Advanced Steem Metrics Report for 9th October 2016

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Making invisible visible: 7 charts and 4 tables with daily Steem metrics.


This is a version 0.6 of my daily reports designed to be a comprehensive source of Steem metrics. I am working on adding more metrics and visual improvements.


You're free to translate and publish this report in other languages on Steem and keep all rewards. Please notify me and I'll add a link to your translation.

How to read

Every chart starts on 1st of June and extends to yesterday. The number on the label attached to the Y axis on the right is the yesterday's value for that chart.

Historical charts have STEEM/USD volume weighted daily price on the Y axis on the left of the chart.

User acquisition

A basic metric of any startup, user acquisition provides insights into the future trends of Steem platform.

Chart is based on number of new accounts grouped by the created date. Only accounts that have performed any of these actions are included: post, comment, vote.

User engagement

A number of engaged accounts grouped by distinct activity. At least one action (vote, post or comment) is required.


High quality content generation has a well positive feedback loop with traffic acquisition through short term viral promotion and long term SEO benefits.

Only posts with >= 2 votes and comments with >= 0 votes are counted.

Daily votes by marine fauna

Number of votes made yesterday by minnows, dolphins and whales by percentiles. Chart shows that most Steem users do not maximize their voting power and therefore do not maximize their curation rewards.

Note: Voting power depletes completely by voting 200 times during 5 days, so this chart has some degree of imprecision.

If you are interested in increasing your curation rewards, get in touch with me on

Payout metrics

Payout data is a sum of pending and past payouts for posts created on the given date.

Distribution of post payouts for 9th of October

This is a breakdown of post payouts per percentile. Only top 25% of post payouts are visible on the chart.

Some examples from the distribution of post payouts

75% of post payouts (not visible on this chart) are less than 2.9 SBD

90% of post payouts are less than 36.7SBD

97% of post payouts are less than 85.9SBD

1% of post payouts are greater than 216.3SBD

Read more about Power law distribution

Top 25 post payout ranking for 9th of October

Top 25 Posts by Payout Ranking for 9th October

Payout Percent of total daily payout Title Author
899 SBD4.98%SteemDrive Billboards are Back! Debut of New Logo Design by @kyriacos@steemdrive
858 SBD4.75%SteemMag – Steemit’s Weekend Digest #13 : Of Discovery, Mentorship and Creativity – Chat With An Early Investor and Whale……The #SteemPrentice Initiative…Behind #SteemitPhotoChallenge…SteemFest Ticket Giveaway Winners …and lots more@infovore
640 SBD3.54%SteemSports: Cubs @ Giants - Win or Go Home Situation For the San Francisco Giants! (NL Division Series) - Mass SP Distrubiton Game!@steemsports
428 SBD2.37%$STEEM/BTC Daily Poloniex+Bittrex Technical Analysis / Market Report Update #69, "It's getting harder and harder" Oct. 09, 2016.@ozchartart
426 SBD2.36%The Daily Curie (8th Oct - 9th Oct 2016)@curie
422 SBD2.33%SteemSports: - 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers - France vs Netherlands - Mass SP Distribution Game!@steemsports
399 SBD2.21%A Chat With The Steemian Behind The #SteemPrentice Initiative…..Steemians Speak- Favorite Post Of The Week…..This Week On Steemit…..The #SteemitPhotoChallenge…..Tickets Winners... SteemMag – Steemit’s Weekend Digest #13 p.2@infovore
377 SBD2.09%Well steemit let's get to know each other! I am an artist. Age limit 16+ (First post)@levinskaya
365 SBD2.02%A Conversation with Guerrint and her TWIN!@guerrint
358 SBD1.98%Is This How World War III Begins, In Almost Complete Silence?@dollarvigilante
297 SBD1.65%Forgotten But Not Gone - A Wild Checker@pfunk
244 SBD1.35%Requited love…@macksby
202 SBD1.12%주간 큐리 9월 21일 ~ 10월 8일@morning
196 SBD1.08%VERBAL TAG (An Original Poem)@ericvancewalton
195 SBD1.08%Why Should We, As Men , Suppress Our Emotions?@calaber24p
188 SBD1.04%ONCE UPON A TIME (An Original Poem)@serejandmyself
183 SBD1.01%[Original Novel] Mistress of Magic: Morgan's Apprentice - Chapter 7 [NSFW]@techslut
173 SBD0.96%F.L.I.P.: The Marine Research Vessel Meant to Capsize@alexbeyman
170 SBD0.94%The curious case of a filmmaker! ( a unique path)@maxjoy
152 SBD0.84%Howdy! I’m Bianca - ex-yuppie, modern hippie, lover of love, writer, reader, giver, nomad, chaser of dreams.@missbinky
151 SBD0.84%What if we would clone Steemit today. A philosophical thought.@steve-walschot
141 SBD0.78%Choosing My Voice@perspective
139 SBD0.77%Automation bias - Cognitive Biases (Pt.6)@krnel
126 SBD0.7%The Steemit Crypto Challenge #7@timsaid

