator thanks to: @dobartim.

I vote #31

i vote #31

I vote #39

Vote #31

Interested to participate in this competition . Thanks for arrange this kind of challenge. Hope people will learn lot of things from this.

Good luck always.@dobartim

I vote #31

Thanks for the info

I vote #31

❤️ No # 32 @ Jenesa

My vote goes to number #31

I vote #38

My vote #38

@dobartim i need your esteemed help i am new in this esteem

I vote # 31

I vote #31

Good luck always @dobartim

My vote goes to #9

Pls only participant's should vote, stop making it difficult for @dobartim during counting

i read all but #9 was honest and wonderful

my vote goes to #9

I vote #38

I vote #9

Vote #31

I vote #38 for competition steemit unlimate challenge 8 weeks

I vote #31

Vote #31

I vote #31

I vote #31

You got upvoted from @adriatik bot! Thank you to you for using our service. We really hope this will hope to promote your quality content!

I vote for #39

I vote for #8

This post has received a 4.76 % upvote, thanks to: @dobartim.

I recieved 1.8sbd from you sir.. Pls was that for the contest on steemit cheating

Vote for #39

I vote #31

vote for #1


Can participants vote for themselves?
And also, number 4 and 42 are both the same entry.


No, see rules


I asked because i noticed some participants voted for themselves in the 'find the cheater' contest. And there was no sanction given for breaking that rule.

Also have you checked entry number 4 and 42?


In this competition. All of you are free to report fraud and irregularities. This is spam vote.P.S. 42 Is my mistake, I delete number 42 from the competition. Thank you.

I vote #39

I vote for #3

Vote #31

vote #31

Vote #6

Vote #6

I vote #6 that was a great story on how steemit influence his live.

I vote #6 The story is so encouraging

Vote #6

Vote #6