VERBAL TAG (An Original Poem)

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I stumbled upon a fellow
as he struggled with his bag,
he seemed an easy target
for a game of verbal tag

He was ordinary, plain,
I knew I wouldn’t be in danger
as I calmly walked up to him and asked,
“Allow me to paint you a picture, stranger?”

“But you have no paint,” he said,
“Please, don’t be absurd!”
“Excuse me my dear fellow,
I paint in ordinary words.”

He replied, “Sir, you have no brushes,
not a canvas here to find.”
“My pen’s the only brush I need,
the canvas is your mind.”

The man, looking a bit perplexed,
reached up to scratch his head
and took me by surprise
with these fourteen words he said,

“Allow me to scribe a poem for you
of crashing waves and soaring birds.”
“Sir, but where is this pen you’ll use
to scribe your page of words?”

A brush came from his pocket,
a canvas from his bag
it seemed an artist beat me
in this round of verbal tag

Feeling squarely beaten
it seemed to me absurd
that an artist out-foxed a poet
at his game of wit and words.

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A little about this poem - Verbal Tag is one of my earliest poems and appeared in my first published collection of poetry entitled, “Continuum” (now out of print.)

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hi, you have interesting thoughts

come to me)

just... beautiful!

Thank you, @aneblueberry.

Oh the cunningness of the creative mind. We race one another crafting line for line. Whether lines of words or colored lines of brush. A single line of lyrics, or bodies lined to touch. We dance this life in artistic form. Always just outside the mundane of norm. We, who are creative, do enjoy a challenge. Multitalented we are, yet focus one skill as we balance.
Nice poem :)

Thank you for your poetic response, @verbal-d!

Thank you for the wonderful poem and inspiration once again. Let the continuum run full circle. :)

the beginning is a poem, drawing
a line between heaven and earth

Nice poem

Thank you!

I liked very much the poem and the gifs too! Thanks @ericvancewalton !

Thanks for reading, @cynetyc!

“My pen’s the only brush I need,
the canvas is your mind.”
I love that part!!!! Seeing the mind as a canvas semms pretty limitless!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Our minds truly are canvasses with an infinite amount of blank space to fill up.

There's always someone out there, with a different angle. Someone that knows, just as much, as you... Thanks @ericvancewalton!

You're welcome! So true, @macksby. Thanks for your support!

Love it!


very good poem congratulations, thanks for sharing

Thank you!

I like this poem. Well done!

I appreciate it, @gregory-f!

I love your word play Eric! I've tried poetry, but fail miserably! I'll just read yours instead :)

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying the poetry @angierose! It gets easier with practice.

Wow! I fucking loved that. I felt that wry smile and twinkling eye of a good back and forth. I can't wait to check out more of your work!

I really like that it sparked such vivid imagery for you, @jmt! Thanks for reading!

Beautiful. Loved it.

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks!

This is very inspiring and creative. Thank you for sharing this, my mind has been sparked.

I'm glad it inspired you! Thanks!

@ericvancewalton, always a delight to read your poems, your work are quite inspirational and it help me not to give up here on steemit. Just wrote another poem here @ . Hope you enjoy it too.

Thank you, @delphia16! I'm so glad you're enjoying my work. I'll read your poem, thanks for the link!

Love how this tells a story. It's enticing and whimsical, and the end leaves you satisfied. Awesome work

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