Top 25 Posts by Net Votes with Rewards Less than 10 SBD for 9th October

Number of votes Payout Title Author
2584.518@wang, what is this sorcery?!@acidyo
2335.447VOTE INTEREST POOL - VIP Feature: @contentjunkie@voteinterestpool
1866.336Real-Time Update of RobinHood Whale Project 罗宾鲸火贴实时更新 09-10@laonie
1765.721#1 Golos Weekly Report Oct. 09, 2016: Network Launch, Crowdsale Delay, and How Golos Will Differ from Steem@primus
1730.383WikiLeaks Releases Paid Clinton Speech Excerpts, And Threatens To Expose Google@contentjunkie
1733.643Sell Your Unwanted Stuff for Steem Dollars Online! (If I can do it, so can you!)@tee-em
1657.354What's a Steem Witness and Why Should we Care@sykochica
1479.817This is the "heart of the bull"@pery
1426.926[Weekly Update] Steemit Reputation Score Report - Oct 09 | [每周更新] Steemit 信用分统计报告 10-09@laonie
1404.026The price of STEEM is not making sense right now..@stealthtrader
1370.698Steemit4free - My Contribution of Free Images for the Steemit Community to Use!@artist1989
1369.637ICO Alert: and Wings@hisnameisolllie
1294.484📷 Autumn balcony impressions: New red hot chili peppers and raspberries! (English/German)@future24
1263.122The Banded Sphinx – Eumorpha Fasciatus – original photos@merej99
1247.816Keeping The Community Safe From An 81-year-old Granny With A Pot Plant@doitvoluntarily
1241.362Steemit OpenMic Night Contest: Didgeridoo Dreamtime, LIVE at ArtsGoggle Fest Fort Worth Texas@quinneaker
1232.903Mr. Brightside (Original Poem)@puffin
1165.505Ever feel you're stuck in the cycle of life, and you're not really going anywhere? Sleep, Eat, Work, Play, Sleep. Repeat.@intelliguy
1151.119Something BIG is Happening on Steemit@steemplusblog
1151.213[SFHL] Steemit Fantasy Hockey League - Draft Wrap-up@bacchist
1142.54443rd BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on 25 September
1140.217✈ Im collecting SBD and donations for visiting the SteemFest, maybe with friends too! 💲 Part 2@future24
1130.688A Bit More About Thermal Cameras and the Images You Get With Them@cryptos

Top 15 Posts by Unique Comment Authors Ranking for 9th October

Number of unique commenters Number of comments Payout Title Author
3138359Is This How World War III Begins, In Almost Complete Silence?@dollarvigilante
24240Guess How Many? #23@bola
233050Calling all artists! Your Art on SteemFest?@steemfest
20374The price of STEEM is not making sense right now..@stealthtrader
1833196VERBAL TAG (An Original Poem)@ericvancewalton
18245Meme Collection / The Steem Meme Project@benjojo
171814Why On Earth Would I Move to Acapulco?!@maceytomlin
1718426The Daily Curie (8th Oct - 9th Oct 2016)@curie
1619688SteemSports: Cubs @ Giants - Win or Go Home Situation For the San Francisco Giants! (NL Division Series) - Mass SP Distrubiton Game!@steemsports
16160STEEMIT WORLD LOTTERY #5. Minimum payment now up to $100.83!!!!@riosparada
1418477SteemSports: - 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers - France vs Netherlands - Mass SP Distribution Game!@steemsports
142726How My Life Changed When I Quit Video Games@decimus
1423105Witnessing the Aftermath of Hyperinflation: Zimbabwe@heiditravels
1326298Forgotten But Not Gone - A Wild Checker@pfunk

Top 15 Comments by Payout for 9th October


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0.5574Much of the text is taken from here: htt@pfunk
0.50518Definitely need tin-foil hats for believ@mrosenquist
0.4993This is at least partially spun from her@pfunk
0.4653I LOVE your last quote, it really underl@eric-boucher
0.4241Great post. Both @intelliguy's article a@arcange
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Thanks for posting these. Seems like for some reason I cannot reach site anymore for some statistics so I'll be relying on your daily posts!

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